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Great-aunt appears after death to give us a Filipino peso

My mother's mother was born and raised in the Philippines, and lived there until she was in her late 20s or 30s and moved to the US. She had a bunch of sisters too, and they all stayed behind in the Philippines, she was the only one to immigrate. One sister moved to the "big city" (Manila) and worked at a casino. It was just some average inoffensive job at a casino, I think she was a waitress or a bartender but my grandmother (very religious) was scandalized by this. She had a falling out with that sister because she thought her moving to Manila and working at a casino was awful and completely wrong. My mom has never been to the Philippines and as a result, never met her aunt. My grandmother still kept in touch with the rest of her sisters though, and one day when I was 10 she called my mom to let her know her aunt/my grandmother's sister had died.
We were in a rental house at that time because we had sold our old house and were in the process of moving to another country. My parents were still moving stuff from the old house to the rental, and didn't feel like cooking, so a few hours after my grandmother called us, we went to pick up Chinese takeout. We came back and my mom noticed there was a Filipino peso right there on the kitchen counter. She thought my dad or I got it somewhere and put it there, so she didn't think much of it and went on with her day. Later that day she mentioned it casually to my dad and he had no idea what she was talking about, so she asked me if I put it there, or if I had any idea what it was. I hadn't seen it, and hadn't put it there and told her so. My parents were kind of puzzled so they scoured through the house, looking for any other pesos or any other type of foreign currency.
There was literally nothing in the way of other currency to be found. My mother didn't keep pesos around ever, she'd never been to the Philippines (or Asia at all) and she had never met most of her aunts. We hadn't seen my grandmother irl for years at that point, and she didn't carry Filipino currency around with her anyway. Neither me nor my dad had even seen one irl at that point. I don't even know if my mom had. This was an EXTREMELY white area too, with no other Filipinos around at all, and the rental's owners were (unmarried) white brothers. There was literally no "logical" explanation for the peso, at all, and no hint of any other pesos in the house.
Part of the reason this may be relevant is that, like her aunt, my mom was always the "black sheep" of the family, running off/moving far away and being independent, not caring what her parents thought about her life choices. They were both very focused on being their own, strong woman and my mom loved hearing stories about her. I think her aunt is watching over her, like a guardian, and trying to send a message that she is OK.
Also, numerous people were confirmed to have died in the rental house so that may have had something to do with it but I don't think so. Apparently my parents had other paranormal experiences there but I didn't, or at least any that I can recall. It was a long time ago.
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"No can really be safe nowadays..." - Senator Trillanes AMA for the lazy.

He's one of us. Human, after all.

Ligther side

redkinoko: On a lighter note, are hotels are still wary of you every time you book a room, after the whole Manila Pen thing?
TrillanesSonny: Haha. Hindi naman. Good client naman din kame since then : )
sadgaygirl: What are your dreams for your children?
TrillanesSonny: As a parent, I just want them to be kind and generous adults later on. As to their career path and love life, I just let them choose freely and then support their decision. I advise them from time to time when they ask for it.
Miamiheatfan4life: Senator pano po ba manligaw ng babae ?
TrillanesSonny: Pasensiya na, nakalimutan ko na. Its been a while. hehe.
LebronToWarriors: Senator what are your tips for a job interview ?
TrillanesSonny: Try not to be cocky and a know-it-all. A little humility can go a long way. It also helps if you dress up neatly.
tangina_nyo: Hello Senator, paano po magkaroon ng balls of steel na katulad ng sayo?
Sagot: maging fatalist ka.
silversoul: Hi, Senator. Taking this time to thank you for standing up for ideals and beliefs even if it means being in the minority.
So, my question is...Who is your favorite superhero?
TrillanesSonny: Thank you for your support. :) As to my favorite superhero, growing up, when I was still in grade school, I had a collection of Marvel comics of The Thing. Now, si Captain America kasi medyo hawig? Joke lang. Hehe!
On being pressed to answer kung sino ang pinaka cringe inducing politician, and divulge tidbits about these pols.
TrillanesSonny: Pwedeng pass muna ulit? Hehe. Sa meet-up na lang.
Good afternoon Senator, is your mother strict when it comes to drinking your milk when you were still young?
TrillanesSonny: Not really. But I was the one craving for it. Particularly, fresh milk.
mocha_utong: Senator, paano po ba mag move on pag may mahal na siyang iba?
TrillanesSonny: Inom ng konti tapos ligaw na ulet. hehe. =)

