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Explanation of the terms in the Iceberg of Final Fantasy XIV secrets and conspiracies.

Greetings my fellows Final Fantasy XIV players. My name is Sirocco "Shameless Flirter" Occoris, and I have been playing FF14 since the first day of 2.0 Early Access (so almost 7 years) and never actually stopped playing. My /playtime is 1253 days and with the permission of u/papayatulus to use his iceberg picture as the reference I will try to explain all the terms that are on that. His original thread is here https://www.reddit.com/ffxiv/comments/hs0fi5/the_iceberg_of_final_fantasy_14_secrets_and/. A user https://old.reddit.com/ffxiv/comments/hs0fi5/the_iceberg_of_final_fantasy_14_secrets_and/fy9ag14/ wishes someone to explain all to them so I'm here to fulfill that request. Please feel free to let me know if I have anything wrong. This post will be full of spoilers big and small, so please read at your own risks.
Note: From this point onward (the third row), there appears to be less and less known features and more memes.
Note: Most of the terms in the bottom row are memes.
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Mara Jade - Assassin and Slave

Intro: Mara's Submission
Mara's Recap
Mara's POV
It was fourteen months after the Hutts came into power, and she didn't like the new galactic order one bit. She didn't care what the polls said, Hutt rule would destroy the galaxy. Mara had dealt with Jabba during his previous dealings with the Empire. She had been the one to pay him one billion credits in exchange for rebel base and fleet locations as well as access to Jabba's hyperspace routes. {C During this time, she had watched the capture and enslavement of Princess Leia Organa with glee. She had thought the bitch would get what she deserved and suffer terribly while in the Hutt's grasp. The next time she had met with Jabba to deliver Mon Mothma for him to execute, quietly, she had found Leia still bound to the Hutt. Strangely, she hadn't seemed miserable. Leia had sat by Jabba's side obediently wearing almost nothing, covered with tattoos that mark her as Jabba's favorite, and seemed very happy. Mara had deduced that Leia had been broken easily and was still depressed on the inside.
While talking with Jabba, she had thought she had seen a look of lust in his eyes while he looked at her, but had believed she was just imagining things. She had been wrong. A year after Jabba accepted the deal from the Empire, he had betrayed them. Declaring war, he ordered a swift and decisive invasion. Amazingly, within a month the once invincible Empire had been brought to it's knees. Jabba now ruled from Coruscant. Mara had gone on the run after the emperor was killed, but had been captured three months ago by bounty hunters and brought to Jabba. To her surprise, she wasn't imprisoned or killed for being a prominent member of the former empire, but had been added to Jabba's slave harem.
Mara had been horrified to discover that Leia now was queen of the harem. Leia claimed Jabba treated them well and they all were very happy here. Mara didn't buy it. For three months, Mara had resisted. She obeyed no orders. She simply sat in the harem in one of her incredibly revealing costumes; a tight black netting that 'covered' her assets, a red golden arm bracelet, and somehow everlasting make-up. Mara was not practicing, not dancing, and not pleasing. Jabba did not have her executed or even punished, but he had told Amanda, the harem mistress, to have her 'tamed' five days from now, before the next Hutt Council meeting.
Amanda had taken to spending long nights with Mara in an attempt to break her. Mara refused. She had told Amanda that she had special abilities and might be able to set them all free. Amanda had replied that Jabba was inescapable and that she would rather die than leave his service. Stupid brainwashed girl. Mara didn't buy this immortality or unbreakable collar crap. Sooner or later, she would get out of here.
"Mara, soon you will put aside this rebelliousness of yours and serve The High Exalted One. Trust me, he encourages your spirit, but you must put aside your pride and recognize him as the god he is," Amanda was saying. "Never, I will not obey him!" Mara yelled. Amanda sighed. This would take a while.
A Change in Plans
Leia's POV
Across the palace, Leia was currently relaxing with her master. After sharing some Huttese wine with him, he lowered his hookah to her mouth. "Oh, thank you master!" Leia squealed, eagerly taking a hit. She fell back against him laughing uncontrollably as her high spread through her. "Are you enjoying yourself, my pet?" her master asked her. Leia smiled. "Yes master," she replied. And she was. This was what she lived for.
Fun, pleasure, and pleasing her master. That was her life. She reflected back to a time she barely remembered. At various periods in her life, she had been a princess, senator, and famous Rebel Alliance leader. None of it had mattered. Her life had only gained meaning when her master's gaze had signaled her out, when he had ordered her brought to him. Foolishly, she had scoffed at him, claiming he would regret enslaving her. He didn't, and neither did she.
He continued to enslave new, lucky girls, and Leia and her best friend Amanda had tamed them most of them easily. The harem now numbered two dozen human and twi’lek slave girls. Leia made twenty five. Only one girl still resisted. Her beauty more than equaled that of the other slaves, was on par with Amanda's, and was only clearly surpassed by Leia's. But she was a problem. Three months, and she still resisted. Jabba wanted her ready in five days, and poor Amanda had been forced to stay up late for two weeks now, trying to teach Mara her place. So far, Amanda had reported little progress.
Suddenly, Jabba tugged her leash. Shaking off her high, Leia knelt before her master. "What do you wish of your pet, high exalted one?" Leia asked. Jabba rubbed her shoulder. "Now you will pleasure me, for we shall not spend the night together," Jabba said. Leia was stunned. "What do you mean, master? Has your pet displeased you? If she has, please tell her how so she may correct herself. If her offense is too grievous, she will gladly accept death as her punishment," Leia begged, worried that she had failed her master.
"No, you have not displeased me. But I sense Mara cannot be broken by you or Amanda alone. Tonight, she must sleep with me and realize what I can offer her. You must spend the night in the harem," Jabba regretfully told her. Leia nodded shakily, accepting his decree. "Since we will not be together later, you must please me now," her master ordered. Grinning, Leia began an intense evening with her master, determined to make the most out of this situation.
After Jabba had finally had his fill of her, he sent her to fetch Mara. "I'll see you tomorrow I guess" said Leia rather sad "Fear not my dear, tomorrow you will sleep with me again" said Jabba. Leia looked up with a smile and gave him a big kiss on the lip. She the reluctantly left her master's side, but not before shacking her butt for him and giving him a sexy wink, and left for the harem. Entering, she found Amanda and Mara sitting on the couch, the former engaged in a fruitless attempt to tame the latter. The second she saw her harem queen enter, Amanda immediately fell to her knees. Recognizing her better, Amanda touched her forehead to Leia's foot. Leia smiled at her approvingly. Amanda was an excellent harem mistress and a loyal best friend.
Mara, on the other hand, defiantly remained on the couch. In her superior queen tone, Leia said, "Mara, The High Exalted One demands that you spend the night with him tonight, alone, for he senses it is the only way to tame you." Mara walked off the couch and passed by Leia. "Hutt slut," Leia heard Mara taunt. Leia considered reprimanding her, but decided to let it pass. Mara would have learnt her place by the end of the night, and besides, Leia considered the term a compliment. As Mara left, Leia looked down at her obedient best friend. They had an interesting evening ahead of them.
A Talk with Jess
Mara's POV
Furious, Mara stormed out of the harem. As she began to consider if she should indeed obey Leia's order, she heard an unwelcome voice. "Mara! You ready to go?" asked Jess, walking up to her. "What are you doing here?" Mara demanded. "Well, her highness asked me to escort you to your meeting with our glorious master. Now come on, or you'll be late!" Jess said.
"Listen Jess, I'm not going. I don't want to spend the night with that slug!" Mara declared. Jess reeled back as if struck. "Mara! How can you insult The High Exalted One? After all he does for us? If you don't come, I will have to ask her highness for guards to escort you. Don't make me do that," Jess asked. Mara knew she wasn't lying. Fine. She would rather enter with dignity then in the clutches of Jabba's henchmen.
"Alright, let's go," Mara conceded. She began to walk down the hall. The ever-perky Jess smiled and ran in front of her. This only served to annoy Mara. "Jess, why do you call that rebel scum her highness? Leia's not even here, and it's not like she deserves that title," Mara asked, walking slowly towards the throne room. Jess glowered at her. "Because Mara, our queen deserves more respect than anyone besides our master. Trust me, she is the greatest thing that has ever happened to our harem. I know what a cruel leader can do, Mara, and it's not pretty," Jess answered.
"But Jess, she's just a slut for a ruthless crime lord. Don't you see how low she really is?" Mara intoned. Jess stopped walking. Her cheeks flushed red, and her face took on a look of extreme anger. "Careful, tyro," warned Jess with barely contained fury, "I may not be mistress or queen, but I am still a senior slave here and your superior, remember that. I will not stand here and let you continue to insult my master and my queen. Now apologize, or I will ask her highness to punish you. She will, I promise you that."
