Foxwoods Resort Casino (Mashantucket) - 2021 All You Need ...

Foxwoods Casino Review

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2018 Foxwoods Resort & Casino 301 @ New Hampshire (NASCAR Review)

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What's Happening in CT 2/20/20 - 2/23/20

Thursday, February 20th, 2020:

Friday, February 21st, 2020:

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020:

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020:

Find more things to do in CT here!
Check out a newly released movie such as:
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What's Happening in CT 11/21 - 11/24

Friday, November 22nd, 2020:

Saturday, November 23rd, 2020

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Beyond Wrestling Lethal Lottery - Live at 4PM EDT - Discussion Thread

Beyond Wrestling's Lethal Lottery airs on IWTV.LIVE TODAY at 4pm EDT from North Kingstown, Rhode Island. But what is the Lethal Lottery? Let's review.
The Lethal Lottery is a one night tournament with a unique format. Four squads of four wrestlers are entered into the lottery. Tag team matches will be randomly drawn from the pool of sixteen. The victors of those matches advance to an over-the-top rope battle royal. The winner of the battle royal not only wins the Lethal Lottery, but also gets to pick their opponent at Beyond Wrestling's Americanrana 19 which comes to Foxwoods Resort and Casino on Sunday, July 28.
The four squads represented in the Lethal Lottery are:
The Lethal Lottery card will also see Matt Cross take on Gabriel Skye, Kris Statlander battle Kimber Lee and Anthony Greene face off against Stevie Richards.
You can watch with your IWTV subscription by visiting or start your free, all access 20 day trial using the promo code "WREDDIT20" when you create your account at!
VOD Replay is live:
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Great Falls Vapor Kicking Off Convention Season Sale & [GIVEAWAY]

Great Falls Vapor Kicking Off Convention Season Sale & [GIVEAWAY]

Happy Thursday everyone! Our last sale was a huge success! If you don't remember, we were offering an overstock sale at $11/bottle with $5 of each bottle sold to help /uvApe_Escape . That sale we were able to contribute almost $300 to the fund that i_wank_dogs setup. Huge shoutout and thank you to him for organizing and I'm glad a lot of us in the community were able to band together.
On to the sale - we are still running the $11/bottle pricing we started a little while back. We made a huge dent in our overstock and would love to get even more into everyone's hands. Shipping is included at no charge for any order.

Conventions and Travel

As I mentioned in the title, we are really kicking off convention season hard this month. We'll be at National Vape Expo @ Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut this weekend! Come find myself at the Medusa Distribution booth! We won't have a ton of product with us but we will have testers setup for the weekend. I'm there more to meet the consumers and be the face of Great Falls Vapor.
We will also be at VapEvent Brooklyn the next week which is a B2B show! After that, we are planning on being at Midwest Vapor Expo in mid April!
If anyone has any good suggestions on upcoming shows, please let us know and we'll look into attending!


As per our last giveaway, we are giving away 2 bottles per person and there will be 5 winners total. Any nic level, any 2 bottles of your choosing. Winners will receive a discount code for the site worth $22 (and will be age checked during checkout). Please no giveaway accounts (we will do our best to filter them out of the giveaway). This contest is only open to the continental United States and Hawaii. Winners will be announced tomorrow morning (3/16/18) after 9 AM EST.
Please leave any comment about what your plans are for the weekend, and if you're attending NVE!
Great Falls Vapor website
JuiceDB - Please leave us an honest review!
Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!
EDIT: Giveaway is closed, running the winners now!
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What's Happening in CT - 5/4-5/6

Friday, May 4th:
Saturday, May 5th:
Sunday, May 6:
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What's Happening in CT - 4/27-4/29

Friday, April 27:
Saturday, April 28:
Sunday, April 29:
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1+1+1=$$$? Lets discuss Atari who is emerging involvement with gaming, gambling, blockchain crypto, AMD...

I own stock in Atari, therefore I try to follow their projects.
They have offices in the U.S. but are based out of France, so most of the chatter online I have to run through Google translate.
I have noticed a trend in their projects which ties together nicely- speculative at this point yes, but the entire market is speculative really (invest in a company hoping they will profit, grow, expand, etc).
So here is what I have so far- lets discuss possibilities.

1- Atari is already involved in real money gambling, both online and in casinos. One of their partners is Pariplay. Reference- "Pong is the latest video arcade classic from Atari® to be honoured with an action-packed online slot, featuring non-stop excitement and plenty of big win potential. Pariplay’s previous Atari®-branded releases include Asteroids®, Star Raiders® and Black Widow®."

2- Pariplay just signed a deal with Foxwoods casino. Reference- "Gaming tech firm Pariplay has partnered Foxwoods Resort Casino in what it considers a landmark technology agreement.

... enabling guests at North America's largest resort casino to enjoy digital gaming on-property
... provide guests access to a myriad of digital games, including branded titles Atari Pong, X-O Manowar and Atari Asteroids via a Foxwoods-branded mobile application and web portal.

