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[USA-NJ] [H] Glacier GBA, Pink DS Lite, NES, games for multiple systems [W] Hori Left D-pad, Animal Crossing HHD, Switch Dock, Izuna 2 loose, N64 power cable, lists

Hello all. Going to try something a little different this time. Looking to swap and mainly interested in looking at lists, but I'm listing some high-priority wants below. I have over 50 confirmed trades! I have 6 sections of items to offer: Systems, Games and Accessories, Amiibo, Collectibles, Electronics, and Miscellaneous. Click on the name of an item to view pictures. If I don't have pictures, they are available on request. All items are NA region except where noted. Prefer to trade in continental US, of course.
I am also happy to sell these items and have linked my GameSale post at the end! And if you see something here that isn't in my GameSale post, it might mean that I forgot to list it there or that it's only for trading, just ask.
Items tagged hard trade are only for stuff high on my wantlist, please don't be angry if I decide not to trade them.
EDIT: I am no longer looking for Izuna 2, an N64 power cord, or a Mac Mini. I am still looking for the other items on my list.



Pink DS Lite with original stylus and matching pink carrying case (no charger)
NES Front loader with both RF and composite out, all cables including authentic power cord, 1 gamepad, and 1 zapper (choose orange or gray)

Games and Accessories

I have Minit alternate gray cover for Switch sealed with the sealed cloth map, and River City Girls with Soundtrack. Would like to trade these for other limited print games, like Celeste CE or SE, Bomb Chicken, Flinthook, Fairune Collection, or Lumines (I might want a little cash to cover the difference in the case of Lumines, or I might be interested in figuring out a trade for the Lumines CE).

3DS Condition Notes
Bravely Default CIB
Pokemon Rumble Blast Loose
Mario Party Island Tour Loose
Poochy and Yoshi's Woolly World PAL EU Region NIB PAL EU region, not NA!
Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo Box and manual only Back plastic has a cut, cover art not affected
Brain Age Concentration Training CIB
Brain Age Concentration Training Box and manual only Cover art has a tear on back
new Nintendo 2DS XL Quick Start Insert Insert only

DS Condition Notes
EMS NDS Adapter CIB Includes CD. Only works with 32 bit Windows (XP is best). For transferring saves to/from PC. Does not work with 3DS games.
Game and Watch Collection 2 NIB Very hard trade, Club Nintendo exclusive item
Final Fantasy 3 CIB Hard Trade
Korg DS10+ CIB Hard Trade
Bejeweled 3 CIB No slipcover
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures CIB
Ratatouille CIB
Sims 2 Pets CIB
Bejeweled 3 Loose Yes I have one CIB and one loose
Slingo Quest Loose
Deal or No Deal Loose
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Box only No booklets or game
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Manual and inserts only No box or game
Empty DS case n/a

Game Boy Advance Condition Notes
Atari Anniversary Advance CIB Hard trade
Pac Man World 2 CIB Hard Trade
Disney’s Party CIB
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory CIB
Danny Phantom the Ultimate Enemy CIB
Fairly Odd Parents Clash with the Anti World CIB
Home on the Range CIB
Ratatouille CIB
Spyro 2: Season of Flame CIB Hard trade
Spyro 2: Season of Flame Loose
Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure Loose
Pac-Man World Loose
Spongebob Squarepants: Lights, Camera, Pants! Loose
Ecks vs Sever Loose
F-14 Tomcat Loose
YuGiOh 7 Trials to Glory Loose
YuGiOh The Sacred Cards Loose
Monster Trucks Loose
Backyard Football Loose
Backyard Basketball Loose
Chicken Little Loose
Off-brand GBA SP charger (looks like an official one, but isn't) n/a

Game Boy Color Condition Notes
Vegas Games CIB
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Loose Tear on label
Looney Tunes Carrot Crazy Loose Torn label
Spongebob Squarepants and the Lost Spatula Loose Torn label

Game Boy Condition Notes
The Pagemaster CIB
InfoGenius Spell Checker and Calculator CIB Still has partial shrink wrap
WWF Warzone CIB
Yoshi Loose Slight discoloration on cart
Tetris Attack Loose Slight sun damage on label
Dead Heat Scramble Loose
Bases Loaded Loose
Jack Nicklaus Golf Loose
Casino Fun Pack Loose