The big issues

1. What the opposition is doing and why they failed in getting their message across to the people.
I totally agree with your assessment that the opposition has met serious challenges in delivering its message to the people. There are some factors that caused this. One, duterte came in as one of the most popular presidents in history hence, early on the message of the opposition has been met with doubt and resistance by his popular base. Two, the propaganda machine of duterte is very effective. Three, culturally, the Filipino people are very patient and resilient that's why they don't tend to complain and rather just grin and bear it. But having said this, after two years, the political landscape has change drastically and I can honestly say that the majority of the Filipino people have seen the light. Mas nakaka penetrate na ngayon ang mga mensahe ng oposisyon.
Unknown to the public, the Opposition has consolidated and united its ranks the past few months. This new united opposition is led by Vice President Leni Robredo. We are also busy preparing for contingency scenarios like the declaration of nationwide Martial Law and railroading of the Charter Change/Federalism to make sure that we would be able to effectively counter these devious duterte plans.
ALSO this:
I am in favor of VP Robredo leading and being a focal point of the opposition at the same time. Why? Because the opposition needs to unite under one acceptable and recognized leader and that is VP Leni Robredo.
He also said Leni was competent and has the mandate as VP.
2. CPD question
This one is admittedly tricky. The CPD requirements are seen as unnecessary and a needless burden for professionals.
Trillanes explains that this was not unnecessary, and is actually a requirement laid down by other ASEAN countries. Keep up with the requirements and you would not have any problems working your profession in other ASEAN countries. As well as making Filipino professionals more globally competitive.
Trillanes assured that help is on the way.
I totally sympathize with our professionals as they go through the growing pains of this new CPD law. My office has already conducted 3 public hearings to address some concerns and has been closely working with the PRC to make the CPD programs affordable and accessible to them. We have gained headway in providing free CPD programs for public school teachers and nurses as both the DepEd and DOH are mandated to be CPD providers. We were also able to reduce the required CPD units for certain professions. Moreover, we are pressing the PRC to provide online courses to do away with the costly sit-in programs.
3. Federalism
Trillanes says no to changing the form of government to Federalism.
I am against the proposed shift to Federalism as a form of government. As a student of public policy, I have studied the different forms of government, and I believe we have yet to properly operate the current Presidential-Unitary form of government that we have. But aside from this, I oppose federalism due to the following reasons:
  1. At present, we have no sense of nationalism. This might further worsen once we divide the country into federated states.
  2. Political warlordism will become more pronounced. Imagine the political dynasties ruling in our country today. Now, if federalism would be implemented, these dynasties and warlords would become more powerful and more untouchable since they would be the same ones who would rule these states. Just a thought, sinu-sino sa tingin nyo ang magiging governor ng bawat federated state?
  3. On the economic side, this would a burden to our countrymen. Because aside from the federal tax imposed by the National government, the federated states will impose state taxes in order to support its state government.
4. Same sex marriage and divorce law
Rather than making excuses and posturing, Trillanes went the honest route and told Redditors that he didn't know much about the issue to make an informed decision.
5. Don't lose hope.
thatmrphdude: What can you say to Filipinos that are just sick and tired of all the headlines showing nowadays. It's just depressing. I feel really hopeless for this country.
TrillanesSonny: Don't lose hope. The political tide is actually turning. Soon, matatapos din ang malagim na yugto na ito ng ating kasaysayan.
Also this:
The past two years have been difficult for our country but our people are beginning to see the light. We have gained a lot of headway and I can honestly say that we are now winning the war. As our history shows, ultimately, the goodness, decency, courage and collective wisdom of the Filipino people will prevail.
And this:
moonwlkr67: Good afternoon, Sen Trillanes. It's my first time to participate in an AMA in Reddit. Gusto ko pong magpasalamat for soldiering on during these trying times in democratic republic. Pangalawa po, gusto kong itanong kung ano ang sa tingin nyo ang magiging "tipping point" para manaig ang pagka-makabayan ng mga Filipino higit sa pagka-partisan. Salamat po, and more power! :)
TrillanesSonny: Salamat din sayo. The tipping point would probably be kapag nagdeclare si duterte ng nationwide Martial Law or Revgov or pagka sinagasa nila ang Charter Change/Federalism kahit hindi isama ang Senado.
6. What he'd change in the Constitution
anobaate: If you could change a part of the constitution what would it be?
TrillanesSonny: The removal of the provision subjecting the AFP officers with the Commission on Appointments. This practice has rendered these officers vulnerable to politicization by hostaging their confirmation. I would rather have only the most senior officials be subjected to the process of the CA.
7. On Duterte
aivpt: Will Duterte ever commit an act so despicable that even his supporters give up defending him? What do you think will this act be?
TrillanesSonny: I believe he has already committed several despicable acts that chipped away at his support base, such as: pagmura kay Pope, the EJKs, pag-impose ng high taxes, paghalik sa OFW in South Korea, anti-tambay directive, and his attacks on God and the Christian faith. Every duterte supporter has threshold that depends on his level of fanaticism. Some, as early as nung minura si Pope, humiwalay na. But the most na bawas na suporta sa kanya is with his anti-God statements. Those who are still with him by this time would probably not leave him until sila mismo ang mabiktima.
Also this:
TrillanesSonny: Duterte remaining as president is the most alarming issue. He is killing our people; mismanaging the economy; messing-up our foreign policy; destroying the moral fabric of our society; and he is destroying our democratic institutions.
8. On Boracay
The Boracay closure is totally unnecessary. The problems caused by the illegally-placed sewage lines can be fixed even without closing the island. Until now, the government has yet to present a comprehensive rehabilitation plan which showed their incompetence and unpreparedness for this abrupt closure. More importantly, this is totally unfair to the thousands of displaced workers in the island. Personally, I believe this is another classic duterte shakedown so his business interests are pursued and protected. Aside from the casinos, there are reports right now that duterte's davao group are land grabbing in boracay in the guise of demolition for having questionable ownership documents. This is similar to what he did to Ongpin's philweb and the mining sector

