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Class Society Exposed

Comrades, this pandemic pretty much exposes the class nature of our society, and it makes it so obvious that even the most reactionary person with no Marxist training whatsoever can see. Not just that it exposes the class nature of our society but as the manifesto says, as the capitalist crisis deepens the proletariat is getting organized as a class, and this makes the proletariat an unified class, the solidarity resulting from realizing that we are all under oppression, this is what forms and welds the proletariat into a stand-alone class, whereas before they were lost and confused in the liberal jungle, this pandemic exposes both the proletariat class as naked as it can, and also the bourgeois class, and makes it more easily identifiable, and also exposes the uselessness of liberalism/neo-liberalism and the class collaborationist rhetoric.
Why am I saying this? It is because a lot of people have been sent home and are now staying at home, relaxing, spending time with their family,etc... a lot of people EXCEPT THE PROLETARIAT! A lot of people now stay at home except the actual workers who have to go into work, risking their health, risking their lives, and risking the health and lives of their loved ones as well. Now I am not talking about some of the supermarket clerks, restaurant workers, cinema workers, store workers ,factory workers, who's workplaces have closed down too, they are proletarians all right, who's employers just ran out of orders so they rather sent them on unpaid/paid leave or might even fired them, and closed down their unit temporarily. No, I am talking about the other people, so today we have about 1 billion people staying at home, and most of them are privileged non-proletarians, while the rest, the other 6.5 billion still have to show up to work because they have ruthless bosses who doesnt give a damn about them and who think they are completely expendable, these are the real workers who have the economy on their shoulders. So the others who have been sent home might be able to retrain themselves or if they got a paid vacation then just take some time off, but eventually they would have to go back to work, while the others, will just stay at home, no matter how long this pandemic lasts: weeks, months, years, and they will parasite off the labor of the others who will be forced to go to work, risking their lives just to save the profits and revenue of these scumbags. This is what exposes capitalism like nothing else could.
Who are the real essential proletariat?
Who are not the proletariat?
To all the people who still have to go to work tomorrow on Monday, now you see why. The class society has been revealed like in no other time in history. Liberalism has completely failed, and these are the first breezes of a potential for Socialism.
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DRV3 Chapter 3 assumptions and thoughts [Pre-Trial]

This is a sequence of this thread about the V3 Chapter 2 (Trial/Post Trial)
PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME SPOILERS YET!! Don't give me the actual information I haven't seen yet and neither if something matches the game or not, just give me an overall impression of my thoughts, please! Thank you!
The tier list so far
WARNING: this post will probably be longest one among all the whole DRV3 posts. If you can actually handle this bible and read everything, consider yourself a proud owner of an achievement. Also, there is a hidden message lying somewhere in this post. The one they call the Ultimate Message. Watch out for it.
Incoming: meteorite shower! So that was what Monokuma was talking about in Kirumi's video. I wonder if the Ultimate Maid could stop it? I don't doubt it really.
My God, I can't believe this! That was actually one of my fanfic ideas: a transfer student! This last part makes me even more curious: from the grave. Don't tell me you're bringing someone from DR1 here. Maybe Sayaka? Probably Chihiro? Mondo, why not? as we seen in the prologue he was involved with the Ex5 isals Celestia as a fierce lying competitor to Kokichi? (that would be very interesting, really!) Taka to give this school a proper school environment? Sakura! Tenko and Sakura training would be awesome! Mukuro!! Give her a chance to shine! Okay, what about Junko Enoshima-chan herself?! What a twist! if that's the case PLEASE don't be the mastermind again And even more shocking: Chiaki! Third time is the charm, isn't it? I'm so excited, every single choice would be fantastic, I wonder who will be the unlucky one!
Given that the owners of those kind of talent usually dies early in the game, it is safe to assume something is going to happen to Maki. Also, I do recall you recommending torture to get information, you're not that far from her, you know.
Um... like... in a old building where you just threw a party and someone died there? Although there's no Usami to free her, Monophanie would be an acceptable replacement.
Relying on a sneak attack on someone whose talent is basically sneak killing. Are you sure, Tenko? I mean, sure, a fight between you and Maki would be interesting to watch, but trying to give a preemptive strike on the preemptive striker doesn't seem to be a good idea.