"And how will she do that?" Mara challenged, "Jabba obviously doesn't want to beat me, clearly to trick me into thinking he is merciful." Jess flashed a wicked grin. "No. We don't do that here. The High Exalted One cares about us far too much to hurt us. It hasn't happened in over fifty years. But her highness has ways. She can restrict your privileges and prevent you from having any fun with your sisters whatsoever," Jess fired back.
Mara fumed. To her shame, she had grown attached to the luxuries of the harem and the intimate games between these misguided women during the three months she had spent with them. Taking a deep breath, Mara said, "I'm sorry." Jess smiled, gestured for her to keep walking, but still maintained a guarded mood. Mara hesitated, then asked, "But don't you ever hope to get out of here? To have freedom? Listen, Jess. I was an important asset to the emperor and my powerful abilities could aid us in getting out of here. I could kill the guards out front. You, me, and the rest of the girls could walk out, steal a ship, and go to a Hutt-free planet. Please Jess, don't you ever wish for a life free of your master?"
Jess sighed. "No, Mara. I don't. Ever. If somehow I was teleported half a galaxy away, completely free and with a million credits to my name, the first thing I would do is get on a ship and come rushing back, then beg our master to let me return. I know what you think, but I am not brainwashed Mara. I've experienced a privileged life without slavery, and I have to say, being a pet to The High Exalted One is ten times better. Soon you will realize this as well. Our master cannot be resisted, only obeyed. In return, he gives us a life free of worries, free of fear, and free of danger. And on that note, we're here!" Jess exclaimed, as they were now just outside the throne room doors. "Have fun Mara," Jess said, gently pushing her inside.
A Deal
Mara stepped inside, and was greeted by an almost empty room. Only one being still remained at this hour, and it was to him that Mara's gaze was drawn. Jabba the Hutt reclined on his massive throne, grinning at her. "Ah, my rebellious pet has joined me," his voice boomed around the room. "Come to me, my lovely," he ordered. Mara did so, stopping in front of his dais.
"Do you wish to please me, my lovely?" he asked her. Mara shook her head. "No, but this will definitely please me!" Mara yelled. She hadn't been lying to Jess when she said that she had powerful abilities. Now she had Jabba alone, and this was the perfect time to use them. Channeling her anger, she released a torrent of blue lightning at Jabba. He may have been strong, but Mara knew he had no defense against this. The lightning reached Jabba's skin.....and fizzled out into nothing. Mara struggled to keep up her barrage, but the lightning refused to have an effect on him. Breaking off the attack, all she could do was stare in amazement.
"How?" Mara asked, stunned. Jabba laughed. "You are not the first beautiful woman to hopelessly attempt to kill me," Jabba boomed, "And, like the first, you shall know my mercy." Mara could not resist as invisible hands grabbed her and forced her face inches from Jabba's. Powerless, she watched her master's great tongue extend out of his mouth and reach towards her. Her face could still move, but she could not avoid her master's kiss.
"No pleas..." Mara begged, but Jabba's tongue intruded into he mouth. His powerful tongue quickly overpowered hers and took control of her mouth. Mara had no choice but to submit to his assault. Strangely, after a while, she began to enjoy it, though she still struggled to break away. Jabba's tongue finally withdrew. "Did you enjoy that, my pet?" he asked her. Mara's cheek's flushed, but she did not respond.
The invisible hands holding her lifted her onto the throne, right before Jabba. There was no question, it was obvious Jabba was an extremely powerful force user. Mara had been personally trained by the emperor, but it seemed she was no match for Jabba. "Now you will pleasure me, my lovely, and finally accept your place," he told her.
Mara laughed at him. "Even if I enjoy my time with you, which I doubt, it wouldn't make me appreciate you," she scoffed at him. "You will Mara. For three months you have yet to experience the pleasure I can give, but that will now change. You have seen how happy and pampered my other pets are. You think it is a trick, but after tonight you will realize what an honor it is to serve me," Jabba said. Mara scowled at him. "So you say, but I am not as weak as the rebel bitch that you keep on a leash," she warned.
This greatly angered Jabba. "Do not insult my favorite!" his voice boomed. Mara lowered her eyes to the floor. "Yes, master," Mara accepted. Then she realized what she had just said. She had never called him 'master' before. Jabba petted her shoulder. "Now, you will obey my every command," he ordered. Mara regained her composure. "No, I won't obey, I'd rather die. You'll just have to kill me," Mara said. Jabba laughed. "Shall we make a deal, slave?" he offered. Mara considered him. "What kind of deal? she questioned.
"You will obey my every command tonight. In return, tomorrow morning, you will be free to leave," Jabba offered. Mara was stunned. "I don't believe you, I know you want me badly, I don't think you would give me up just for one night of passion," Mara challenged. Jabba grinned. "You will not be leaving. I said you would be free to go, I didn't say you would want to," he replied. Mara laughed. "You honestly believe that? I still have resources across the galaxy, I won't want for anything if I am on my own again. Why would I even consider staying?" Mara asked.
"Because you will not be able to bare leaving your rightful place. I am so confident that you will beg to stay that I offer you this. In the morning, you will accept your place as my pet and begin your life as a willing slave," he said. Mara grinned. "I doubt it," she defied. Do you accept my terms?" Jabba asked. Mara was amazed. This slug's overconfidence would be his downfall. "Very well. I look forward to leaving your revolting presence forever tomorrow," she promised. Jabba stroked her shoulder.
A Night with The Exalted One
"Remove your clothes," he ordered. Now free to move, Mara reluctantly did so, removing her red bra and bikini and tossing them to the side, leaving her naked before her master. "Suck on my tail," Jabba commanded. Mara hesitated, but knew this would be worth it. She crawled to his tail and took it into her mouth. Immediately, she was surprised by how..bearable.. this was. She sucked while awaiting his next command. "Now massage it," Jabba ordered. Mara took his tail out of her mouth and began to stroke it. She was amazed by how firm and muscular it was.
That was how the night went. As the time passed, Jabba gave her more and more vulgar commands. And Mara soon realized one thing; she wasn't disgusted. Despite the fact that she had had nightmares about doing this, it wasn't repulsive by any means. Still, Mara didn't understand how Jabba was planning to use the night to make her stay, until his commands changed. Jabba began to order her to do things that specifically benefited her. She began to experience an emotion she had never truly felt before: pleasure. And she loved it.
Mara immediately suspected he was just giving her these specific orders just to give her a favorable impression of a night spent with him, but logic quickly disproved this theory. The acts he made her do were so enjoyable, so perfect, that it was doubtless that he was used to giving them to his other slaves. Jabba was clearly accustomed to ensuring his slaves were satisfied, even if he didn't need to be to obtain pleasure for himself. This led Mara to a shocking conclusion that he cared that his slaves were happy. She didn't have much time to ponder this, though, as Jabba kept her busy.
Remember what the emperor taught you, remember how important you were to him, his first and only Hand, Mara thought to herself. Yes, that was right. Mara already had dedicated herself to a master, a kind and just one, and this slug's dethroning of him proves he is truly evil. And then, Mara's beliefs of her early life were shattered. Jabba began to enter her. With his every thrust, a new vision appeared in her mind, each one quick and clear.
She saw the emperor training numerous Hands, all told they were the only one. She then witnessed the emperor torturing a prisoner with sadistic pleasure. Scene after scene flooded her mind. Atrocities committed by the empire, the cruelty of the emperor, people suffering under his rule. Her entire life had been a lie. All the hard work and effort she put into it had only served evil.
She considered the possibility that Jabba had just created these visions and that they were all lies. But she realized how crazy that was. Creating untrue visions in the force was possible, but extremely difficult. If Jabba could do this, he could definitely use dark side mind control. Why didn't he just use it on her and all his pets? They'd be easy to dominate. All thoughts in their heads would cease, replaced by an urge to do whatever he said, with zeal. The fact that she could think these thoughts right now proved he was not using it on her. Even though he easily could and still receive the same pleasure. But why?
The answer crashed into her mind like a tidal wave. It was because he cared about her, cared about his slaves. It was the only explanation. He could dominate their minds, take pleasure from them and make their lives a living hell. But he didn't. He wanted them to be happy, wanted them to have a wonderful life in his harem. She should have realized it sooner, when Jabba had grown so angry when she had insulted Leia. It was because he cared about her! As the visions ceased and she reached her climax, Mara now knew where her place was.