Wii U Condition Notes
Nintendo Land Box and manual only No game

Wii Condition Notes
Animal Kingdom Wildlife Expedition CIB Has some water damage on back
Wii Fit Plus CIB

GameCube Condition Notes
Metroid Prime CIB
Dead to Rights CIB

NES Condition Notes
Legend of Zelda gold cart Loose
Metroid Loose
Blaster Master Loose
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt Loose

PS3 Condition Notes
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Limited Edition CIB Includes card with online pass code
Call of Duty Black Ops CIB

PS2 Condition Notes
Sly 2 Band of Thieves CIB Red Label
Sonic Heroes CIB
Spy Hunter CIB
Gran Turismo 4 CIB Red Label
Gran Turismo 3 CIB Red Label
Defender CIB
Maximo Ghosts to Glory CIB
Manhunt Loose
Namco Museum 50th Anniversary CIB Red Label but there was never a black label release in North America, I kid you not
Namco Museum CIB Slight tear on manual
Ace Combat 04 Shattered Skies CIB Red label
Ace Combat 04 Shattered Skies Loose
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb CIB
Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith CIB
Rygar the Legendary Adventure CIB
Pac Man World 2 CIB Red Label
ESPN NBA 2k5 Loose
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventures CIB

PS1 Condition Notes
Reel Fishing 2 Loose
Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Back cover art

SEGA Genesis Condition Notes
Road Rash 2 CIB

Windows XP Condition Notes
Metal Gear Solid Loose
Sega Smash Pack 1 and 2 Loose
Sonic R Loose
Bomberman Collection Loose
Wheel of Fortune Loose
Crimson Skies Loose
Starlancer Loose
Note: the above games may or may not work with 64 bit Windows - If you want, I can test them on my machine. Also, I don't know if any require serials - if they do, I don't have them, but again, I can check if they require serials.

IBM Tandy Condition Notes
Mario Teaches Typing NIB Sealed, in excellent condition, hard trade

Android Condition Notes
GameKlip controller mount NIB Would work great with the Samsung Galaxy Note listed below, requires a PS3 (aka DS3) controller, learn more here

Game boxes and manuals in varying condition - some of these items have been mentioned above already, but here's a full list of what I have:


Figure Condition Notes
Young Link First Print NA NIB Hard Trade
Marth First Print EU NIB
Pac Man First Print NA NIB
Sonic the Hedgehog First Print NA NIB
Mario Series Peach NA NIB Has a crease above plastic
Mabel NA NIB, has some wear on cardboard
Splatoon Blue Inkling Boy NA NIB
AC Amiibo Card: Digby 009 mint


Item Notes
Wendy's Super Mario Kart vehicles sealed Two styles available
Wendy's Super Mario Advance Board Game sealed Looks like a miniature GBA game box, hard trade
Poster: German Amiibo Buying Guide Released at launch of SSB wave 1
Poster: Monster Hunter 3 Tri 20x27"
Poster: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games 40x14"
Poster: New Super Mario Bros Wii / Zelda Spirit Tracks 12x17"
Poster set: Bravoman and Bravoman x Wonder-Momo 11x15"
Poster: Jet Force Gemini From Nintendo Power
Poster: Super Mario Galaxy From Nintendo Power
Poster: Crime Killer From EGM


Item Notes
Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter for Macbook Pro I used to use this with a 2011 Macbook Pro, I have the cable and the original box it came in
Novation Twitch DJ Controller CIB with official carrying bag and extra cables Designed for Serato or Traktor, has a built-in soundcard, everything that was in the box comes with it plus there is an overlay for Traktor controls
Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pretty sure this is unlocked, but will not work on Verizon, comes with Cyanogen OS, charging cable and dock. Great for running emulators, I also used to use this to test Android apps.
Shure SRH 440 Professional Studio Headphones Great condition, gently used, comes with leather bag and 1/8" to 1/4" gold adapter. Retails for $99.99 but I value it lower since it has some wear.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 Digital Camera Complete in original box with a bonus carrying bag and microfiber cloth, still works, battery doesn't last as long as it used to though. Does not have USB cable, so you need to use the SD card if you want to be able to transfer your photos off the camera.
Old iPod Touch Some scratches, has a bunch of Chinese songs on it, I can include a USB charger if you like. Unlocked.
Ledger Nano S Whitepaper Edition Sealed, I also have a used one CIB that I would be willing to part with
7 sealed Maxell UR-60 Casette Tapes