Other stuff

  • Case against Mocha is still pending with the Ombudsman. sThinking Penoy will be arraigned on August 15. Less than one month na lang, TP...
  • His sense of duty motivates himo to go to work, maski ang sakitsakit na....
  • He thinks Bong Go will run for senate despite his denials. And sadly, there is nothing we could do to get rid of his tarps and campaign materials. Pinagtawanan din nila si Bong Go nung hinamon siya magsaksakan ng ballpen.
  • He would still be an active member of the AFP if the Oakwood mutiny did not happen.
  • Regarding the Province of China tarps: "It's clearly a prank by some sectors opposing duterte's foreign policy as regards China. But I'm surprised by the negative reaction of the duterte admin about it when in fact it was duterte himself who said this on national tv."
  • On personal safety: "Thank you for your concern. No can really be safe nowadays but we do our best to provide for my physical security."
  • The people he trusts in government: VP Leni Robredo, Minority Senators Drilon, Pangilinan, Aquino, Hontiveros and De Lima, Sen. Grace Poe. Some of them ay nakilala ko on a personal level, some of them ay consistent at aligned doon sa mga ipinaglalaban ko.
  • He thinks that public support for Duterte has waned. "I don't normally read troll comments so I'm not that affected. But, we use the negative comments from legit netizens as a gauge for the social media pulse. And with this, I can actually say that Duterte's support in social media has waned drastically the past few months."
  • On why he sees himself as a fatalist: "There was this series of life-changing incidents that happened to me when I was 18 years old and a graduating student in DLSU. It made me believe in the primacy of God's will."
  • Corruption in the AFP has significantly decreased since 2003. However, lately, we have been getting complaints from AFP officers about corruption involving the modernization funds of AFP.
  • On the Lumad issue: I'll ask my staff to check on this. I am against the militarization of the Lumads in the same vein that i am against their infiltration by the NPAs. The Lumads should be allowed to live without any external influence.
  • On the Bonifacio Day ouster rumor (throow12: Few days before the Manila Pen, I heard of a rumor that a GMA ouster was brewing up and it will happen in Bonifacio day, a few weeks after your "walk-out" in court, I heard that your actions supposedly pre-empted that ouster. Do you have previous knowledge of that supposed Bonifacio day action and one of your primary reasons for the walkout?): That's not true. May mga nafa-fundraising lang na gagalaw kuno pero hindi naman. Kilala ko yung mga nagpe-peddle ng information na ganyan.
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Bato, parang tsismosa lang sa kanto.