Ah, yeah. Right. So you think you can just defy Monokuma and get away with that? That phrase you just said will be your doom, Monoda-- N-Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Monodam is the new mastermind, all hail Monodam!
Alright, so these are the three new jun.. I mean, items, that we will be receiving. The ninja scroll is the easiest one, it is linked to the ninja statue next to the shrine of judgement door. That magic key I think it can be placed on that magic door, although Shuichi said it was just art. I have no idea about that golden hammer, though. I thought on that indentation next to the Ultimate Inventor Research Lab, but it doesn't match. Well, let's find them.
Come on, that is Hiyoko-level of bullying! You can't be hearing that and do nothing! You need to help Keebo, he is finally confronting it! There's finally the chance of someone calling Kokichi on! Who will it be?! Shuichi? Kaito?? Tenko?! No, of course not. None of those boring characters. The only one who could do that is the supreme and almighty Monodam!! Monodam marks history in the DR universe as the one and only character who ever protested against bullying! All hail Monodam!!
You said it, Kokichi. But you know, I'm kinda getting used to them... I think.
Remember Monokuma? That's him now. Feeling old yet?
Even if Kirumi had those kind of weapons I don't think she would pass through the Exisals. She would have been executed anyway.
See that on the right corner? Yes, there's a gun missing. I'd say Maki, but there's also the chance someone went there still in the night of her talent revelation to get something. That means trouble. Big trouble!
He really was, Shuichi. And the reason is that because Maki is his girlfriend. He believed in her, remember? It's difficult for him to accept she is actually an assassin.
Well, if you take in account all the skills it takes to be a cosplayer she is supposed to have a good Ultimate talent. She is a very "plain person" by nature, though. Or at least she is acting like one. She is also your current girlfriend, take care of her
You did that because you wanted to put everyone against Maki, didn't you? Not only you put a threat to you in check but that also contributes to the killing game tension. You evil you!
Yes, that's what we wanted!! I didn't say that before, but why didn't anyone tried to talk with Ryoma about his feelings? I don't know how you all feel about this, but if someone says to me they're not willing to live anymore I'd try to do everything I can to help this person. It's just... heart-crushing seem someone dead inside. I wonder if Ryoma would have endured a little more if they had talked with him...
The magic key fits! This is a door, so I hope this time it just opens instead of crumbl-- well, nevermind.
That's very cool, actually. I wonder if Gonta could help in the Death Road of Despair detecting the traps. Or maybe he could only detect "natural traps" like pitfalls?
A very relatable reaction, Shuichi. What is going on with this floor?! Okay, let's look to what gives us hints the most. Yes, that's right, the soundtrack. Spirit, Praise and Beauty. I know! Spirit - Tenko, Praise - Angie and Beauty - Korekiyo! In this floor we're going to find those three Research Labs! And this is the very first one, looking like a dojo. That's Tenko's lab! Last time I thought the ancient passport passageway was leading to her lab because of the three kanjis relating to Aikido, but this time we know for sure that's her lab! Let's enter! In the Ultimate A....nthropologist Lab?! Come on, was that intended? Well, as expected, there's a lot of cultural and folklore artifacts and relics. It's a shame there's little to none elements to interact.
I tried searching about this Caged Dog Village and it only shows Danganronpa pages. I thought it was actually a real folklore...
And the old golden katana is back! A crucial element from the very first murder case is now part of the Ultimate Anthropologist Lab! I'm betting we're going to see some gold flocks around somewhere in this case investigation!
I told you she would come back over and over to keep destroying our hearts.
What was you people reaction when you saw that? Disturbing was the word for me.
I wonder if that was what Mikan said to Hiyoko in 2-3 in the playhouse...
You know what, Angie, the last person who said something similar of that was Celeste and guess what? She died on this very same chapter number. You should change your mind, or else you're gonna be this chapter culprit. While we're here, let's take a look on the Ultimate Artist lab! There are pencils everywhere, carving materials, ink and even wax. It's a complete mess (and you can actually smack almost everything except from the wax for some reason).