Item Notes
Large collection of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image comics Click the link for a full list of what is available
Speed Racer the Movie VHS Comes with promotional catalog and coupon for the SEGA Genesis game
Adventure Time - Jake vs Me-Mow DVD with bonus Finn hat Top flap is a little loose on one side
Regular Show - The Best DVD in the World
Nacho Libre CE DVD Fullscreen, says it's a Collector's Edition but doesn't come with anything other than disc
Behind Enemy Lines DVD I don't recall if this is fullscreen or widescreen but I can check
Bourne Trilogy Rental DVDs Boxes don't have any inserts aside from DVD
Terminator 3 Rental DVD Box doesn't have any inserts aside from DVD
Casino Royale Rental DVD Box doesn't have any inserts aside from DVD
Hot Fuzz Rental DVD Has sticker remnants on plastic but cover art is not affected, box only comes with disc
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories Vinyl Sealed
ABSRDST- Boss Beats CD sealed An EP of Mega Man remixes
Madonna - Madonna and Like a Virgin CDs
Hatsune Miku Merch Mega Bundle Cosplay tie and suspenders, socks, plush, stickers, posters, keychain, webcomic anthology, and two men's shirts (one is L other is M), can be broken up
Avengers Infinity War Moviebill
Quao card game Open box but some of the cards are still sealed
Trial of the Clone A modern CYOA style book
Three Word Phrase Volume One
Little Red Book Complete Street Guide to New York City
2 1932 Olympic stamps
Dolce and Gabbana Intenso Travel Bag New in box
Brookstone Leather Card Wallet New in box
Vintage Academy Broadway Duffel Bag


I'm willing to overtrade (excluding my hard trades) for the items I'm seeking below.
Those Hori Left D-Pad controllers for Nintendo Switch - these have been going for $6 at Target but they are either sold out or not being discounted near me. I'd love a Zelda themed one, and would love a second one in any style as a gift for my brother. I know everyone is trying to flip this so I value this higher (let's say $12 or so) in a trade.
Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer NIB or CIB - this is a $5 game at Five Below and I need it to complete my Animal Crossing set, but my local Five Below is all sold out. I know everyone wants to flip this so I value it at $10 in a trade. I might be interested in getting two copies. For CIB, I prefer that it include the Amiibo card.
A Switch dock, does not have to come in the original box, and I think I might already have an HDMI cable but bonus if you have it
Izuna 2: Legend of Unemployed Ninja loose for DS
Jewel Time Deluxe box and manual for DS
A power cable for the N64. Also interested in authentic memory card and rumble pak, a controller, and loose games
Pokeball Plus with mew code
A Mac Mini (A1347 model from October 2012), does not need to come with HDD, firmware should support High Sierra
PowerA game card cases for Nintendo Switch, either new or in good used condition
The limited print Switch games I specified in exchange for Minit and River City Girls above.
And send lists, thanks!
p.s. prefer to buy? Go here
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[Table] IamA pizza delivery driver at the busiest Papa John's in Chicago, AMA!