One of the most frustrating things about the Resorts World Incident is that officials have not been inspiring confidence in their credibility. There are people who come up with conspiracy theories, there are those who doubt if it was really a robbery, and there are those who might be believing the truth presented on media by the government, but still have a lot of questions on their minds. But who could blame them, when the very officials who handled the incident have very different views of what happened as well as experts on the matter having different opinions as well.
Round 1: Is it a terror attack? BatodelaRosa vs. SITE
Round 2: Sure na hindi ISIS? BatodelaRosa vs. Defense Sec. Delfin Lorenza (who said we cannot rule ISIS hand in the attack yet)
Round 3: Sure na hindi ISIS? BatodelaRosa vs. Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez (who said he disagrees with Bato's lone wolf assessment" and insists it's a terror attack similar to what has been seen in other countries.
Round 4: What is terror? BatodelaRosa (hindi terorista kasi hindi naman niya binabaril yung mga tao) vs. terror analyst Sidney Jones (who said that terror is a form of violence that aims to influence an audience...and can still sow fear in those who identifies with the victims, even without the use of gunfire)
Round 5: What is terror? BatodelaRosa (hindi terror yun kasi pataas yung baril) vs. Raffy Alunan (who said that a "hallmark" of a terrorist attack is having a venue that has "high human traffic" and is "frequented by foreigners.")
Round 6: The death of the shooter. BatodelaRosa (nanlaban, kaya pinatay) vs. Abella and Albayalde (suicide)
Round 7: Hotel security guard accidentally shot himself. BatodelaRosa vs. RWM COO Stephen Reilly
Round 8: Robbery? BatodelaRosa vs. Raffy Alunan (who expressed shock at the conclusion, and said that the shooter's actions were not the footprints of a thief)