"Ahhhhhh!" she moaned as she collapsed into Jabba's side. He gently rubbed her shoulder, giving her a minute to recuperate. After she had mostly recovered, Jabba asked, "Will you now serve me, my lovely, as my slave and as my pet?" Mara looked up at him. She had thought him repulsive, disgusting. How foolish she had been. With her realization, Jabba now appeared to her as the most attractive being in the galaxy. He truly was a far superior being.
Mara knelt before him, "Yes, master, your pet will serve you forever. She begs to be accepted as one of your slave girls. Please forgive her earlier disrespect and take her as your slave, she knows her place now," Mara said. "I accept. Welcome to your new life. I am sure you will please me again soon. Return to the harem I graciously provide for you, I am sure your queen will be glad of your new mindset," Jabba said. Mara rose and bowed deeply. "Yes master," she said.
Return to the Harem
Mara entered the harem. The room was completely quiet. The lights were almost all turned off, only a very dim glow illuminated the room. Making her way past the pools and sofas, she opened the door to the lift. She knew where she was going. Leia and Amanda were constant companions, it was obvious they would be staying together in Amanda's room. The lift made its way silently past the night rooms, where all of the non-senior slaves slept with the guests they had managed to charm. The lift stopped on the fourth floor, where all of the senior slaves' rooms were.
Mara stepped out, walking quietly down the hallway, so as not to disturb the senior slaves and their guests, who slept together in the luxurious, private rooms. At the end of the hallway was Amanda's room, the biggest of them all. Mara walked to the door. What should she do? Knock and probably disturb everyone, including Leia and Amanda, from their sleep, or barge in? Mara decided to open the unlocked door slightly. Peeking inside, she discovered Amanda snuggled in Leia's arms and laying on her left breast, both asleep and naked.
Mara silently walked in silently, then slowly closed the door behind her. She wondered of she should wake them up, but they looked so comfortable; she didn't want to disturb them. Still, she was very tired, and needed to sleep. Mara decided to simply lay on the soft carpet floor and close her eyes. As Emperor's Hand, she had slept on worse.
Mara soon fell into a deep sleep. She dreamt that Amanda and Leia shunned her, refused her. Mara and Leia had been on opposite sides before, and that worried her. She wanted to apologize for her earlier behavior and become friends with them, but she wasn't sure she would be accepted. In her dream, Leia threw her out of the room, then when to Jabba and had Mara thrown out of the palace altogether. A day ago, Mara would have jumped at this, but now it terrified her.
The alarm clock beeped at 9 am. Mara, with her assassin training, woke up first. By the time Leia and Amanda stirred, she was already kneeling at the foot of the bed. Her sisters started to moan and yawn. "Thanks for listening your highness," Amanda yawned. "Of course Amanda, last night was...Mara! What are you doing here?" Leia asked. She seemed startled, but not angry.
Mara bowed her head. "I have come to repent for my actions, your highness. I see the truth now, as you promised I would. Rebellion, Empire, none of it matters. All I care about is pleasing The High Exalted One. I am sorry for what I said to you, your highness, and to you, my mistress. Will you accept me?" Mara asked. Leia and Amanda smiled at each other. "Welcome sister," Leia said, climbing out of the bed. Mara began to kiss her queen's feet.
Leia let her go on for a bit, then ordered, "Rise, Mara." She obeyed. Leia leaned in, then gently began to kiss her. Mara responded. After a couple seconds, Leia pulled back. "Our former allegiances no longer matter Mara, and I am happy to call you sister," she said. Mara smiled. "Thank you, your highness," Mara replied. Leia then looked at her questioningly. "But Mara, why did you sleep on the floor? There's plenty of room in Amanda's massive bed," Leia asked.
Mara smiled. "I didn't want to disturb you, and I wanted to be here when you woke up. I've slept in worse before," she explained. A frown appeared on Leia's face. "Oh Mara! You must have been freezing, sleeping in your costume with no blanket on! Understand Mara, that you're living a life of luxury now. You're entitled to sleep in a comfortable bed for the rest of your life," Leia answered. "And we would have enjoyed your company," Amanda chimed in.
"It's not too late. Why don't we have some fun together? What do you say, Mara?" Leia offered. Mara was suddenly conscious of the fact that she was the only one in the room clothed at all. Removing her costume, she said, "It would be my honor, your highness.” Leia, Amanda, and Mara got into Amanda's personal hot tub. Mara was soon introduced to all of their favorite games. In their favorite, the giggle game, Mara's training allowed her to outlast Amanda.
"Hahahaha, yes, yes!" Amanda said, "Damn, Mistress Leia was the only one who could ever beat me. Let’s see you play her!" Mara tried her best, but Leia's face didn't move an inch. On Leia's seventh turn, her resistance finally collapsed. "Hahahaha, you win, your highness," Mara admitted. "Of course I did, now let's see if you both can't beat me!" Leia challenged playfully. It took a while, but even Mara and Amanda working together couldn't make Leia move an inch. First, Amanda giggled, then Mara. Leia wasn't the queen for nothing.
After two hours, the girls prepared for dance practice. "I take it you'll finally be joining us?" Amanda asked. Mara grinned. "I have a lot of experience, I'm sure I'll impress you," she promised. Putting back on her clothes, Mara walked out of the room and into her new life.
Mara's New Life
First Practice
Amanda's POV
Amanda followed Mara out of the room and into the harem. She was extremely happy. Mara was the first new girl since the taking of Coruscant to be added to the harem, though she wouldn't be the last. The High Exalted One eventually desired one hundred beautiful girls to be his pets. He planned to accomplish this within the next year, during which he would make the harem twice as large as it already was. The additions was planned to start in several days, and would take a week. Right now, not including Leia, twenty-six or so slave girls resided in the harem. Six girls slept in their personal rooms, while the other twenty slept on the second and third floors. The 10 rooms on these two floors were identical, but the third floor was reserved for girls with guests.
The harem could accommodate them all, for now. But on nights with no festivities (Parties were only held five nights a week now, due to Jabba's duties as Emperor), the girls just barely fit, doubling up in the second floor rooms. Another girl and they would be over packed. The new addition would fix this. The main harem area would be considerably expanded, but that wasn't the main addition. The number of rooms on the third floor would be increased to 100 and the number of rooms on the second floor would increase to fifty. That way, even when 100 slaves slept in the harem, there would be enough room even if they all slept on the second floor (they preferred to double up.) Each room on the second and third floors would be of better quality than any other room in the galaxy, and the senior rooms on the fourth floor would be even better than that.
Looking around, Amanda surveyed her sisters. Leia sat on her favorite blue silk couch that had essentially become her throne, watching the others dance. Amanda led the practice, keeping a close eye on Mara. True to her word, Mara's skills were impressive, she would be a wonderful addition. Mara had been extremely difficult to train, but the rewards were extremely gratifying. At long last, Mara had seemed to accept the truth.
What was up to Amanda now was to see that Mara adapted well to her new life. She knew it would not be hard. A life free of all responsibilities besides pleasure was an easy one. Here, they were not poor peasant girls or over-worked members of the nobility. Here, they were goddesses of lustful passion, desired by every man and envied by every woman who entered the palace. Most importantly, they were beloved by The High Exalted One himself. In return, they loved and worshiped him for the god he was.
For the hundred thousandth time, Amanda mentally thanked her master for bringing her here. At best, she would now be an old woman with white hair and wrinkles running across her body, a shadow of her former self. The worse and more likely scenario was that she would be already dead, a forgotten corpse in a Bespin dump. Instead, she was here, seventy-six years old, looking not a day older than twenty-one.
Amanda had always had a master, of course. Jaxton and Vol, the two smugglers who had found her and made her strip at the casino. Her father, what was his name again? She didn't remember and she didn't care. All she remembered was how horrible he had been, how he had abused her. Looking around at her twenty six sisters, she knew none of them had been quite as broken as she was, but all still loved and embraced their new lives. Now, Mara did as well.
Leia suddenly beckoned Amanda over. Leaving Jess in charge of the dance practice, Amanda walked over to and knelt at her Queen's feet. "What do you think of Mara?" Leia asked. Amanda smiled. "She is very impressive, your highness. She will be more than ready for the Council meeting," Amanda assured her. "Yes, I am sure she will," Leia agreed. "Now I will return to my master, ensure Mara and her sisters are ready," Leia ordered. Amanda bowed her head, "Yes, your highness," she said. Leia left to return to Jabba, while Amanda went back to the practice area. They had work to do.