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Date: 2014-05-09
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
1.Best Tip 2.Best Bong Tip 3.Anyone Famous? 4.Most Made One Day 5.Car Story 6.Weather Story 7.Sex Story 8.Something Doesn't fell Right Story 9.Robbed or Violence?? Best tip was $40 overall but most memorable was a drunk girl who thought she was handing me three singles and actually handed me a 20 and 2 singles.
Best bong tip was this killer hybrid of Blue Dream and Golden Goat some guy had. We ripped it for a couple minutes and made small talk before I realized I would probably be too high to drive.
Nobody famous yet, but one of the guys at my store has delivered to John Cusack.
Most I made in one day was a Saturday night with shit weather and only 2 drivers... $266 just in tips in 8.5 hours of driving.
Car story? Well, both my mirrors are gone, there are bullet holes in the front of my hood, all doors are dented in except the driver's side, and I have lots of fun knocking noises and fluid leaks. I haven't actually ever been in an accident with it, but only an idiot buys a nice car to deliver in. I also mostly deliver by bike now.
Winter in Chicago was the worst ever. I completely ate shit on the ice with some dude's pizza in hand and he saw me eat shit right in front of his quaint little townhouse. Did he freak out and see if I was ok? No. He called the store and bitched that I had bounced his toppings around.
Boy do I wish this job was like it's portrayed in porn. Unfortunately the only nudity I get to see is penis and lots of it. Most of it intentionally on their behalf. Lots of exhibitionists use us as their victims. I think my favorite was the guy who masturbated at me when he opened his door and I just stared at him awkwardly for a good 90 seconds before he slammed the door shut.
Every time I go to the projects lol.
When I worked at Pizza Hut a while back, I got attacked by a drunk redneck with a car battery. Since he assumed that was an acceptable weapon, I used the dismantled IKEA bookcase in my backseat as my response.
I completely ate shit on the ice with some dude's pizza in hand and he saw me eat shit right in front of his quaint little townhouse. Did he freak out and see if I was ok? No. He called the store and bitched that I had bounced his toppings around. As a former driver, I 100% believe this. Those feels...
So did the masturbator pay for his pizza? I assume that gets a note in the Papa John's delivery database for future deliveries. Ha! No, he did not. He was blacklisted from our system and the manager that night filed a police report to have him arrested. He may not have paid for it but for the amount of time we just stood there staring so awkwardly at each other, it was worth it.
there are bullet holes in the front of my hood. Please, tell me more. There was a drive-by shooting in the alley behind the restaurant I live next to a couple years back and my poor Oxana was in the line of fire!
ITT/tl;dr: some pizza guy does drugs and everyone gives him upvotes. he's probably just appealing to the shallow hivemind of reddit to become popular. well its not working against me engages downvote Nice. Well, pizza delivery does attract a lot of deadbeats and junkies, but I am not. Started in college and it has stuck with me into my teaching years, seeing as that's not always enough excitement or money to keep my Internet fast and fridge full.
Worth it for who? Worth it for me to see this exhibitionist pervert finally get scared as the 6 foot tall pizza guy looked down at him.
Scared...or aroused? I couldn't tell, his package was too small.
When you want pizza, do you get Papa John's or some other kind? Do you get a discount for working there? We get half off everything as an employee discount, but Papa John's is fucking disgusting to me now. That and I'm on a diet. And, well, as any Chicagoan knows, it's no excuse for real pizza. When I want pizza now I either make my own deep dish or order from a local joint down here in Bridgeport. I shouldn't lie though, Domino's is my guilty pleasure when I'm high as shit.
Funny enough, we often order pizza to Papa John's and vice versa. Customers in the store always get a kick out of seeing some Lou Malnati's driver show up in our lobby looking confused as all hell.
Why is a stoned pizza delivery guy awake at 6:30??? Well, I did go to bed eventually! Truth is, I'm not stoned, just working on other stuff. Pizza delivery isn't my only job, thank god. Not to mention I get off work at 2 AM on most nights and don't get home til around 3 AM or later.
Tonight and Saturday night are different, however. I smoke John Lennon amounts of marijuana on the weekends.
Do you actually remember the addresses that don't tip? If you do, is there anything you do differently because you know? I dunno, like... place a pube under a slice of pepperoni? Yes, and I keep a little black book of all of them. If you don't tip once, consider yourself warned. If you become a repeat offender, you get jotted down in my book. Name, address, phone number, perceived personality traits, everything. Believe it or not, as bad as this sounds, I keep track of my customers' drug usage so if they don't tip I can call in the boys in blue. I have once in my career had an entire party of high schoolers arrested for underage drinking because they wasted almost an hour of my time and didn't tip.