Bato vs. the Truth

Sige fine. Siguro difference in opinion lang talaga. Baka nga naman may access si Bato sa information and intelligence reports na confidential at hindi natin alam. But what about the PNP Chief's pronouncements that were later proven to be false?
Bato: Foreigner, Caucasian ang suspect.
Truth: Jessie Javier Carlos is a Filipino
Bato: Naka private car sya. We are looking for his car.
Truth: He came in a taxi.
Bato: Claimed that the gunman was killed after resisting arrest
Truth: It was the security personnel of RWM who wounded the suspect
Bato: Lahat ng empleyado at guests ng Resorts World ay na-evacuate.
Truth: Close to 40 people died.
Bato: Yung security guard ng RWM, nabaril sarili niya...
Truth: Stephen Reilly denied the report of Philippine National Police Ronald dela Rosa that a security guard of the casino accidentally shot himself.
BONUS: From John Nery, May 2, 2017
No chief of the Philippine National Police has brought as much disgrace and discredit to the institution he heads as Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, a likeable enough police officer promoted beyond his capacity and competence. His chief claim to fame was his total support for the presidential candidacy of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, whom he worked with closely when he was Davao City police chief; the main reason he remains head of the country’s 170,000 police officers is the President’s complete trust in him.
In what way has Dela Rosa been detrimental to the long-term interest of the PNP?
First, he has trivialized his office. Dela Rosa is the first PNP chief to allow a police mascot to be made in his likeness; he has not only encouraged the use of the “Bato” mascot, distinguished by its bald head, but also revels in it. This is quite literally a caricature of the enormous responsibility the national police chief must discharge—especially if one were to believe the administration propaganda about the severity of the illegal drugs problem. But the mascot is perfectly representative of Dela Rosa’s approach to law enforcement: cut a high media profile, and then hope for the best.
Alvarez’s cutting comments last January attacked this aspect of Dela Rosa’s time in office: He seems, the Speaker wrote, to be more “interested in having a show biz career and in landing on society pages of newspapers with his being everywhere doing mundane things like singing videoke and watching concerts.” This celebrity-seeking orientation is demoralizing to the ordinary policeman, who must contend with more and more questions about the role of the PNP in the bloody war on drugs, which mostly claims the lives of the poor.
Second, he has politicized the office. Dela Rosa must have been the first PNP chief to respond to questions from senators inquiring into police matters according to their political affiliation; unctuous toward administration allies, passive-aggressive toward opposition lawmakers. This is unprofessional conduct that has consequences down the line. But beyond this, there is also the widely shared perception, discussed by politician and policeman alike, that following his initial burst of popularity he is preparing for a Senate run.
I understand Alvarez’s warning then, that Dela Rosa “buckle down to work or better yet give the job to someone else who is dead serious in leading the PNP,” as a shot across the bow of the PNP chief’s political ambitions.
Third, he has failed to exercise true leadership, and because of his failure, the PNP has created subcultures of impunity. These have allowed the PNP’s own illegal drugs task force to murder the likes of Jee Ick-joo, and the Manila police to host a legalized kidnap-for-ransom business. Dela Rosa’s preferred mode of interaction with the men and women of the PNP, the blustery speech, has no real impact. As Alvarez said last January: “The commission of a heinous crime right [under] his very nose is not only an insult but [also] a clear indication that he has lost the respect of his people.”

And now we have a fourth, shooting off his mouth whenever he sees media reporters and TV cameras.

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resorts world once again

My fiance and her kid had invaded my condo for three days straight to celebrate the Christmas holidays, so I decided to get a break from cartoon movies and grabbed a cab to Resorts World. Despite a 7k distance from my house to the casino, the fare was only 120 pesos, but being the baller that I am I gave him 150 and told him to keep the change. Cheap taxis are one of the few perks of living in Manila, and despite the fact that it was noon hour the traffic wasn't too bad for once. I guess most of the city was at home with their loved ones. For point of reference 150 PHP is $3 USD 1:50 ratio.
In the casino I signed up for 25/50 and 50/100. It was evident that there would be a bit of a wait, so I played a few hands of blackjack to pass the time. The game was alright, ENHC, S17, DAS, DA2, ES10, but dealt from a continuous shuffle machine that was refed every round so counting was a no go. The 500 peso minimum was a bit steep but I had to do something to pass the time. Thing started out poorly and before too long I was down 8 minimum bets (4000 pesos). Sigh. I rebought again. An Asian gentleman joined me for a hand. He played three spots and lost them all, while I won on blackjack and A9. Sweet. I recovered a few more bets and decided to bounce.
Nearby was a craps table. I put 200 pesos, the minimum, on the pass line. The shooter made two points in a row and then threw a seven before the point was established. Up 600 (down 1400 so far for the day) I decided to bounce, and made my way back to the poker room where they were finally opening a new 25/50 game.
The game was good. I picked up exactly one hand in the first two hours, an AQ that I folded to a donk bet in a multiway pot on the flop when I failed to improve, and otherwise I sat there patiently folding. The waitress brought me a few black coffees and waters, which I declined to tip her for. There is no tipping culture in the Philippines, most of these people are just happy to have jobs working for a dollar an hour. Bored of folding I stumbled back to the blackjack table and bought in for another one thousand pesos and placed two minimum bets. To my delight I won both, even collecting a 3:2 bonus for blackjack on one hand. I took all 2250 pesos and added them to my stack. Ten minutes later, I again picked up AQ. Suited this time, in spades.
A gentleman opened to 275 from early position, and I decided to smooth call in MP. We took a flop heads up. The flop came with two low spades, giving me a nut flush draw. My opponent then dropped four black chips into the pot one at a time, but then stated that he had said all in. The dealer placed the all in placard in front of him, and I made the call. We were 5500 effective on the flop, but he seemed like a bit of an idiot and had earlier made a sizeable iso raise with 27o so I figured, why the fuck not? He showed down KsTs for an inferior flush draw. The board bricked out and I scooped a nice 13k pot. I then folded for an orbit and a half, buddy I had stacked fucked off to another table, and I decided I'd had enough of the smokey air and grabbed a cab home.
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[EVENT] Gran Columbia (IV)