Leia and Jabba
Leia's POV
As soon as Leia entered the throne room, Jabba's large powerful eyes immediately focused on her. "Come to me, slave," Jabba commanded in his deep Huttese voice. Leia approached slowly, then bowed low before her master. One of his stubby arms reached out and cupped her chin, and Leia found herself staring at her great master's face.
Leia looked at him, her Hutt master. His red, reptilian eyes, massive slimy body, and large powerful tail; Leia wondered how such a perfect and powerful being had ever come into existence. She knew it was beyond her comprehension. "Your master has missed you slave, now take your place beside him," he ordered. Leia slowly climbed onto the dais, then sat up and awaited hid first command.
Her relationship with Jabba was complex. He loved her, cared for her, and needed her, but he also treated her as a slave; an inferior being who was expected to obey his every command without hesitation. Leia wouldn't have it any other way. She obeyed this slug, this amazing, attractive, perfect slug, because he was her rightful master. He was all she lived for. She loved him, appreciated him, and worshiped him for being the wonderful master he was.
As Jabba's meetings began and Leia did her job, acting as a piece of furniture or trophy on the throne and staying silent, she continued her musings. Her life was perfect, she was fulfilling her destiny to serve Jabba as his favorite slave, and yet; Leia was starting to have her doubts. Not of her master, she would never doubt him, but of herself. Every day, she sat in front of Jabba. And every day, he grew fatter, grander, and more powerful. And as his size grew and his shadow towered over her, she questioned her ability to satisfy him.
Leia was beginning to doubt her worthiness for the honor that was being Jabba's favorite pet. She knew of course that if she wasn't no woman was. Leia loved Amanda, Mara, and all her sisters, but she was well aware of her superiority to all of them. Still, she wondered if her master should simply keep two or more favorite pets at a time. She knew this would be a great dishonor in the Hutt culture, but it might be the only option. Leia didn't voice these concerns to her master, though. She knew it was not her place to question him or give him suggestions. But if he ever asked, Leia would tell him of the doubts she was experiencing. For now though, she enjoyed this time with her master. She leaned her back into his belly, and his slime immediately began to stick to her skin. She had missed that feeling.
As the day wore on, Leia could tell her master desired her. His hungers were great, and she hadn't pleasured him for nearly twenty four hours. Sensing this, she began to sit in even more sexy positions, enchanting her already wonderful curves. After every meeting was done, she leaned back and grinned at him, then licked her tongue along his fat chest, running it across his slime. Leia could tell he was getting very aroused. His massive tongue constantly licked his wide lips, and Leia knew he was giving her lustful, even perverse, glances every five seconds. After his last meeting was finally done and dinner was over, Jabba dismissed everyone from the throne room. They all knew why. Two years ago, Leia would have been extremely embarrassed by this, now she was proud, proud everyone knew that she was the Hutt's concubine. After they had left, Leia's leash tugged her around.
Leia was pulled to within inches of her master's face. His fat, dripping tongue oozed out of his mouth and began to kiss her across her face. Instead of recoiling, as she would have done two years ago, Leia accepted the tremendous honor of receiving the Hutt's affections, kneeling down before him and letting his tongue soak her face. She was giggling, which Jabba loved hearing. After ten minutes, the Hutt finally ceased.
Leia was pulled upright again, at which point her Hutt master belched right into her face. She smiled as she inhaled the rancid breath, as her nose had adapted to love the smell. Lowering her head, her face dripping with slime, she remained silent. Her master hungered for her, and tonight he would be eager to display his mastery of her. "You are mine!" his voice boomed, "And I will do with you what I want!" "Yes, I am yours, master," Leia said submissively, accepting his dominion of her. Jabba laughed. "I know," his voice boomed. His tail appeared in her face, and she immediately took it into her mouth, licking and sucking it with all of the intensity she could muster.
To her, Jabba was more than her master, he was her god. Some would this was crazy, but Leia had her reasons. Her life was dependent on his generosity. If he wanted to, with a flick of his wrist he could end her. She was putty in his hands, every aspect of her life was determined by him. And he was always present. Somehow, probably due to his supreme command of the force, he was always there at the back of her mind. The leash, too, added to his constant presence. Before, she had hated it, now it was her favorite part of her costume.
After pleasing her master for hours, he was finally satisfied. Hoping she had done her job well, Leia fell into a deep sleep.
Early Awakening
Mara's POV.
The night after the Hutt Council meeting, Mara stirred. The clock showed four in the morning, she had gotten up five hours early! There was no commotion in the harem, the alarm hadn't gone off by accident, and even the usually bustling Coruscant skyline, visible out of the rooms' many windows.
For a second, Mara was startled to find two smooth arms wrapped around her, then she remembered the previous night. Turning over, she looked at her bed companion. Amanda was sleeping peacefully, as of yet unaware of Mara's awakening. Unlike the rest of the non-senior slaves, Mara wasn't doubling up with anyone in one of the opulent second floor rooms.
Usually, she would have been quartered on the third floor, with a court guest, but their had been no festivities the previous night. Instead, she was currently on the fourth floor. Seven bed rooms there were set aside for the senior slaves; Jess, Lyn Me, Melanie, Rystall, Diva, and Amanda. The seventh had not yet been awarded.
These rooms were far superior to the ones on the lower floors, which were extremely luxurious in their own right. Amanda's was the largest and most luxurious of them all. Amanda's invitation had surprised Mara. The senior slaves were proud of their extra luxury, and didn't usually share it with the lower slaves. Amanda and Mara didn't need to be alone to be intimate with each other (which they had been.) Modesty and privacy were non-existent in the harem. Amanda, however, had explained that she wanted some extra "quality time" with the beautiful Mara, and had invited her to stay in her room as a reward for performing so well during the Council Meeting earlier. Mara, of course, had been in no position to refuse her mistress.
Amanda's beautiful face finally stirred, and she stretched and yawned. "Mara?" she asked sleepily, "What's wrong?" "Nothing, mistress. I guess I'm just used to waking up earlier," Mara explained, which was true. As emperor's hand, she had generally slept five hours a night, not the ten her sisters were used to.
"I know it's hard, Mara, but you're not an assassin anymore, you can sleep late now," Amanda scolded. "Sorry, mistress," Mara replied. Amanda smiled. "Now go to sleep, love you," Amanda ordered. Mara turned over. "Love you to," she said, closing her eyes. With difficulty, she went to sleep.
Unusual Emotions
Amanda's POV
The next afternoon, Amanda surveyed her sisters. Dance practice had just ended, and they were all free to enjoy themselves. Jabba would be going on some sort of trip tonight, so the evening festivities had been cancelled. Some were kissing or playing other 'games'. Others were sipping soothing wine from glasses of perfect crystal. Still more were swimming or dosing in one of the ten pools. Leia was currently reclining on her favorite silk chair, sampling some wine herself, thinking about her previous night with her master. She was alone, but at her command, two newer slaves came over. At her orders, they began to serve her. One began to comb Leia's hair, which had gotten wet from a swim in the pools. The other went over to one of the fruit bowls and pulled out a bunch of grapes. At Leia's prompting, she began to feed them to her.
Leia closed her eyes and grinned while her sisters served her. Amanda smiled. Leia had certainly gotten used to being harem queen. Though completely and utterly submissive to her master, Leia now conducted herself as royalty while among her sisters. Amanda could not have been prouder, having trained Leia since her arrival. She had introduced Leia to their ways, taught her to dance, shown her their games, and then watched Leia surpass her and take her rightful place.
Yet Leia was not the same as traditional royalty. She demanded the same respect and diffidence, but her attitude was very different. Normal royalty were constantly on guard and stressed, always looking for ulterior motives. Leia did not. She may have while princess of Alderran, but the Queen who was being fed grapes right now was greatly changed from the reserved former Alderran royal. Her intellect, except that which involved pleasing her master and running the harem, had dimmed considerably. Her eyes had lost their luster of intelligence, no longer calculating or concerned with anything or anyone.
Except Jabba and her sisters. Her master was the ruler of the galaxy, he handled the matters that required political and intellectual intrigue. Leia had other concerns. She kept the harem running and pleasured her master, two tasks that suited her new personality very well. She didn't care about galactic affairs, she cared about being a good slave to her Hutt master, and that was how it should be. In two years here she had forgotten all she had learned while Princess of Alderran. Leia had told Amanda that she didn't care that she wasn't nearly as bright as she used to be; because it was required to run the best harem in the galaxy in the way that a Harem Queen should. In that, she was unequaled. And that was all that mattered.