3- Atari just released this- (again google translated)

"Paris, France - February 8, 2018. The Atari Group announces two major development projects in the field of blockchains and crypto-currencies, with a shareholding in a crypto-platform and the creation of a dedicated Token ("Atari Token"), and on the other hand the upcoming launch of casino platforms offering crypto-currency game options.
Acquisition of a stake in Infinity Networks Ltd (Gibraltar) and creation of Atari Token Atari took a 15% stake, with a 17.5% stake in Infinity Networks, Ltd. (Gibraltar). This investment, made without cash disbursement by Atari, demonstrates the appeal of the Atari brand. Infinity Networks, Ltd. (Gibraltar), a company founded by a team of veteran Entertainment and Finance industry veterans and led by Ron Dimant and Daniel Doll-Steinberg, has an advisory board that brings together leading figures from foreground in the field of blockchains. The company is developing a decentralized platform giving access to any form of digital entertainment, ie a very wide offer ranging from video games to movies and music. This platform, under development, will work using cryptocurrency, the Atari Token. In exchange for these equity interests, earnings and future royalties, Atari has granted Infinity Networks, Ltd. (Gibraltar) a long-term license to use the Atari brand.
"Blockchains technology is poised to take a very important place in our environment and to transform, if not revolutionize, the current economic ecosystem, especially in the areas of the video game industry and online transactions," he said. Frédéric Chesnais, CEO of Atari, SA. "Given our technological strengths with the development studios, and the global reputation of the Atari brand, we have the opportunity to position ourselves attractively in this sector. Our objective is to take strategic positions with a limited cash risk, in order to optimize the assets and the Atari brand ".
The second project in progress is the strengthening of the partnership with Pariplay, Ltd in the launch in 2018 of casino platforms allowing players to bet either in real money or with most crypto-currencies currently outstanding. . These casino sites will offer many Atari games. To broaden the appeal of these new casinos, and once the Atari Token available, Atari has the project to launch Pong Token, a second Token dedicated to crypto-casinos and usable on these gaming sites. The details of this launch of crypto-casinos will be announced soon.

4- Chairman and CEO of Atari is 'advisor' to Virt-U

5- We all know the widespread knowledge that Atari & AMD are partnered on the upcoming Atari home gaming console- confirmed by AMD to be using a Ryzen chip.

SOO...again this is all speculation by me, but this console could not only be used for normal games, but possibly be involved with the Atari token both in transactions, gaming, mining, and even gambling.
Lots to chew on. Lots that would need to fall into place. Lots of chances of failures. But if it all ties together like it appears it could do...they just may be consolidating what at initial glance would be diversified projects.
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Singer/Songwriter Sammi Rae Murciano Shines Light on Bullying Through Personal Experience with “REFLECTION”

The Song’s Message of Empowerment Comes From Stars Own Accounts of Hardships
August, 2017 (New York, NY) – With the National Center for Educational Statistics reporting that one out of every five students in the U.S. say they’ve experienced some form of bullying, the issue continues to have a powerful impact on children and young adults alike who look for outlets to express their pain along with messages of hope. Having gone through her own bout with being bullied however, Sammi Rae Murciano has turned her hardship into “Reflection” (OUT NOW!), an empowering track that looks back at her own experiences, along with a brand new EP set to debut this Fall!
“The line in the song ‘living everyday not knowing what was going to happen or be’ shows everything I've gone through getting up each and every day.” says the singer. But having been bullied gave her inspiration to help others that are going through the same thing. “There are many stories you hear about people being bullied and how they resort to harmful and drastic measures which could lead to dangerous outcomes.” But Murciano had the perfect outlet to channel her own pain, saying “I had my singing to turn to and it's only made me stronger. As a way to escape from the feelings of being hurt, bullied, and hated on, I started writing in my journal...which turned into a source for songs that told my story”.
Recorded at The Loft Sound Studio with recording artist and winner of MTV's “Making The Band 4” Donnie Klang and Artist/Engineer Matthew LaPorte, the incredible production value help further highlight its powerful message.
The Long Island native has been singing for three years, and garnering a ton of praise from audiences nationwide. As a recent review by Digital Journal stated - “Her breathy vocals are expressive, and reminiscent of a young Demi Lovato”, and for Murciano, singing is her passion.
Inspired by a wide range of talents before her, she has cited her major influences as everyone from Whitney Houston to Celine Dion, Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele, and many more. Her strong and soulful voice is well beyond her years at the young age of 16, and knowing that you have to believe in yourself and have confidence to be successful has been her continued mantra, especially showcased through “Reflection”.
On her early beginnings as a singer, she’s said of her musical awakening in school "I always loved to sing. I was in chorus, and had a solo. Being in front of everyone performing, was an amazing feeling. I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life," continuing "I would love to tour all over the world, and my dream is to perform at Madison Square Garden." And with her continued drive and incredible voice, she certainly seems to be on the right path.
Currently working on new cover videos, and a number of live dates, she recently opened for Nick Cincotta and Rapta on their North East tour along with a live performance at Foxwoods Resort & Casino for the That's Entertainment National Dance Competition!
With an incredible sense of motivation for following her true calling, Murciano has said she owes it to "Knowing that I get to get up everyday, and do what I love, which is singing”, and with that amount of drive, there will certainly be more to come.
To Hear “Reflection” by Sammi Rae Murciano via Spotify, VISIT:
To Purchase “Reflection” via iTunes, VISIT:
For More Information on Sammi Rae Murciano, Go To:
Twitter: @Sammi_Murciano
Instagram: @Sammi_Murciano
YouTube Channel
For Press Inquiries, CONTACT: Rick [AT]
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Rainmaker Show at Foxwoods Casino - YouTube Foxwoods Casino filmed by Twombly Publishing - YouTube Willy Wonka Slot Machine MULTIPLE BONUS at Foxwoods Casino ... Our Overnight Stay at Foxwoods Casino, CT - YouTube WINNING AT FOXWOODS! HOT SHOT PROGRESSIVES SLOT MACHINE ... ️ First ever LIVE from Foxwoods Casino Giant Slot Pulls ... Foxwoods casino by drone - YouTube Check Out The Awesome Rainmaker Buffet at Foxwoods ... Foxwoods casino live! 😍 Yay for the new LOTR! - YouTube