In the fourth installment of the Gran Columbia plan, we will once again take a look back at our glorious country, and expand it. While home to famous cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Honolulu, there is still room to grow. This step will focus on Eureka, Guantanamo Bay, and San Diego, each receiving an upgrade.


First, is Eureka, the Grand Capital of Gran Columbia. The city, following it’s first round of construction, Eureka has grown expeditionaly, into a booming city. While this has gained the ire of some of the original citizenry, this ire was quickly stifled when hundreds of thousands of jobs poured into the city, creating a large boom, as the 3.4 unemployment rate in the city plummeted to 0.8, one of the lowest in the country. Now, Eureka is akinned to Seattle during the 2010’s being a growing city for the tech industry. And as a whole, Humboldt County is becoming a hub for research and development as well as government jobs, similar to Fairfax county in Washington D.C.
That being said, one thing missing from Eureka is a “downtown” area. While traditionally, it exists, the current downtown area of Eureka is missing the “large city” aesthetic that one would think, as there are no skyscrapers in Eureka. Therefore Gran Columbia will be beginning a construction project called “Resort town”, which will be a new area of Eureka, located across the water of the town and Capitol Island.
Resort town, as the name implies, will be a more tourist friendly and will increase the tourism sector of Eureka, thus bringing in more prosperity for the people. The unincorporated towns located on this peninsula, those being Fairhaven, Samoa (town, not country nor unincorporated territory), and Manila (Columbian town, not Philippine's Capital), will be officially incorporated as boroughs of Eureka, and will be the heart of “Resort Town”. To help facilitate travel between the different parts of Eureka, SkyLyft has been approved to operate in Eureka, with the exception of passing over Capitol Island, for security reasons.
The outline for the plans can be seen here
As shown above, the plans divide up each town with a different “idea”. Starting with Fairhaven, this will become a traditional “beachtown resort”, putting emphasis on it’s beaches, boat docks, and more. In addition, several famous Columbian hotel chains will be encouraged to set up hotels and resorts on in the area, to further build it up. In addition, a bridge will be built to connect Eureka directly to Fairhaven.
Samoa will be a “cultural” district, that will feature the more refined and cultural side of Columbia. This part of the city will contain a newly built concert hall, an arena for performances, art galleries, and more. The biggest of all constructions in this area, and perhaps the entire project, will be a large museum. on par with the Smithsonian in Washington. This museum, called the “Serra Institute”, named after Father Junipero Serra, the founder of the first civilized man in California. The Serra Institute will be made up of a main building, and 3 wings. The main building will be featuring history related displays, featuring the history of Columbia. In addition, a medium-sized hall will be created, to allow the museum to feature performances, conferences, and expos. The first wing, is the “Musk-Bigelow Aerospace Wing”, named after the legendary cultural figures, Elon Musk and Robert Bigelow who pioneered Spaceflight to the level it is today. This wing will feature the history of spaceflight, and observatory, downscaled models of rockets, stations, and even a small scale attraction of Disneyland Mars, to entice people. The second wing will be the “Disney Arts Wing”, name obviously after Walt Disney, who donated the money for this wing. This wing will feature exhibits about the history of animation, filmmaking, and computer animations, all of which had deep roots in Columbia. The Museum will also feature a medium sized art gallery. The last wing will actually be a Zoological park, called the “Fossey National Zoological Park”, named in honor of Dian Fossey, a California-born primatologist and conservationist, who was killed in 1985. The zoological park will feature a variety of animals, from small birds, to larger animals like Gorillas, all of whom will be kept in the most humane and animal-friendly ways possible.
Manila will be focused on being the prime “nightlife” location. Clubs, malls, and luxury high rise hotels will be located here. In response to concerns of a rise of crime that things like clubs would bring, Manila will be patrolled using extensive use of our UPD-1 drones, equipped with facial recognition software, as well as future equipment that at this time is classified.
This project (or at least the ones constructed by the Gran Columbian government), will cost roughly $1.3 Billion dollars, and will take roughly 2 years.