Basically, don't fuck with the pizza guy. We won't fuck with your food, don't worry, that's illegal and just wrong. But we are creative and won't stop at anything to either scare the stiffers straight or make their experience a living hell. And we share these lists between different chains, so you're really not safe anywhere anymore once you don't tip a few times. Just a heads up.
Wow they dont give you a 2 dollar tip and you potentially ruin somebodies life. Hope you feel good about yourself there. Not after one time, no. But repeat offenders? Absolutely. We depend on this money to pay our bills. It's not like every pizza guy goes out boozing every weekend like most of the customers we serve. I scrape by with a constant bank account under $50. So yeah, every $2 counts, man. If you are constantly costing me money to deliver your food, you're gonna get messed with.
Now, we would never mess with someone's actual food. It's illegal. And I trust other people not to do that to me. But if I didn't tip my waiters and drivers I would expect to be disrespected, as not tipping is.
Friend in college worked PJ's in Detroit. So you know the shitty nasty weather in winter she had to deal with. She'd pull up between deliveries by the door to grab more pie, and leave the car running. One day between her 60 seconds inside, someone stole her car. (wrecked it later). Do you ever do this, as far as leaving your running car for a bit in the winter? Here's what I was told from day one and I tell rookies these days: under no circumstances do you EVER leave your car running, no matter what the weather. Now, leaving it unlocked vs. locked is your call but especially in a big city like Detroit or Chicago, it's a big no-no. Not to mention most big chains will not cover your ass if your car is stolen when you left it running. Even though our store is in an affluent area, we've had drivers' cars get broken into and bikes stolen in under 30 seconds right in front of the store.
Thanks for the reply!! We did all kind of laugh at her for doing it. I think she's now the district manager somewhere for PJ, but never made that same mistake again. Hate to show my age, but that was 10+ years ago. Hopefully she changed the training. Also, thanks for the great pizzas! No prob! It happens to the best of 'em, unfortunately. She should at least be glad it was just her car and not her, too!
I know this is late but I'm curious. In my 15 years delivery driving for various types of food, I never once delivered to a person at a hotel with clothes on. Does that happen frequently to you? Yes! The most recent was the masturbator mentioned above, but I have had the same experience. Hotels just do not fare well for delivery drivers usually. I've been attacked with a car battery in the parking lot of one and seen more penis than Lisa Lampanelli at hotels.
Thanks again. One final question before work... Most places now have a delivery fee. Do you as a driver get that, or some? Or are we still expected to tip? This has been one of my pet peeves for some time. Thank god PJs finally put something on their boxes and receipts saying that no, the drivers do not see that delivery charge. Yes, tipping is still expected, and this whole delivery charge thing is a real robbery from the drivers because it convinces people that tipping is unnecessary.
I know this isn't all pizza delivery places, but hoping you know what goes on in general now. The real scam is that large chains pay us rarely more than $5-$6 an hour, and assuming we take 3 deliveries an hour, that means that not only is PJs using that $2.75 delivery fee to upcharge the customer, but they're using it to pay our wages and profit on us being there. 'Merica.
Unfortunately that charge is why is topped getting delivery from PJs. I'll jsut go pick it up myself. I knew that wasn't tip and I have a hard time paying $5 for delivery on an $11 pizza. I agree. The delivery charge is just a way for chains to never have to pay their driver staff and let the customers do it instead. I wish more people on the outside stood up to it like you.
Have you ever been invited to a spur-of-the-moment sexual liason? No, but I do have a story that's close.
Some drunk assholes at a bachelorette party right on the lake decided to order pizza at the same time they had ordered a pizza delivery-themed stripper. When I knocked on the door, I was pulled into a dark room full of screaming women and thought that either I was a dead man or I had finally spontaneously combusted and received my 72 virgins. Turns out they thought I was the stripper and we all had a good laugh. I kind of wish I was after they turned all the lights on; there was a room full of 40 or so drunk 20-somethings ready for action. That was a tip enough :D.
My friend is pizza delivery guy at aurellios and he recently delivered it to some of the members of the Chicago Bulls. Have you ever delivered to someone famous? I wish, but I'm not sure there are too many famous folks in our delivery zone. One of our drivers has delivered to John Cusack, but that's pretty much the extent of our fame!
What's the weirdest thing you have come across while delivering pizza? I used to deliver in a heavily Chinese area and once, when looking for a customer who wouldn't answer their door or phone, witnessed a pig being chloroformed and sliced open illegally in their backyard. I can only hope that pig didn't become the 'orange chicken' I had for dinner.
At my current store there was this crackhead guy one time that ran out of the gangway next to us holding a bent-up bike tire in the air and screaming "The pigeons stole my fucking toothpaste! I can't wash me shins!" Homeless people are quite entertaining in Chicago.