You know, now that you thought that I was wondering what would happen if she actually succeeded on fleeing. The Monokubs were there, so they couldn't use the Exisals. What if she actually managed to escape and kept lurking through the place making cameo appearances? They could have done something like Hidden Kirumi like the Hidden Monokumas and you had to find her 53 times during a chapter. It would be fun. just kidding, miss u Kirumi
The problem was not exactly the inner tube. It was essential for the plan. The problem was the pool rules. Had they not prohibited people from swimming at night (and that rule seems convenient from a design perspective regarding the second trial), she would just have to take the evidence away and there you go. Perfect crime from a perfect maid.
Thanks, Atua. If only Angie hadn't decided to use the piranha tank... I know it wouldn't stop the murder, but at least it wouldn't be dangerous and useful for the murder plan. Oh, come on! First Kaede, now you're going to do the same with Ryoma?! What do you want, game?? Despair?!
Yeah! But what about the boys? Well, at least she is trying, I guess... Anyway, at long last, the Ultimate Aikido Master Lab! It seems easy to fall over here... There's a bunch of training degener-- I mean, dummies, there to help her aikido to improve. There's also the dummy boss in the back, I wonder how she trains with it. Rejoice, Tenko! Y2 our lab is finally here! She actually insulted Shuichi before exploding with euphoria, and the detective made a good, spot on remark about her behavior. He then asks how would she train without a sparring partner, and that's her prompt answer. She then is somehow able to understand how Shuichi was feeling, lacking confidence in himself, much likely because he still is afraid of revealing the truth. She then asks Himiko if she wants to try it out, in which she declines, just about to finish her mendoi line when she was thrown. That was hilarious, I wasn't expecting that. Tenko says Himiko is still shy to demonstrate her feelings and that she has the richest heart of all not more than Gonta's maybe?
Let's move on to the final ite--w-what... what do you mean by tha--WHAT?! What are you two... no way... And Shuichi recommends taking a look. Who knows? Probably something dangerous! Maybe a killing attempt?! Nah, that's not possible. And it's not because of they're obviously flirting with each other. I tried to leave the place and I could. Everyone knows that you can't skip something important in Danganronpa, so I should probably continue looking for where should I use the final item and leave them alone.
I should really have followed that advice. They're really... you know. You should have waited for nighttime and used the Kumasutra! What? Too expensive? You have a point, it's 10000 coins. Welp, no worries, nothing happened here. Just an inventor taking a look on a robot. I'm taking my leave.
Anyway, after looking everywhere and not finding any clue on where should the golden hammer be used, returning to the 4th floor seemed the last option. The then dead end wall showed up to be made of glass. And what those items usually do with stuff? Break, of course!
Now this is interesting. Is this the Q1 -Room AI-Room? Is this the super computer which controls Monokuma and the Kubs? It is a computer room at least we finally found it, Vector. And then Monotaro just throws this at us. A machine capable of creating a new world?! I thought they were already in a "new world", is this some kind of worldception? There's no way of knowing right now. For now, let's just stick with the Flashback Light over there.
The place chosen for the next Flashback reunion was the dining room (the overgrowing plants were taken out and the place seems cleaner, that's nice!). Kokichi then keep tormenting Maki for being an assassin and therefore dangerous enough to receive a Flashback Light. Most of the students agrees, and they question what would be the reason for hiding her identity if not concealing her threat potential. Maki then says she knew they would despise her and explained that when people discover her identity they always try to kill her out of fear. The Ultimate Supreme Leader make her characteristically evil remarks saying that human life must mean nothing to her. Kaito then says she is not Genocider Sho and that she probably don't think killing is okay. Maki becomes upset with both, saying she knew the students wouldn't believe her. She asks them to pretend she is not there while she also keep avoiding everyone, telling she has no intention of killing anyone unless someone tries to kill her first. She leaves, and everyone decided to use the Flashback Light without her.
And now we have a different version from Chapter 2 prologue funeral: with everyone else. What I first thought when I saw this image is that the ones who really "died" were their Ultimate persona. That would be the reason the prologue is called "Ultimate Rev4 iv6 al", they became Ultimates again. They were running from the Ultimate Hunt, found a facility where they could erase their Ultimate memories and then faked their deaths. It is weird that they were together like this since so far we've been believing they didn't know each other before the game. Unless they indeed are the last 16 Ultimates in the world and they erased their memories and faked their death together. Also, Korekiyo said something that made me question this light: wouldn't it be possible to the Flashback Light be actually infusing them with memories instead of they're actually remembering something? I mean, how did the light give them exactly the same memories every time it is used? In that sense, it seems they're molded to be how the Flashback Light creator intended. It makes me question if this Ultimate Hunt is actually what it is. Like when Monokuma made us believe Future Foundation were the bad guys in the last game.