Guantanamo Bay

The acquisition of Guantanamo Bay, or GITMO as it’s also known by, was seen pretty surprising by the Columbian Public, especially when it was announced it would be an unincorporated part of the Gran Columbia. Speculation quickly jumped on the bandwagon of believing the site would be continued to be used as a maximum security prison, far away from Columbian Soil, however Former President Sandoval confirmed that all remnants of the detention center located in the bay will be removed and deconstructed, and instead plans will be made to spruce up the area.
Now, under President Vicente, and as part of the Gran Columbia plan, the plans to revitalize the area into making it a fully functional city. Firstly, a complete infrastructure update will be commenced immediately. This will include:
The next part is the construction of three new key areas that will make Guantanamo Bay feel like an actual city. The first is “downtown” Guantanamo, which will be along the water. Here, brand new beach-side restaurants, clubs, and resorts will be located. Towards the interior of the area, things like more hotels and other businesses will be located, all to generate more tourism and interest in the city. The second area is the residential area. This area, unlike the downtown area, will contain the residential homes, creating the suburban area of Guantanamo. Besides homes, this area will also contain more cheaper stores and restaurants, much akin to any other suburban area. Finally the last part is a venture by MGM Resorts International, to set up a large sea-side Casino Resort on the area where the main Guantanamo Detention Facility used to be. This will be a large casino, as the main attraction, with hotels and restaurants on the wings of the building, multiple pools (one behind the hotel, one on the roof, and several interior pools), a bowling alley, movie theater, stage for performances, and a large golf center with 3 different 18-hole golf courses.
Finally, the last part of the city will actually be the construction of a new Columbian Base. This will be across the bay, away from the civilian areas. This base will feature:
In total, this will cost us $3.5 Billion dollars, and will take roughly 3 years for the civilian stuff, and two years for the base. Map of changes

San Diego

Finally, the last city of this project is San Diego. San Diego is one of the biggest cities in Columbia, and more importantly, it is a unique city, as it ties Columbia and Mexico together, as Tijuana, one of Mexico’s most important city, sits right next to San Diego. Therefore, as a unique project for the city, we will be contacting Mexico, to conduct a joint development project between San Diego and Tijuana. We propose the following:
  • The San Diego Police Department and Tijuana Police will work together in cross border investigations and crime prevention
  • The border security will be upgraded, to allow for autonomous border checks, allowing for crossings to be quicker, yet still precise, only requiring to pass through a scanner that captures the person face for facial recognition purposes, and is able to check for explosives, weapons, and drugs.
  • The Prospective San Diego-Tijuana Police department will receive substantial funding and state of the art technology to assist in countering potential criminal activities
  • Businesses in Tijuana and San Diego will be able to operate tariff free, but only for goods not bound for anywhere Beyond Tijuana/San Diego.
The improved security will cost a simple $200 Million, and will be even split with Mexico.
[M] I'll do a seperate roll for each
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Trump's action of pulling of our country from the 'Paris climate Accord' was nothing but to fool his ignorant base that he really cared for them which in his heart he knows he doesn't.