Looking around, Amanda spotted Mara. She looked...well, discontent. She was sitting on the edge of a pool, occasionally chatting with another slave, but mostly remaining silent and glum. Amanda was puzzled by this. Tamed slaves did not experience unhappiness. Amanda could barely comprehend it. It was like her brain was saying Does not compute. On the verge of panic, Amanda reeled around to look at Leia, but she was already gone....
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Summary of the Persona 5 Royal info from the trailer and website (includes P5 Spoilers!)

Finally, some info!
I'll divide this into details from the trailer and details from the site (there's a lot of the latter), with a few bits of speculation thrown in (I'll make it clear which details are confirmed and which are just mine though):
The trailer (in roughly the order of appearance):
Those shoulders look too broad to be Kasumi's (and doesn't seem to have long hair or a ponytail), but they have hair so can't be Shido. But those are definitely seams on the edges of the shoulders...it's Takuto, isn't it?
Maybe Kasumi talks first and Takuto hijacks the message and/ or kidnaps or attacks her while she's delivering it? Maybe they're the same person under different personas personalities? Atlus has done weirder stuff!
Edit 8: I wrote another post analysing the English fan-translation of the trailer, including some further speculation about Gnostic influences. Please check it out too if you have the time!
The website:
There's a ton of stuff here, as I said before!
From the opening "reel" of screenshots:
Section 1: Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki:
Section 2:
And now Lady Ann and I will finally... happy cat noises
In any case, this confirms a "Golden" ending where Joker doesn't need to turn himself in to ensure Shido gets punished. Maybe this involves the "vision" at the start of the trailer and getting Goro to confess on his behalf instead? Or maybe the Yaldabaoth situation is handled differently in such a way that gives Sae the evidence she needs to convict him (assuming the bonus dungeon is in fact the Velvet Room)?
Edit 1: But this also begs the question: what will we do in those three months? Will the Metaverse survive the final boss this time around, or will the last three months be purely for social stats and Confidants? Will at least Mementos survive, so we can complete Confidants, or will they be re-written (by default or after the end of the game) so that Mementos won't be necessary for them?
Section 3:
This details the additions to the overworld and Metaverse.
School Life
Phantom Life
Edit 1: Thanks to the screenshot in this thread (thank you, u/ZuskatoIsR3D) we can see Kasumi's stats in relation to everyone else's. Her numbers are lower than the other three, though this could just mean she recently joined the group and needs to catch up, but her SP is less than half her HP. This could mean either:
The next batch on information will come on May 9th. However, there's also a talk show tomorrow with Joker's VA that was supposed to give P5R info, which makes me think tomorrow will just have a recap of today's stuff (along with info of an upgrade deal for existing owners, I hope).
Persona 5 Royal releases on Halloween in Japan and 2020 in the West (the English trailer also confirms the Western name drops the "The" in the Japanese title as many suspected, following P4G's example). 'til then, enjoy! I hope you found this useful!
Edit 4: Theories (marked with "(*X)" above):
  1. It's possible that the meeting between Kasumi, Ren and Akechi is where we hear the dialogue from last month's trailer ("What do you think of the Phantom Thieves?") After all, them meeting at all means she isn't restricted to only meeting him at the TV station, and this gives her more time to form an opinion on how they work - at least until finding her way into the metaverse and seeing what they do and why.
  2. u/TheReaperCreeper had a much better suggestion than me: what if Akechi is the one who turns himself in for Ren's sake? As another user of the Metaverse he can also answer questions about it to get Shido sentenced, while also paying for his own crimes. Better still, he could claim to be the leader of the Thieves to keep the law off everyone else's backs, thus getting to redeem himself while also being punished for the things he did. Thanks, Reaper!
  3. I was going to say Kasumi may only be important because she was in the right place at the right time, but this certainly hints at a more supernatural cause if true.
  4. u/hypercombofinish suggested Kasumi's Persona could be Dorothée, and since her outfit shares so many similarities to Joker's I think this is highly likely. For those who don't know, Dorothée is the lead character of the novel The Secret Tomb, the only Arsène Lupin book in which Arsène himself doesn't appear. Instead the plot is about Dorothée solving one of his "four fabulous secrets". This could be highly fitting for someone initially disagrees with the Thieves before becoming one herself and would also tie her into Joker's "mythology" the same way Marie and her backstory tied into Izanagi's (and thus Yu) - assuming Kasumi is the Aeon Arcana and not a Fool or Jester or something completely different, of course.
  5. The trailer as a whole has a small narrative running about Kasumi trying to dissuade the Thieves from their work, while Morgana tells her they won't be swayed by the danger or not getting results. This provides some early insight into her character, but maybe she eventually goes off the deep end and tries to control everything as a way of keeping everyone safe? Morgana telling her that "granting everyone's dreams is bad" and her saying she "took everyone's dreams" is also quite interesting. Maybe Wakaba and human!Morgana are just illusions? I plan on making a full post about the translated trailer tomorrow, but this is just something to sleep on until then.
(Just search for "Edit X" to see what each change entailed. Check the time stamp to see if I added anything you missed or want to correct!)
Edit 1: Just added a few tweaks based on stuff I've seen elsewhere on the sub and stuff I forgot to add the first time.
P.S. ...am I the only one who thinks Kasumi looks better in her school uniform? Anyone? Maybe because I like clothed people and the pose shows her off better?
Edit 2: Amended the descriptions of Kasumi's weapons.
Edit 3: Added a detail I overlooked the first time and clarifications from Persona Central's article. (Edit made at 16:53 UTC.)
Edit 4: Added translations for the new boy and a theory section, 17:31 UTC.
Edit 5: Added more translations, a correction about Joker's grappling hook and a new theory! 21:47 UTC.
Edit 5.5: Added a quick note I forgot to under the "mysterious boy's" section. 21:54 UTC.
Edit 6: Another edit, another translation! 22:22 UTC.
Edit 7: Added information from the translated trailer and u/quitethewaysaway's observation. 22:50 UTC.
Edit 7.5: Edited theory 5, 22:53 UTC.
25th April
Edit 8: I wrote another post about the translated trailer and added some new speculation there including possible Gnostic influences! Also I added a possible explanation for the alarms ringing in the Velvet Room. 9:40 (am) UTC.
Edit 9: This has nothing to do with Persona 5 Royal, but I wrote a post for P5S too! It's nowhere near as detailed as this one (since we have nowhere near as much info), but I hope you find it worth reading nonetheless! 14:39 UTC.
Edit 10: Added a shower thought inspired by Kasumi's cosplayer. 16:19 UTC.
Edit 11: Added a detail about Futaba's AOA that I noticed on rewatching the trailer. 18:14 UTC.
Edit 12: Finally managed to snag a picture of the above, and also added a scene from the trailer I didn't think worth mentioning before but have since changed my mind on. 21:13 UTC.
27th April
Edit 13: Added a new observations from the trailer. 08:35 UTC (am).
Edit 14: Added more info about a screenshot. 13:05 UTC.
Edit 15: Added some info from Twitter. I wish I knew of MysticDistance's work sooner! 13:54 UTC.
Edit 16: Added some observations from the trailer. 20:15 UTC.
Edit 17: Added a screenshot of the mystery figure on the TV screen. 20:47 UTC.
28th April
Edit 18: Added more details from Twitter, some speculation and a feature about the cutscenes I keep forgetting to add! 10:09 UTC.
Edit 19: Added speculation about when Kasumi joins the Thieves as well as a theory on Okumura's Palace. 14:05 UTC.
Edit 20: Added some speculation and further observations. 16:52 UTC.
UPDATES: This post is now too long to add to, so further updates will be added in the comments (along with text from here to show where the new details fit in.
Edit 21: Can be found here. 22:17 UTC. (Edit 21.5: Added a link to the magazine article and boldened the links to the trailer and site. 22:25 UTC).
29th April
Edit 22: Can be found here and contains some further speculation! 19:13 UTC.
Edit 23: Can be found here and details Kasumi's animations and possible symbolism of her stats/ potential playstyle. 19:36 UTC.
Edit 24: More speculation! 20:03 UTC.
Edit 25! 21:32 UTC.
30th April
Edit 26! 20:12 UTC.
(Edit 26.5: Added the above date and italicised it and the 29th for better clarity. 21:13 UTC.)
Edit 27: Added something I've been forgetting to add ever since adding the speculation of Goro (and Kasumi) joining Joker as "inmates," followed by some shower thoughts! 21:48 UTC.
Edit 28! A big one if I say so myself, about Kasumi's theorised code name, "Swan". Now I really hope we were right! 22:06 UTC.