Could care less about the Chinese pig thing, but that homeless person's gibberish is classic. Wow. I'd have wanted to actually help him/her get some toothpaste, because everyone deserves to be able to wash their shins. Yeah the first one just really weirded me out. I don't do well with blood :P. With that homeless guy, I wasn't sure whether I should run away or actually give him change or a sandwich for his creativity.
Do you deliver to dark, eerie looking homes in deep south Texas? I did this kind of work as a teen - you are so right about it teaching you about humanity. I used to deliver to ghettos and get tips but in the posher neighborhoods - forget it lol. Lol no, not thus far. I totally agree, though. Rich people are the worst tippers and ghetto deliveries either don't tip or rob you!
Do you work at the one off of Lincoln?!?! Cause if so, I MIGHT HAVE SEEN YOUR FACE BEFORE! If not, sorry for shouting. Well there are a couple off of Lincoln. If you're thinking the one off Irving Park, close but no cigar ;). I work at the one off Diversey.
I'm gonna guess a street called diversity is in a shitty area... Lol I get asked this a lot actually. The street is Diversey Ave, not Diversity. It's named after some 19th century beer brewer, much like Lill Avenue to the south.
Do you guys get part of the delivery charge of should I still tip you? We don't see it, bottom line. PJs gives us $0.75 per run, but the government even says it takes about $0.50 per mile to keep a car going between long term repairs and fuel. So yes, tips are a must and a necessary evil, the way I see it. Tip the pizza guy, please!
You deliver to Lakeview? I'm gonna need some pizza later this afternoon. Depends on what part of Lakeview, but that's most likely the store at 3927 Lincoln. 773-525-7272.
Are you still doing this? Okay, here I go... Papa John's offers a lot of management opportunities (in my personal experience here in Florida) do you see yourself climbing the ladder or is this just a thing that leads to the next thing for you? Yes, they do, and I have been up the ladder and voluntarily climbed back down... This is just a side gig for me now, something to do at night as I teach music and whatnot during the day. To be honest, I make about twice as much money at this store delivering than I would managing.
My boyfriend ordered and he went to the store and he doesn't have any cash so can you leave the pizza and come back for the money later or go to the store and meet him? Yeah, this happens more often than you might think. He can pays with a card or come back with cash. We can't sell orders that have been sitting out for more than 2 hours under the heat lamps, though. That's just gross and by that point the drivers are staring at it sitting there like a pack of hungry wolves.
I always order around $25 worth of pizza and usually always tip $5. Is this tip acceptable? We live less than 2 minutes from the local Pizza Hut we order from and I am lazy. You are awesome, my friend. A $5 tip is excellent. The general rule of thumb, since a lot of chains don't have a minimum order for delivery, is that you tip $3 or 15%, whichever is greater. A lot of people think $1 is still a tip. This is not 1988.
Also, even if it is out of your control, do you feel if a pizza takes longer than 30 minutes it is rude to not tip? Especially if the online timer said it would be there at a certain time? Also, the delivery time has nothing to do with the drivers. This is a common misconception. While we try to be as accurate as possible with delivery time quotas, we have to keep them low to keep corporate happy. If you live in a big city or order during a busy time (dinner rush or late-night), expect it to be different. A lot of times drivers are held up by surprise large orders of 10 or more pizzas or the very common drunk customer that fell asleep and won't answer their phone. We do try to get it there as soon as possible. That being said, I make it a point to apologize for any pizza that took more than 45 minutes whether it was my fault or not.
Cool, thanks. Like I said, I always tip anyways, I know you guys live on tips. You pay my bills and I am eternally grateful. People like you always get your orders as fast as possible and bumped up in line.
What's your take on the black population of Chicago not tipping? Well, we deliver to Lincoln Park, which is mostly white, but there are some black folks in our area (mostly middle class but some over in the projects on the river at Diversey). We all hate to admit it but anyone who has ever worked for tips as a waitewaitress or delivery drivers know the stereotype that black people don't tip. Well, it's true. About 90% of the time. Yes, for some people it does have an impact on their service time and quality. Not sure how or when this will ever change, sorry to say.
It's just one of those things that everyone knows and acknowledges (even the black drivers) but is kind of afraid to talk about for obvious reasons. It's not just black people, either. Most customers from other countries can be expected to not tip as well.
How do yall make the garlic sauce, and can you buy them in bulk? That garlic sauce is now thoroughly disgusting to me, I hate to admit. It's made at some corporate factory like every other ingredient in every chain's pizza. I've never done it personally, but I know some of our management will buy cases of the stuff for customers who are loyal and beg for it. We get 200 of those cups for $12 and then charge $0.75 a cup to the customer. But because they're so cheap, the employees usually take a lot of them home to make garlic mashed potatoes and other stoner concoctions with at home.