Review of Foxwoods Resort Casino. Reviewed November 10, 2020 . Everytime I go to foxwoods lately there are more cutbacks. Whenever I talk to someone about it I am told they have to cut back because of coronavirus. Loyal patrons like me dont want to hear this. Guess what Foxwoods. I am cutting back. Cutting back the money I spend there. Cutting back my loyalty towards your casino. Cutting back ... Casino Review is the leading international media hub for the land-based and online gaming and gambling industry. Focusing on the operational, manufacturing and legislatory developments on the international stage, Casino Review explores all activities that drive and build the industry from new products and venues to new markets. It is the place where the casino industry's voice is heard. Foxwoods Casino Review. Social casinos have been around for a long time, but most of the early entrants into this field were created by independent software developers who saw an opportunity to attract gamblers without needing a license or any expertise in offering up real money games. There was a built in market of millions of people who loved playing slot machines and other betting games ... Review: I recently was a guest at Foxwoods resort Casino. I stayed for one night on Saturday, June XX XXXX. I was told by a man named [redacted] at the check in counter that we would be charged $149 for two nights. My brother and I were staying for Saturday. Two of our friends would be taking over the room for Sunday. We even asked him what the total would come to if we split four ways. He ... Thank you for the five-star review! We hope to see you again soon! Mehr lesen. Steffi L hat im Okt. 2018 eine Bewertung geschrieben. Bremen, Deutschland 20 Beiträge 6 "Hilfreich"-Wertungen. Besser als so manches Casino in Las Vegas! Wir waren schon ein paar Mal in Las Vegas und kennen so einige Casinos; das Foxwoods kann da absolut mithalten. Es gibt viele neue Automaten, z.T. auch in 4D aber ... International Casino Review. PartnerMatrix highly commended Affiliate Software at EGR B2B Awards Casino Profile - Foxwoods Resort Casino Located in Mashantucket, Connecticut, and owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, Foxwoods Resort Casino is the largest casino in the U.S. It is also the second-largest casino in the world being bested only by the Sands Macao casino and Hotel in Macau. Believe it or not, Foxwoods was actually founded in 1986 as a bingo hall. Now spanning over 4,700,000 ... We normally hit Foxwoods Casino several times a year. We did so again last week. Foxwoods is such a wonderful experience every time. We stay on and off property. The Fox Tower, The Great Cedar, The G... 583 reviews of Foxwoods Resort Casino "As a mostly blackjack and craps player, I've always enjoyed Foxwoods and can count on the dealers to be consistent and pleasant. The atmosphere is very laid back and isn't showy by many other standards. It's a players spot to get his or her game on. Mohegan has some of the crappiest blackjack rules known to mankind at their establishment, including the ... Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut: 3 reviews, 0 photos, & 0 tips from fellow RVers. Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Mashantucket is rated 8.0 of 10 at Campground Reviews.

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Rainmaker Show at Foxwoods Casino - YouTube

We still love all the HOT SHOT progressives slots at Foxwoods! You have to play them at MAX BET to be eligible for the progressives but don't need to land on... Scott aka "The Raja" likes to go gamble every week and we want you to share in the fun! Watch the Raja win on a slot machine bonus! Foxwoods Casino Mashantuc... The new Rainmaker Buffet at Foxwoods Resort Casino just opened over Memorial Day. Eating there will make you feel like you hit the jackpot! Kara is showing... Our Overnight Stay at Foxwoods Casino, CT 4* Review FOXWOODS Resorts - Biggest CASINO North America - HD Pictures & Video - Duration: 11 minutes, 53 seconds. Celebrity Radio by Alex Belfield 1,106 views Video recording of Foxwoods casino & resort complex. This is aerial video recording of Foxwoods casino & resort complex during our stay there. Rainmaker Show at Foxwoods Casino, CT Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Foxwoods Casino Willy Wonka Slot Machine hot the bonus many times! Please like comment and subscribe!! ( where you can find the book "HORSES and PEOPLE MATCHING" for the best online price)filmed this singular trip , it was an e...