4th May
Edit 29, 30 and 31: I was able to cover a lot over the past few days, including an analysis of Kasumi's character and name so far and translations for everything on the trailer and website! 16:49 UTC.
Edit 32: A new thought and an old thought. 23:00 UTC.
5th May
Edit 33: A thought regarding the narrative impact of the similarities between Kasumi and Joker's outfits. 10:01 UTC.
Edit 34: Wrote an analysis of the main song, Colors Flying High, and added some suggestions for the origins and implications of Kasumi's powers! 15:14 UTC.
6th May
Edit 35: More theories based on suggestions from the comments! 14:16 UTC.
Edit 36: New theories from the comments and something I keep forgetting to mention. 14:43 UTC.
Edit 37+ listed here!
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Ideas for Star Wars Sequel Trilogy REDONE so far

I will do the Sequels REDONE sometime later. Like the Prequels, I am intending to be a script-doctor fixing the stories rather than doing a full rewrite... except for Episode 9. So far, these are my ideas.
I was inspired by Timothy Mably's fix of The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. These two are the best fixes of Disney Star Wars I have ever read.
Episode VII - The Force Awakens:
The Empire has fallen, but decades of anarchy followed. The FIRST ORDER formed by legendary Rebel General Armitage Hux has risen in the New Republic with the promise to rebuild the galaxy.
General Leia Organa leads a brave RESISTANCE. She is desperate to find her brother Luke and gain his help in restoring peace and justice to the galaxy.
Leia has sent her most daring pilot on a secret mission to Tatooine, where an old ally has discovered a clue to Luke's whereabouts....
Episode VIII - The Last Jedi:
The RESISTANCE has evacuated, but Supreme Leader Hux deploys the merciless legions to chase after the brave heroes.
Only General Leia Organa's band of fighters stand against the rising tyranny. They live in hope that Jedi Master Luke Skywalker will return and restore a spark of hope for the galaxy.
As the FIRST ORDER of the New Republic speeds toward the Resistance rendezvous point in the Aquilae system, the fate of the galaxy rests on their escape....
Episode IX - Balance in the Force:
This movie needs to be completely rewritten. The whole premise of this story was wrong. Episode 9 should never have been the plot conclusion that reverses from The Last Jedi and attempts to be a thoughtless fan service finale that ties up the Prequels and the Originals by redoing Avengers Endgame and Return of the Jedi. Episode 9 should have been the thematic conclusion that wraps up the motifs of the Prequels, the Originals, and The Last Jedi.
As the title suggests, this story is about our heroes exploring what the balance in the Force means. The balance is not just killing Palpy again and be done with it. Here are the basic ideas. Let's continue The Last Jedi's message about the power of myth and everyman.
I just read about Trevorrow's script for Ep9, and while I did not like the overall storyline, there were good ideas in there. I have just incorporated some ideas from that version.
The flames of resistance burn brightly! Word of mouth about the heroic act of LUKE SKYWALKER has spread from planet to planet and inspired the galaxy anew.
To suffocate growing unrest, Supreme Leader Hux has silenced all communication between neighboring systems. Defiance is punishable by death.
As the First Order struggles to maintain their systems, Lord KYLO REN rages in search of all records of the Force and anyone associated with it, determined to destroy any threat to his power....
If you have feedback, please write it in the comment.
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Interview with magician Jeff McBride

Interview with magician Jeff McBride
Chances are you are reading this article because you already have some interest in magic. So maybe you've already heard of the name Jeff McBride. If you have, you'll already be familiar with his credentials, so you'll be itching to get straight the good stuff and read what he's got to say, because you know it's going to be worth reading.
But if you haven't heard of Jeff McBride before, let me tell you why this interview is a must-read: ● Are you into card magic? Jeff has been doing card magic his whole life, and is one of the very best in the world at card manipulation and sleight of hand. He has also been running his famous Magic & Mystery School for over 30 years. ● Are you into cardistry? Jeff's instructional Art of Card Manipulation videos were some of the foundational materials that shaped fathers of the cardistry movement like Dan and Dave Buck. Card manipulation is his speciality, and if there's anyone that we can learn a thing or two about card handling from, it's him. ● Are you into card collecting? Jeff's entire career has been built with a deck of cards in his hands, and he also collects some playing card memorabilia himself.
So if you are a magic enthusiast in any way, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the greatest living card men. We were delighted when Jeff agreed to do this interview with us, and couldn't wait to hear some of his thoughts about various topics relating to his own career with playing cards. We even got opportunity to visit him at his own place, and take some photos of his memorabilia and more, which we have permission to show our readers for the first time! But first let's share some of his credentials, so that we can appreciate what he has to say in the context of his own accomplishments and achievements.

Jeff McBride the Performer
Jeff McBride has had a love for magic that goes back to his childhood in New York's Catskill mountains, where he grew up. As a young boy he stumbled across The Golden Book of Magic in a library, which quickly became his first magic Bible. He performed gigs locally, did street performances, and eventually moved to Las Vegas, where he successfully built a career in magic, and performs his award-winning stage magic and runs a magic school.
His performance style is highly praised for its unique blend of traditional magic with a form of Japanese theater called kabuki. Drawing on an unusual mix of skills that includes martial arts, philosophy, and more, Jeff's stage act combines an unorthodox blend of sleight of hand with masks and mime, to create a unique show like no other. Besides his "home" stage in Las Vegas, he's performed on stages and in theaters around the world, including touring with The Illusionists. A Jeff McBride show never fails to showcase his dynamic, innovative, and creative personality, from someone who has proven himself over time to be a master entertainer, showman, and sleight-of-hand artist.
Jeff McBride's list of awards is too lengthy to cover all of them. But to mention just a few, he's received recognition from exclusive and respected organizations, including "Magician of the Year" by The Magic Castle's The Academy of Magic Arts and "Magician of the Year" by the Society of American Magicians. In 2018 the International F?d?ration Internationale des Societes Magiques (FISM) gave him their "Theory & Philosophy Special Award", in tribute for his lifetime contribution to magic from a viewpoint that is analytical and academic. This illustrious award has previously been given only to Tommy Wonder, Juan Tamariz, Eugene Burger, and Roberto Giobbi. Most recently in January 2020 he was inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame by the Society of American Magicians. He is part of a very small group of living magicians that are part of this exclusive club, which includes David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy. He's even the holder of three world records - don't worry, we'll be sure to ask him about that in our interview!
And of course he has appeared on television many times, already back in 1995 as part of the "World's Greatest Magic, and more recently on shows like Masters of Illusion, Criss Angel's Mindfreak, and Penn & Teller's Fool Us. But he's not just "another magician", as his selection as a judge for the 2008 reality celebrity-magic show Celebradabra confirms. Already more than ten years ago filmmakers produced a documentary about him, entitled Jeff McBride: A Magickal Life. This has been highly praised by magicians and viewers for how it shows his journey from a boy magician to a headline act in Las Vegas, and also his personal spiritual journey and development from a brash young man into a mature and caring magician who is keen to pass on the art of magic to the next generation. He really is one of the best.
Jeff McBride the Teacher
While the first part of his career was all about performing in his inimitable style, as the years have passed Jeff McBride has more and more mellowed into a highly respected teacher, with a keen interest in sharing his wisdom with others, and helping young magicians develop their skills in magic. Besides many written works, he's produced best-selling and highly influential instructional videos on the art of card manipulation, and on stage magic. His current passion is to serve as a sage that helps other magicians make their dreams as performers come true.
Perhaps his crowning achievement and lasting legacy is the McBride Magic & Mystery School, which he established in 1991. This is a world-renowned training ground for stage magic, and is generally regarded as the very best and most prestigious institution in the world for receiving magic instruction. There's simply no better place for aspiring magicians to go, in order to take seminars, classes, and workshops, to help raise their magic to a higher level, and to learn the true secrets of the craft.
Highly respected magician and lecturer Eugene Burger (pictured below with Jeff McBride) served as Dean of this school until his sad passing in 2017. It was from him that Jeff learned the importance of burning one end of your own candle in order to light someone else's candle. Many leading magicians have served on the faculty or as guest instructors, including big names like Lance Burton, Johnny Thompson, and Max Maven.
Jeff McBride is a wonderful entertainer himself, but his current passion is to be a mentor to others, and he will leave a lasting stamp in the lives of many magicians of the future. But now it's time for us to sit at his feet, and learn a thing or two from his life, and about his experiences with playing cards in particular.

For those who don't know anything about you, what can you tell us about yourself and your background?