Wouldnt putting actual minced garlic in their potatoes make a better garlic mashed potato? Yes, but you have to try it at least once!
If you had to choose between the brain of a monkey with the body of a human, or the brain of a human with the body of a monkey, what would you choose? Brain of a human with the body of a monkey, for sure. Maybe it would help the other monkeys learn our ways better if it was coming from one of their own.
Did anyone ever answer the door and was just plain rude the whole time? Like for example, you open the door and they scream or sneer at you for no reason? It's interesting. A lot of people over the phone will be rude and nasty, but when a big pizza man comes to their door they get scared straight and put on a smile.
Have any lonely housewives ever wanted to have sex with you? None of them have ever directly told me, but I can remember one woman way back when who would always request me to take her pizza to her and come to the door in a low-cut bathrobe or tank top with no bra on. To be honest, I think she got a rise out of showing herself off as much as all the dick flashers I have encountered.
I work at 300 N LaSalle. Could you hook me up with a free za? Not in our area, sorry. That'd be the River North store. I can tell you, though, it's damned easy to get a free pizza from us. The management will always believe you if you call and say your pizza was wrong. They have to give you a free large.
How much do you receive in compensation for the use of your vehicle, in $ per mile (or cents per mile). If you don't know that, what is your per delivery reimbursement and what does your store base that number off of in terms of average distance driven per delivery? We don't get paid by mile, but we do get $0.75 per delivery. Our deliveries average about 2 miles round trip, and my car gets about 18 MPG in the city, so each run costs me roughly $0.50 in gas. So after our hourly wages and an average of 3 deliveries an hour, I make about $6.25 an hour plus tips.
Are you positive on that miles per delivery average or are you just guessing? Do you know what your franchise bases the compensation on? I could make more comments about the last sentence, but will hold back for now. Yes, the exact average is something like 2.03 miles. So it's a rough estimate of what I'm making per hour. Considering our average tips are above $4 however, we make a lot more than $6.25 an hour.
Yeah, that whole situation is a lot more to get into. Basically, choose your friends wisely.
I usually always tip my delivery guy. One time though I miscalculated and didn't have enough cash. I made it up to him by giving him 10 dollars the next time. :) Also happens a lot. It's fine, as long as it's made up for. I referenced our 'shit list' in another post, and as I put there, you're not gonna get messed with over forgetting to tip once. We know it happens :).
What's your favorite pizza toppings? Personally, I love all things spicy. 90% of the pizza I order is deep dish, and when I get that, I always get pepperoni, hot Italian sausage, and hot giardiniera. When I get regular crust from Domino's or something, though, it's always pineapple, bacon, Canadian bacon, red peppers, and BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce.
I love Papa Johns. Since we got a store in my area a couple years ago, I've ordered a few pizzas a month from there. Always order online by CC, and always add a $7-$10 tip. My pizza has never taken longer than 30 minutes to get here, so my question is more out of curiousity, but I've always wondered- if you had two deliveries, one where they already tipped on the card and one where they hadn't, who would you deliver to first? A lot of Chicagoans do, too! I love the pre-pay tip feature we have online, as well. The way drivers figure it is we take whoever tips the highest percentage first, which is way against company policy but is a pretty strict code of conduct in our world. Unless one or more of the orders is late; I wouldn't make someone wait an extra 15 minutes if they had actually ordered long before the other order(s). But you high tippers are awesome and appreciated and people probably recognize your name and give you extra peppers :).
I drive for Pizza Hut so I know most of your feels. For some reason I average like 2.50 tip per delivery and everyone else manages to get 3/4. So my question: average tip? And what "script" do you use when at their door? Yeah that's the problem I had when I was at Pizza Hut, too. My average now is over $5. The good thing about Papa John's, though, is that they have an option on online orders to pre-pay a tip. Just let that sink in and think about how messed up our system of tipping and paying sub-minimum wages is here in the states..
Anyway, customers like it when you are smiling and make it known that you went out of your way for them. When I'm taking orders in-store, I often take my time inputting the order in the computer and tell them I'm going through all of our coupons and deals to make sure they're getting the best discount. Of course I already know which one to give them, but it makes them feel special. If they ordered extra sauce or sides, let them know you double checked for them and take care to let them know what box they are in, etc. Comment on their home and a painting you like, or that it smells nice, you know, all bullshit but something to make them feel pretty.