Time for the Free Times! The one the game suggests me to hang out with is... Angie? Well, I haven't spend a free time with her yet, so... Learning more about her may give a better impression of her character? Maybe we can learn more about her devotion to Atua?
No kidding, I gave her this item and she actually loved it. Can we call her the mastermind already? Anyway, Angie explains she lives in a island with Atua. The island was bigger, but Atua destroyed part of it with a natural disaster because he thought it would look cuter. She asks what Shuichi thought her island would be, in which he says Jabberwock a tropical island. Angie doesn't fail our strikethrough text and says her island is in the middle of the ocean. She receive different kinds of supplies using the suggestive DeepSea, even children. If they stocked OOPArts, then Angie could've been Hiro's best friend! also, speaking of which, do you guys think Angie was Hiro's killer in the demo? maybe she killed him for the OOPArts, who knows...
Nighttime came and it's time for training! Not before a very bad omen, though. Who else could you brainwash, Angie? Don't tell me you're going to use Gonta like Kokichi?
The training session has a now a new member: Maki! Kaito explains they should be in shape as the super pets to help him being the hero Shuichi should be the super dog since we've already seen him doing dog tricks for Miu. Maki says that whole training session is pointless and decides to return to her room, but Kaito approaches her (now kiss) calls her a coward and asks for how long are she going to run away. She then accepts saying that he will keep bugging her about it later and later. They then train together, with Maki easily surpassing the boys. When she returns to her room, Shuichi asks if the reason he brought her was to help her. Kaito explains that if people are suffering, you must help them. Shuichi realizes that Kaito is truly a good hearted person and returns to his room.
Shuichi slept so now is the time for the... Monokuma Theather...? Guess he really took control of the Academy, huh? This Neonodam was really cool. Who would imagine it is actually lead to steal by the other Kubs and left behind if caught. Poor Monodam...
And now for the next da--oh no, here it comes. A new tragedy has befallen in the world. The meteors are finally descending into the school. You all have to...wait, Monokuma?! Didn't Monodam took over? Weren't you patched and bugged? How did you retur.. oh... It's the automatic love key event. I completely forgot I had another key. I wonder who will be the next vict-- I mean, partner.
Hey, what gives?? Weren't you dating Keebo?? Hm, technically Shuichi was also dating Tsumugi... Oh well. But you know, it's not been that absurd as we thought. Childhood friends fantasy is somewhat cliche, but still good! Things are progressing in a cute way instead of something.. intense, so I guess I'm surprised! Maybe I've been judging Miu in a wrong way. Maybe she is like Mikan seeking for attention and care. Unfortunately, Shuichi didn't play along by the last half so it eventually got... intense. I wonder if there's a way of making things different. The tutorial said Shuichi had to play along with someone's fantasy or else they would wake up in anguish, but I hadn't an option of doing anything until now. Would the reaction voice change anything? I'll try it next time.
I was wondering if we would have a "emergency announcement" like in the two previous games, and it is finally here. Gotta expect the worse. Leaving the room, Korekiyo says he is usually is ready to leave his room by 7:30 am, one and a half hour after he wakes up. Himiko says that she has a student council meeting to attend. Wait a second, student council? Ohh, this sounds bad... I don't know if the bad omen was related to the emergency announcement or to this student council. Let's tackle one disaster at a time, shall we?
Before we could move on, the patched Monokuma returned. He is unable to talk, since he... um... got bald... so you should expect a word from him Shuichi. He kept staring the detective until he realized something. It seems our ever present out of character event is going to happen again!
Literally, huh? From last night I suppose ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Anyway, we just reached the gym for the terrible announcement. The Monokubs appeared to tell this chapter motive, but...
kidding me
Seriously? Angie brainwashed half of the current cast? This is already a proper motive, there's no need for the Kubs to present one anymore!