I started my career with a pack of playing cards. Now I headline Las Vegas shows, and theaters and festivals all over the world. I also run a very successful magic school in Las Vegas, and I teach online.
I am one of the first magic teachers to create a video series, and my breakthrough videos on card manipulation taught the world how to perform flourishes and card manipulation, which happened to grow into a new cardistry movement. I was fortunate enough to train with great old-school masters and I put out The Art of Card Manipulation which caught on in Asia. The material contained within those DVDs - they were VHS videos at that time - did not need words to understand how to perform the magic, so they had international appeal. Many people like An Ha Lim and leading Asian manipulators found these, and my videos were their original training tools.
What would be some of the highlights in your career in magic?
Performing at Radio City Music Hall, the largest theater in the world with no screen support, no image magnification, and performing my card manipulation routine. The only other person that had that experience was Cardini. That was one of the highlights.
And of course, being inducted into the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame. Also winning the FISM Special Award for Theory and Philosophy was a highlight. That's an award I share with Tommy Wonder, Juan Tamariz, and Eugene Burger.
How would you describe the style of the amazing act that you are known for?
I call it "sorcerer" style, which is very fiery and dynamic. There are many types of card routines, and mine is very explosive and dynamic. In fact during my touring seasons with the hit show The Illusionists, the closing number of the show was my card routine, just before the snow storm sequence. So my card routine can fill a giant theater. At that time of The Illusionists we were working a 7,000 seat theater. So my motto was "pack small, play big."
What were your major influences for this style of performance?
My influences came from many directions. I realized early on that performing standard magic was not a path to success. It was a path to working weddings, bar mitzvahs and birthday parties. In order to break out, I had to become a much more dynamic performer and I added other skillsets I had studied, like classic pantomime theater, which I'd studied at the American Mime Theater. I combined martial arts and my passion for masks and quick change, and dance. And it was this fusion of all of these different theatrical elements that made a huge difference. It was much more than magic, it was a total theatrical experience.
Where can people go to see you perform today?
I teach magic on a platform called MagicFlix. There's performances and tutorials. It's the world's leading streaming platform for magic. So you can immediately see me there. If you want to trial it, all you have to do is go to MagicFlix's website, enter your information, and put in the code MCBRIDE, and you can get 30 days for free. You can see not only myself, but the great masters of magic, and some of the great card magicians in history, as well as learn my card manipulation sequences.
Also if you want to see my live shows, I perform in Las Vegas at Wonderground, which is the longest running independent variety magic show in the history of Las Vegas. It is not attached to a casino, so we can do some pretty wild stuff! That's been running 11 years, and has hosted more variety entertainers on its stage than any other stage in Las Vegas.
What should we know about the McBride Magic & Mystery School, which has now been running for around 30 years?
It's now over 30 years. The McBride Magic and Mystery School came out of a great desire to study with masters. The challenge I see these days is that most people are learning magic from their peers, from people in their own age group. And not necessarily looking up the ladder at masters that have achieved great amounts of success.
So what I did 30 years ago, is I decided to host a retreat for masters to come and teach hungry students, mostly professionals, that were willing to empty their cup and fill up on wisdom and on the experience of great masters. And over the years we've had Eugene Burger, Johnny Thompson, Max Maven and many, many other masters come to the school to help our students understand the path to mastery. So not just learning from your pals online or at magic class, but really top-down training from experts in the field.
What are some of your interests outside of magic?
I spend a lot of time going to other conferences learning more skills on how to facilitate life-transforming experiences. So I spend a lot of time still studying how to teach more effectively, both in person and online.

What quality in magic makes it so enjoyable for people to watch?
I think there is not one thing. People like engineers have a really different relationship with magic; if you watch them squint their eyes and wrinkle their forehead while they watch magic, they're only interested in the puzzle aspect. Other people are interested more in the mystery aspect. So there's different types of audiences. There's the audiences that like to sit there and try to figure the tricks out. And then there's the audiences that like to sit back and enjoy the mystery.
I was having this conversation with Judge Gary Brown, who's a wonderful magician, creator, inventor, and writer. He sent me a quote from Dariel Fitzkee, which talks about "Is magic more than fooling?" Fitzkee says - and this is written up in The Fitzkee Trilogy - "Don't put too much stress on the trick itself as a mystery. Your audiences might suddenly think of television, which is much more miraculous. Stress it in terms of human interests, of human relationships, of character response, of human situations. If the mystery were important, the much greater miracles of our everyday world would far outshadow it. Method is important only as a means of accomplishing a desired end, like the grindstone which sharpens the headman's ax. The ultimate objective is something entirely different."
Our Dean of the Mystery School, Larry Hass, entered this conversation and read it like this: "It isn't not knowing or fooling that is important, and it isn't even encountering mystery. It is what a human artist expresses about humanity and life itself that is the real core of the experience of magic." Penn and Teller do both: making it hard with the fooling method, but their show and their stories are also about issues in politics, in relationships, in critical thinking, in skepticism. They have many, many presentational frames that are about more than just mystery or fooling.
That's what I saw in Eugene Burger so many years ago. His magic was coming from a deep, philosophical perspective and experience that gave it a richer meaning than just Instagram magic and flashy, "How does he do that?" sort of stuff that is so pervasive on YouTube and social media. Perhaps performers will soon be able to give more depth to their magic instead of just what I call eye-candy. My goal is to transform eye-candy into soul food.
What first sparked your interest in magic?
I talk about it at the end of my show each and every day. My life was changed forever when a magician said, "Pick a card." And this magician was actually a young girl named Linda Van Etten who had a twin sister named Susan, and they knew card tricks. And they showed me a card trick, and from that moment on I knew what I wanted to do. It was a card reversal in a deck with a card turned face up in the deck. I was six years old at the time. And by seven years old I was deep into magic.
I think sometimes we forget - because magic and cards are so familiar to us - that the simple task of having somebody pick a card can change their lives. That's an important thing to remember.
What is the key to your longevity in the magic industry over several decades, and what keeps you going as a performer and teacher?
I think my longevity is due to being able to adapt and recreate myself to make my magic relevant at the different stages of a magician's life. At the Mystery School there's kind of a typology that we use: "The trickster, the sorcerer, the oracle, and the sage." Those are the four stages of the magician's life. From learning simple tricks, to being able to perform, to learning all of the meaning and interior worlds of magic, and then being able to pass that knowledge onto the magicians of the future.
I've worn the mask of the trickster in my younger days, and in mid-life, the sorcerer, burning up stages all over the world. And then taking time out to reflect and look inside for meaning and taking time for introspection. I'm now at the stage of my life of being able to pass on a lifetime of wisdom and experience to future students. So I think it's a process of reinvention that has helped me endure and keep my passion for magic.
I try to read as much as I can. I try to watch as much as I can. I try to get together live with magicians as much as I can. And teach and go study as much as I can. Zero TV. I have not had a working TV in my home since 1979. Most people spend way too much time on the internet and television, and way too much time on Facebook and social media.
What's the path to mastery: Facebook and social media? Or reading and practicing and videoing and refining your show? That's not for everyone, because that's not everyone's goal. Some people are very content to sit on magic forums and ask "What's the best trick? What's the best three tricks for close up?". That's okay, but that's not getting real world experience and going out and doing it.

How important is one's own personality in performing magic, and how did this play a role in your own career?
I think that magicians discover their personality through performance. I know that I have become many different versions of Jeff McBride over the years. Because when we're young, magic is just about learning the trick, and doing it and getting the `wow'. Then as we get older, magic gets to be a way of interacting and getting a social edge, and being able to be seen and stand out from the crowd. And if people pursue it more, they develop a personality and a connection to performing magic that might take them around the world. Or just to make them the hit at the family reunion, so that people can have a peaceful time at the Thanksgiving table!
People have different reasons for performing magic at different times in their lives. Some people use it to compete. Other people use it to teach and instruct. Other people use it to wind down after a hard day's work. But I think magic is a way to develop aspects of your personality. And I think that is a very powerful role that magic plays in our lives.
Are there differences in how an amateur and a professional approach magic?
Absolutely. I started reading a blog and books on a website called The Jerx, which is a very opinionated, very humorously yet potently written blog about magic from an amateur's point of view. Different rules apply if you want to be a professional: there's costuming, there's lighting, there's sound, there is scripting, and all of these other theatrical components that are essential in creating a theatrical magical experience, if that is your goal.
However the writer at The Jerx - and I really am entertained and often enlightened by his writing - has a completely contrary view to this. Instead of me trying to rehash his personal experience writing and philosophy, if you are an amateur magician and want to read about other people's opinion on amateur magic and non-professional magic, just take a visit to The Jerx - you'll find some very interesting information there.