The world of tips can be quite evil, but the best way to get tips is to manipulate the customer into thinking you care about them. In fact, this is key in all retail. Sounds fucked up but it'll keep you afloat. That, and in this world of pizza delivery, take as many doubles/triple/quads as you can. I'm not sure how busy you guys are, but I rarely take single runs out at once now. Make sure you know your area well and management will catch on to the fact you know your shit.
Where do you work around? South of Fullerton? South down Austin? Delivery area is from North to Belmont, river to lake. Our store is at Clark/Diversey/Broadway.
Do you guys not collect those complimentary cards on deliveries? I got one a year ago and have just been re-using it since and paying the $5 and change "delivery charge". Well, we're supposed to, but the management or whoever took your order usually doesn't remember to let the driver know to collect the card when they're headed out. It's a huge oversight problem with this company, but hey, who can argue with $5 large pizzas?
Fun fact: I have like 80 of those things in my car from over time that I let friends use to order Papa John's.
The answer is no one can argue $5 large pizzas, what is your favorite specialty pizza? I actually liked the double cheeseburger pizza we had a couple months back... it sounds weird but it was strangely delicious. The one we've got out right now, sweet chili chicken, is thoroughly disgusting.
But my staple has always been Hawaiian, the plain 'ol pineapple, ham, bacon, and BBQ sauce.
Am I an asshole if I tip with quarters? I once gave a guy 6 worth of quarters. He just laughed and said bye. Ha! Not at all. We get to change that out at the end of the night. I get rid of all my singles usually and take the stores bigger bills. Pizza shops thrive on dollar bills and quarters like a casino.
How old are you 2. do you carry a gun for protection? 26.
No, I would if I could, but most pizza places don't let you carry more than maybe a knife. I haven't ever felt the need to have one at this store.
How much money per hour would you need before you considered being an independent driver (you don't work for the company; you're a contractor)? I'd have to think about that, but at least double the $5.50/hour I see right now. And they'd have to stop charging that ridiculous 'delivery fee.'
I don't understand; they charge you as the driver a delivery fee? I thought delivery fees mostly go into the driver's pocket. Nope, they charge the customer the delivery fee that then pays our wages so they don't have to.
I work for a family owned pizza shop and the two dollar delivery fee comes out of the register and goes directly in the drivers pocket. That's awesome! What do you guys get per hour?
Would you be happy with a delivery fee that you kept 100% of? Yes, because it would make up for all the customers who don't tip. $2.75 is our delivery fee, and it would make our jobs a lot easier to do if we just saw all of that. At the same time, it would change the game of delivery. We literally only care about tips and it's become kind of a fun game trying to get them over the years.
Have you ever been asked to star in a porn film while delivering pizza? No, but I wish! I know my 13-year-old self dreamed of being a pizza guy at one point..
I did some calculations for a delivery place once and found that tips averaged 18.5%. I think an independent delivery service that simply charged 20% delivery charge [no tips allowed] and passed it almost completely to the drivers might work well for everyone; do you agree? Definitely. Actually, there are a couple companies in Chicago I know of that are doing this now. My favorite is called WeDeliver. Hours are picked by the drivers and they choose the runs they want to take on a smartphone app during business hours from 7 AM to 10 PM. They get paid a commission off of each delivery and can make pretty good money actually.
Ever been offered sexual acts by those who don't have the money for the pizza? Not yet. And, seeing as I need the money more, I'm glad!
He's got over negative 8000 karma, of course he's a douche. Keep him going so we can get him OVER 9000.
Why the fuck would someone eat at Papa Johns in CHICAGO !!! There are so many Pizza places that are non chain that are a thousand times better. Thank you a thousand times over for this. I personally am a complete pizza snob to the point where I can hardly eat out for pizza anymore because I make my own deep dish at home! I never liked Papa John's much but after eating it daily for so long I really loathe the stuff. Yes, even the garlic sauce.
From a former pizza delivery driver to another delivery driver: keep on keeping on. It is a noble labor we provide. Thanks, brother. We do our best!
As a delivery driver, how do you feel about the counter person (individual who answers all the calls and such) Often times when we are slow or really backed up, I am also that counter person. They are pretty up to speed on what info the drivers need. If we have really large tips on massive orders, some of us will split it with the cooks and phone operators.
R u gay. No.
Proof? Don't have proof of the store I work at but I can get it today... posting an Imgur link now for proof I do actually work at PJs
Last updated: 2014-05-13 22:32 UTC
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