But they decided to do so and as the chapter title predicted, it's the transfer student. Remember when I was trying to decipher what that stone table message could be? I guessed it could be something like "Be one or four"... but what if it is actually "be one of four"? Was it foreshadowing this motive? That doesn't seem to be the case since the message got updated. "The world ??? ??? dilemma"? I don't know what the other two words could be. Who could have updated it, though? The mastermind? Monokuma? I guess the dream of having Chiaki or any of the deceased DR1 students back is destroyed, though :(
After so much pressure, Shuichi succumbs to his inner desires and decides to take a peek on the student council girls meeting. I found it strange when she got Kaede's clothes, but now it's confirmed that Tsumugi is rocking at least D+. Maybe it's because of her discrete outfit. Shuichi is indeed a lucky boy, isn't he? if she actually knew what he did last night...
Time for more free times! Can we spend time with Maki now? Watch out, Maki! Shuichi is the biggest womanizer of this game, he already won Kaede, Tsumugi and Miu hearts! Remember, you're Kaito's girlfriend! Oh, great. So Maki and some other assassins were trained by Angie and her Holy Salvation Society. That would be really scary, but very interesting.
So half of the cast is now under Angie's control and can't hang out with Shuichi. Kaito is not feeling okay so he's also not a choice. So now we have Miu, Korekiyo, Kokichi and Maki as choices. He already spent time with Miu and Maki, so I'll spend this one with Korekiyo and the next one with Kokichi.
Spending time with Korekiyo was very educational. He explains concepts of the anthropology and some folklore elements. I think I should spend more time with him to learn more. Even if he is... creepy... most of the time.
Monotaro is the kub who was chosen to be the bullying victim so Monokuma was put in charge of the morning/night announcements. He can't speak, though, so... That will pretty much be every single announcement from now on should I seek for treatment if I laughed of this?
After this glorious nighttime announcement, it's time for training with Kaito. Or so I thought. He is still not feeling okay, so he left his girlfriend to train with the detective player his bro. He can trust in Shuichi, right? They went to the courtyard and began their push-up session. Or should I say, Maki's push-up session and Shuichi's q7 uarter-of-push-up session. Maki explains she was used to be forced to do push-ups before, the reason why she is really good at it. She is a very nice person, if you look that way. Even if doing push-ups brings her terrible memories, she still does it for Kaito's sake. She explains she was molded to be a killing machine, to the point of she questioning her own humanity. Shuichi explains he kinda understands her, but if he is able to use his talent to help his friends, then he will embrace it even disliking it.
Maki is approached by the student council who asks her to not walk around at nighttime anymore. She protests they're restricting her freedom but Angie explains it's to prevent another nighttime murder, as Kirumi's. Maki didn't seem to comply, but didn't give a negative answer as well.
The next morning is marked with the first action of the student council: blocking the only known escape route. Angie is really serious with the "we should stay here" idea. Oh, why, Tsumugi? I can understand Tenko being persuaded by Himiko and Keebo being manipulated by his loneliness as a robot among robophobics, but why would you join this council? What could Angie said to you to brainwash you? If that is the case then it's not Atua the one you're looking for, it's Maki. She's right over there, come talk to her. She has red eyes, hair as black as night and she is currently looking for friends. Real friends. Not brainwashed ones. And of course things would be that convenient for the council. It's almost like she is screaming "I'm planning to kill someone!" in their faces...
And then the Monokubs brought another Flashback Light. Two memories in a single chapter, things are going to get really interesting! Or they were going to be. Thanks, Angie. Seriously, you could at least learn why you were here. You know, like the cast in the first game actually accepted being locked in the first place. It may have helped you in persuading them to accept living in the Academy. But no, you had to destroy a plot element....
Angie decides to follow Monokuma's motive in ressurecting a fallen student and she chooses Rantaro, as Kaede and Kirumi were murderers and Ryoma was a prisoner. So the avocado boy, full of mysteries and plot elements, is going to return... it's... cheesy, but whatever, I did wanted to see more of Rantaro in action.
How would that play out? Let's see, Miu could disassemble Keebo, Kokichi could say gross things to nulify Tenko, Korekiyo could give anthropology lessons to Himiko to make her sleep, Kaito could just be the normie he is to break Tsumugi, Maki could make the same threat she made to Gonta last chapter and Shuichi could refute Atua. Well, he's not wrong, you do have a chance of winning.