It was a wake up call to me, because not everybody that performs magic wants to be professional. Some people just want to do it for their friends and have fun, and that's a perfectly satisfying lifestyle of magic. And they don't need scripting and they don't need all of the other requirements of the theater, because they're not working in theater; they're just doing it for their friends at the office. And that's perfectly fine.
However, the rules do change when you get up onstage in front of 5,000-6,000 people in a theater! Then you need to consider some of those elements.
But as Eugene Burger reminds us, "There are many rooms in the house of magic." There are many rooms for all of us, including rooms for the people that are passionate amateurs, whom I call "enthusiasts". I don't like the word "amateur" myself, so I use the word "enthusiast", because there are many great magic enthusiasts that have never been full time and professional magicians. And that's perfectly valid. Magic is not about tricks, and magic is not gauged on the box office success. Magic is really a way to enhance the quality of your life, and there's many ways to do that. If a person is collecting cards, they don't have to collect every deck to feel complete, they can collect the ones they like, and that's fine, right? Everybody has their own path to walk.
How has the magic industry changed since you first became involved in it, and how has technology impacted it?
It's a double-edged sword. We talk about YouTube and Instagram and all these different ways that people consume magic, but most of this magic is eye-candy and very shallow. There are archives of great performers on YouTube, but it's still mediated and it's not the same as being there.
It makes me sad when I see a clip of Fred Kaps on YouTube and then some bozo going, "Fake, fake, fake, he has a thing in his hand, it's frame 725!" My response would be: "You're critiquing Fred Kaps? Go practice. Don't be giving critiques to Fred Kaps, who won FISM like three times, hello? And you're 14, and you've stopped a frame because you've watched it 15 times, and you're so clever, really?" That's what hurts magic, I think.
What also hurts is when you look up a great performer, say Cardini, and right next to it there are sixteen YouTube clips of 12 year old kids in their pajamas teaching a bad back palm, just because they want clicks and hits on their YouTube site. It's disgraceful. So that's what hurts magic.
However technology has also made possible sites like MagicFlix, which have a bit of a firewall to them, so that people have to be invited to it to get there. Those people that have serious passion can now study with all of the great masters. They can study with Karrell Fox, Jay Marshall, Tom Mullica, Johnny Thompson, Daryl, and so many others. And it's very convenient for learning. So that's the good side of it.
When people get interested in magic on the internet, hopefully they'll find a teacher. But what mostly happens today is they just stay online. That's not really learning magic, that's collecting secrets. That's collecting postage stamps. That's not transforming these into meaningful, magical experiences.
What we do at Mystery School is create a learning environment that's a safe place for people to come to, in order to really study the secrets of magic. Everyone here signs a secrecy agreement, so that the things that we teach won't be bastardized by exposure on the internet. We feel that Mystery School is one of the last great holdouts of secret information. When all of the secrets are just out there, there is no magic. There has to be secrecy, in order to create very effective magic.
And we keep working and innovating, and looking through the old books and digging out the gems, polishing them up, and fusing them with new materials and new technology to create hybrid magic effects that have never been seen before. That's a passion of ours: resurrecting some of these old magic gems and bringing them to new audiences.
So there's a struggle, these days with exposure. But the good news is that it's just too much for any one person to observe. A lot of the real secrets of magic are in the books. The internet is just a little tiny tip of the huge iceberg of magical literature that is hidden away. Many people call themselves, as Scott Alexander puts it, "visual learners." That means they don't read books. That means they won't ever have the depth of knowledge of someone that can learn visually and can read books. They cut off more than half of the resources that exist for them, and that's a shame.

What is the most difficult trick you ever performed, and what made it so hard?
Double One-Handed Waterfall. I used to have showdowns with Ricky Jay on the streets of Madrid, Spain. Ricky and I would basically do cowboy showdowns, gun-slinging with cards, late at night. We were attending the FISM convention in Madrid, and we'd have challenges back and forth with card spinning. He definitely could throw much further, but I definitely could do a One-Handed Waterfall in each hand. That's probably the most difficult feat. I actually performed it, I believe, on The Art of Card Manipulation, in one of the little quick cuts.
Do have any good stories you can share about a magician "fail" that you experienced?
There's an old formula that says, "Tragedy plus time equals comedy." All magicians have challenges and barriers on stage, and so have I. In the moment, they're never fun, but you can retell these stories to friends. Everybody has war stories! Let's see if I have one that stands out...
I remember being on stage, and I had to pull some paper ribbons out of my mouth, and then I produced a dove from the paper ribbons. Then I would secretly switch out that bird for a rubber bird, and put it in a paper bag. I would blow up the paper bag, then pop the paper bag, and little feathers would drop out. However, on this day I was pulling the paper ribbons out, and I decided to use scissors to cut the paper ribbons, and I cut a hole inside my lip! I quickly shut my mouth, and my mouth filled with blood. This was my grand finale - I'm thinking "Oh, this is very bad," but the audience can't see anything yet.
So I get to the part where I produce the live dove, and I switch it for the rubber dove, and put it in the bag. But now I have to blow up the bag - I didn't see that coming! And I figure this is a really good time to get all that blood out of my mouth. So I blow up the bag, and it's filling with blood. And when I pop the bag, there's nothing but blood and feathers everywhere, and people screaming! Some teenagers thought it was just so rock and roll, and other mothers and children thought it was so horrible. It was this mixture of some people going out of their mind applauding, and other people going out of their mind screaming. So we never know - even when the worst can go wrong, people will still love it!
How would you like to be remembered in the magic community, and what accomplishments would you still like to make?
I feel like I already am remembered in the magic community. I've accomplished more than all my childhood dreams: headlining Vegas, Magic Castle Magician of the Year, Hall of Fame, FISM Award winner, Guinness World Records - I've done a lot.
Now my goal is to help other people's dreams. So when I see a student of mine like Mat Franco win America's Got Talent and get his own show in Vegas, and my student Aaron Crow win on Britain's Got Talent and come on America's Got Talent with a magic routine that I'd helped him design - that's what I want to be remembered for. When I have students getting their own shows and winning awards. I'm a magic teacher, and I love to give. That's what I love to do now. I still tour and perform internationally all the time, but my passion right now is teaching and helping other people achieve their dreams.
What is one piece of work you have released that you'd like to be remembered by, or which might be of interest to the playing card enthusiast?
Anybody that watches Jeff McBride The Art of Card Manipulation will see how I researched all of the old school material and the stuff that I'd learned in my generation, and put it all together in one place. Those are the videos that the Buck twins - Dave and Dan - saw. Many of the people that first started card manipulation and cardistry saw me on those World's Greatest Magic specials back in the '90s that were filmed at Caesar's Palace. This was one of the first modern versions of card manipulation on TV.
So I think my series on The Art of Card Manipulation imprinted a lot of young magicians, young card handlers, and then the cardistry movement. I was not singularly responsible for that, but The Art of Card Manipulation was definitely essential fuel for it, because it was the most comprehensive card manipulation series ever put out.
What advice would you give to a young person just starting to learn card magic or card manipulation?
Learn from your pals, but study in person with a great master. It will shave years off your learning curve.
It takes a lot for the Society of American Magicians to vote you into their Hall of Fame, especially when you're still active performing and teaching. Jeff McBride is one of the few in the world who can lay claim to being part of that select group.
Jeff is first and foremost a performer with a love for entertaining people, and the unique combination of elements that helps make his stage act stand out from other performers will always be a memorable trademark style that people associate with his name. But perhaps his lasting legacy will be the new role he has taken on as a sage and mentor to others. His Magic & Mystery School has been instrumental in producing new magicians who will continue to entertain us in years to come.
With this interview we've had a wonderful opportunity to have a glimpse of his thinking and learn about some of his experiences. Thank you Mr McBride for all that you've given to magic! May this inspire all of us to turn that pack of playing cards in our hands as a tool to develop our own skills, and to share our love for the arts with those around us!
Where to learn more? Check out Jeff McBride's resources here: - McBride Magic: Official site, promo video - Performance videos: Fool Us (2017), Masters of Illusion (2009), Masters of Illusion (2017) - Card manipulation: "Shaman Cards" performance, "King of Cards" performance - Magic & Mystery School: Official site, shop, Facebook - Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube - Teaching resources: MagicFlix (code: MCBRIDE), Art of Card Manipulation DVDs, Essential Card Manipulation video

Author's note: I first published this article at PlayingCardDecks here.
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