You know, I've been thinking on this reaction of Kaito and it may be linked to his parents. We saw the most important people for him is his grandparents. What if Kaito's parents actually died and he keep regreting that he couldn't help them. He grew with the idea that's impossible to revert death and all he could do is move on and stay strong. Hearing that there's is in fact a way of reverting death shakes with his beliefs foundations. It's like he feels haunted by the knowing there was a possibility of bringing them back that he didn't know and didn't use to save them. Just a thought, but that would be interesting, wouldn't it?
Is that Miu trying to take her compulsive aggressive mask and be polite for once? We can call this development, I think.
As promised, I was forced to hung out with Kokichi for the first time. He explained a bit more of his Ultimate Supreme Leader title and his organization. It's difficult to tell if he is lying by this point, but I really wish this is true. What if he isn't the mastermind but he was the one who asked for a killing game? That would be a good twist, I guess. He then says he inherited the organization by killing his parents, and then changes that to killing only his brother. In any way, Shuichi now knows more than he should and will be killed by Kokichi's organization. I guess that's the price of spending time with him, I guess...
You really care about him, don't you?
The two minigames previously locked are now ready to be played with! The OUTLAW RUN, based on Psyche Taxi, and the TREASURE HUNTER! Monolith. Both of them are good additions. I wish we had those power-ups in the original Psyche Taxi. And the Monolith is a good way of training for Mind Mine. Enjoyable to say the least!
Now I'm in a real dilemma. It's still not possible to spend time with the student council members and Kaito, and I already spent one free time with the four remaining students. Let's see if the game suggests me someone. Ah, of course... how else would it be? Back then I thought "If this is another Komaeda I won't spend a single free time with him", and now he is the very first character I spent two free times in a row with.
But I not gonna lie, this is probably the best free time event I've had in this game so far. It's full of references and it's funny. First, Shuichi asks if he really wanted to kill him. And like everyone else, he can't say if Kokichi is actually serious or lying. We then discover that Miu told Kokichi about how Shuichi can perfectly imitate a dog in order to spend a free time and he liked the idea. But Shuichi will not fall to the same trick twice, so Kokichi makes a request of someone who obviously played Danganronpa 2 and Shuichi gives an answer of someone who definetely haven't played Danganronpa 2. Then Kokichi goes Komaeda and proposes a russian roulette with a bullet in every chamber. Shuichi once again demonstrates zero knowledge on the Ultimate Luck and says anyone would die for sure playing like this. Then Kokichi goes even further showing he also watched Danganronpa 3 and Shuichi unfortunately shows once again that he isn't into Danganronpa and should have a word with Komaeda. Then Kokichi ascended to show his prowess as the Ultimate Duelist and proposes a shadow game. DORO! MONSUTA CAADO! Both of them get a 7, my favorite number and also my birthday number, which Shuichi taking a card from the banlist. Kokichi then ends the free time majestically, almost self-conscious of the game.
It can't be helped, I will always laugh seeing this
With Monokuma's brillant announcement cames the nighttime. Time to train with Kaito! Let's see how he is doing and... Am I interrupting something? Well, if the answer to this question is yes, then she is probably mad. Yep. Definetely mad. Don't worry, I didn't hear anything! Let me just take some steps back and... This cute expression... if you leave her alone after this huge sign of "I don't want to train alone" you're a monster, Shuichi!
He made the right decision and ran after her. Suddenly Maki activated her assassin aura and fortunately it wasn't aimed at Shuichi, but at Tenko. Maki then dropped the aura and said she wasn't there to fight Tenko and she didn't believe Tenko was there to enforce the curfew. The Ultimate Neo Aikido Master explains that she wasn't brainwashed by Angie and exposes the danger that Angie poses controlling the students. Shuichi and Maki agreed to go with Tenko to stop Angie.
Now that we're hanging with Tenko, I wonder what happens if I try to examine the girls bathr-- oh, that was quick. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist to see you reac-- yessir, yessir! o>
Well, I didn't think about it but I hope this don't be necessary by any means.
Since Angie will not open the door to any non-student council members, Tenko calls her and she let us in. And inside we find...omg, they're alive! Wait... are those the effigies? Scary... Maki made the perfect description about it. But they failed to convince Angie change her mind. They left the lab and Angie blatantly tells Himiko that Tenko betrayed the council. Himiko continues to act like an Atua puppet and that's the moment Tenko loses it. She can't stand the fact Himiko is being controlled anymore and tried to make her snap out of it and become herself again. It didn't work and Shuichi suggests they return to their rooms and think more about it. Maki suggest Tenko to have apologize lessons with Shuichi. The detective make a wrong move and asks if she is worried about him. She quickly tsuns and Shuichi thinks it's good she is able be more like herself around him. He then feels happy for being able to talk more with Maki. Yep. A triangle.
Monodam was a fish.
In the next morning, the trio is ready to go talk to Angie: Kaito the Hero, Shuichi the Sidekick and... Maki Roll? Why Maki Roll? Maki says thait Kaito is the best option for a less than straightforward approach if necessary so he had to go. Kaito explains the reason he was feeling bad was because he is scared of ghost stories. There goes my parent theory, I guess. Maki makes a valid point regarding Kaito's fear and goes jealous of the ghosts. Kaito says he isn't scared of her at all because she is a weak coward who just started training. Thank goodness she likes him, or else he would had already received a punch to the face.
If instead of going direct to Angie's lab you examine the door to the casino area, Kaito says he can't go there because he swore off gambling forever. Maki then started a little joke in which Kaito overreacts, thus cutting the mood of the joke. Kaito didn't miss the opportunity to tease her back, though, and that was the first time he said it: Harumaki. That's her japanese nickname. You know what a harumaki is? It's spring roll! That's why Maki Roll! still prefer Harumaki though
They reached the Artist Lab once again, this time Himiko was already there. They ask her to call Angie but she said she already tried but she didn't answered. Kokichi appears to use once again his lock picking skill. They open the door to find... Kaede!? No way, she is already... oh... oh no.... I was so certain Angie would be the culprit this time that I was kinda shocked to see her dead.
The investigation starts with that description of itself by Kokichi. After a thorough investigation in Angie's lab, they decided to investigate Korekiyo's knowing the killing weapon was found there. Maki suggests that Shuichi participate on the seance to keep an eye on it while she investigate the crime scene once again. He consents.
After forcing him to participate, now Kokichi is kicking him out from the seance to give his place to Shuichi. Tenko, Korekiyo and Himiko agrees, and Keebo deflects the blame to Shuichi. I feel sorry for Keebo, but Shuichi was the only one who didn't agree to kick him out!
Korekiyo explains someone must be a spirit medium and explains it works better with girls. Himiko was going to volunteer, but Tenko suggests she should be the medium for Himiko to being able to talk with Angie. Tenko is an amazing person, that should be said. I'm fearing Angie do something stupid while in her body, like killing her. But the seance begins. They chanted together The Caged Child. Korekiyo asked if the child was Angie, with no response. They dispelled the seance taking everything off, when... N-No way... It's already possible to see the blood underneath her... I can't believe this. That was basically my reaction.
They start theorizing who could be the killer until Kokichi let the c-word out loud. Kaito, who had just recovered freaked out again. But this time he couldn't contain himself, he seeked for his girlfriend. This time he didn't escape the punch to the face.
That wasn't everything, though. Remember Miu and Keebo spicy moment? That was the outcome. See? Just an inventor tinkering a robot, you perv!
Why are you that concerned? You should just ask Miu, she has that weird counting machine... does Maki really like Shuichi?!
When things were about to settle for a moment... this. THREE?! No freaking way! That must be a... lie, of course...
I'm almost exceeding the character limit for this post, so let me give my opinions on who are the killers.
Who killed Angie?
Who killed Tenko?
I'm truly sorry for making the post that long and to end it abruptly, but this chapter was really plentiful! If you're looking for the hidden message, here's a hint: first letters. Thank you all very much for being part of this V3 crusade and feel yourself hugged if you read everything until now. I see you after the class trial!
Next part: Chapter 3 Trial/Post Trial
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[Spoiler] My Honest Quick Review of The Last Jedi

Hey Everyone! I normally do not do this, but I wrote this review for the Rotten Tomatoes listing of the film and once i finished my review and hit submit, nothing happened. Which bummed me out. Anyways, be gentle and here goes.
Its been one week since i last saw The Last Jedi and i have a few thoughts to share on it.
First: I loved it. But i am still severely conflicted about it. This movie took some risks, and alot of them i did not see coming at all! In fact, once i started to see how risky the writers and director were being, all bets were off. I didn't know where the story was heading and that was scary and refreshing at the same time. I didn't know who would die and who wouldn't. It made me anxious and it's been awhile since a Star Wars movie did that to me. Not counting Rogue One.
-------------------------SPOILERS START HERE ---------------------------
What i didn't like: The movie takes place literally right after EP VII, and then the movie proceeds to tell you the story of the next 30hours or so following the end of EP VII. I didn't like this. In terms of story building, the overarching story was very very short. And at times, it did feel a bit 'Empire vs Rebels', which isn't great but it is what it is. This reason and for this reason alone, i removed one star from my review, giving it 4 stars. I would hope that EP IX, takes place much farther in the future which is what i feel like will happen.
I didn't like the fact a major OT character died, Luke Skywalker. Granted, he became a Force Ghost and is now one with the Force, so he isn't exactly dead but still gone. I didn't like this, it felt very 'empire' to me where the mentor is only around for a handful of scenes and then dies later.
Also, the lack of communication between some characters was stupid. A lot of story could have been shaved, saved, or made better had the new General (whose name eludes me right now) just told Poe and Finn the plan. I could gather why she didn't (General's do not have to disclose plans of op to their subordinates) but it would have helped.
What i did like: The risks it took. Snoke is dead, Kylo is now supreme leader, i didn't see this coming. This is something that would happen in the last arc of this trilogy but no, it happened here. I loved it but im also conflicted about it. I know the story is was about Rey and Kylo and not Snoke but man i am bummed that we dont get his backstory. Where did he come from, who is he, how did he rise to power? etc. Maybe this will be explained in a comic or book which i'm game for but in the movie theather seeing him die, wow. It was a shock.
The scenes between Kylo and Rey where amazing and Luke was amazing, i understand why he was the way he was and i respected him for it.
The force itself was interesting in this movie. We never seen communication across planets before, its been hinted but never seen. Same thing goes for Force projection(except for the old extended universe i believe). And then, my favorite, Yoda going Thor and summoning lighting as a freaking Force Ghost. This was amazing, daring, and risky all at once. I loved it!
Greatness can come from anywhere, Rey being the daughter of some junkrats makes sense since she is from Jakku (altho who was in the ship from EP VII?), Those kids on the casino planet WHO CAN USE THE FORCE, is awesome as well. You don't have to be from a historic line of Jedi/Sith to have powers. And i got that message loud and clear. And i loved it.
-----------------------SPOILERS END HERE--------------------------------
I hope everyone who sees this movie will enjoy it for what it is. Its a new take, and it takes risks not many would, for that i applaud it and for that i will see the next movie. And for those who have their doubts, i would ask to just see it with an open mind. Your theories and wishes may not come true but thats okay. It's a fantastic movie with some faults but it is a great ride and one that leaves you guessing, wondering and hoping for the best in the next Star Wars movie.
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A Look Inside the New MGM Casino National Harbor Theater ...

Auf YouTube findest du die angesagtesten Videos und Tracks. Außerdem kannst du eigene Inhalte hochladen und mit Freunden oder gleich der ganzen Welt teilen. Das Casinotheater Winterthur im Kino: Für die Arthousekinos hat EyeMix einen Kurzspot realisiert, 2011 _____ EyeMix GmbH, Zürich Inh... Follow me @ is a story about when I wish I never brought my friend to the Casino. ... JAM Magazine attends the Choctaw Casino Grand Theater Grand Opening with special guests Aerosmith as they cut the ribbon to christen the new venue. Exclusive photos by JAM Magazine photographer ... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Here's the scoop! We celebrated National Ice Cream Day at Casino Theater! There is something nostalgic about Casino Theater's 50's decor and delicious ice cr... A 90 second look at the New MGM Theater National Harbor Theater at Oxon Hill, Maryland located right off 95 in Washignton DC area Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Holland Casino