One of the most horrendous decisions that any of the heads of state of this world ever taken is the very irresponsible act that directly threatens our existence with the prospect of the extinction of our human race that our the most irresponsible president Trump took yesterday on the advice of our stupid E.P.A. Chief Scott Pruitt.
This action of Trump was totally unthinkable even 4 months back but now he made it a reality.
Trump took this action yesterday in front of his stupid cabinet members on the front lawns of the White House saying he was pulling our country from The Paris Climate Accord signed by Obama in 2015 along with 195 countries of this world because they cared for this world and wanted to save it from the looming destruction because of the effects from the Green House gases and also from the effects of the global warming which already is melting all the ice caps in the Antarctica and other polar areas and threatening to flood our coastal cities like Miami in the very near future.
With this very isolationist policy that he signed on yesterday, Trump is literally dragging us towards our earth's doomsday because the ozone layers which are already of the sizes of huge football fields on top of our atmosphere will increase to a small nation's size and slowly take over the skies of the size of a continent only because of this emissions from the fossil fuel burning and release of other gases as per the findings of most of the Climate scientists in this world.
But since Trump won the last election fraudulently with the most votes from his uneducated and under educated supporters who have no knowledge about what climate change means for our earth since most of them dropped out from their high schools before they could learn something knowledgeable that we learnt in our colleges, we can start saying goodbye to our beautiful world only because of our stupid president's actions which is just trying to please his ignorant base.
But what Trump's ignorant supporters are not realizing is that their messiah is not bringing his share of the jobs back to America which he's touting by saying .''I care more for Pittsburgh than Paris.''
By signing one contract after another since he became the president through his two adult sons who're always outside this country especially in the South American countries,Trump is literally creating millions of jobs in the countries like Brazil and Ecuador than in Pittsburgh,PA.
All the soon to be completed Hotels and Casino resorts that his sons are building with the collaborations of their foreign partners are going to be built in Rio de Janeirio,in Brazil and Manila of Philippines and definitely not in Topeka,Kansas or Louisville, KY.
That is the reason why I'd strongly advice the brainwashed and totally defrauded voters of Trump is to educate themselves like we the Democrats already know that their fake leader who's nothing but a con man and a snake oil salesman doesn't really care for them.
Because if he really wanted to help his unemployed followers he could easily care less about the higher payrolls in this country compared to China and Bangladesh et Al,and start building new Hotels,Casinos and other hundreds of manufacturing units in this country that he already built and still maintaining in poorer countries where he pays those slave labors a dime a minute.
So all his actions yesterday of puling us from the historic 'Paris climate Accord' is nothing but a hoax created just to fool his followers one more time since the last election day.
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Philippine police say casino attacker was indebted gambler

This is an automatic summary, original reduced by 75%.
The lone suspect behind a deadly attack on a casino and shopping complex in Manila was a heavily indebted Filipino gambling addict, police said Sunday, bolstering their claim that the assault was not terrorism-related.
The revelations confirm that "This is not an act of terrorism," Manila police chief Oscar Albayalde told a news conference.
On Sunday, Carlos' father told reporters that his son had no connections to terrorism.
In 2014, Philippine newspapers had reported that Carlos was fired from his job at the government's Finance Department "For grave misconduct and neglect of duty" because he failed to disclose that he owned a Manila house, a Toyota SUV and other business interests - an annual requirement for government officials and employees.
As thousands of people flee, the gunman is seen torching gambling tables and slot machines, setting fires police believe were meant as a diversionary tactic to allow his escape.
Just 11 minutes after his arrival, Carlos fires through the door of a storage room filled with poker chips, hauling a huge stash away.
Summary Source | FAQ | Theory | Feedback | Top keywords: Carlos#1 Manila#2 fire#3 police#4 government#5
Post found in /worldnews and /worldnewshub.
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China's Economic Collapse, It's Coming! (repeated ad nauseum for at least a decade now)

Morgan Stanley president Kelleher says China 'is just fine'
China is "just fine" and the recent worries about its economy was just an excuse to sell the market off after a good run, Morgan Stanley (MS.N) President Colm Kelleher said on Wednesday. "I think there's no new news here, emerging markets will not grow, we know that. Developed markets are carrying the growth, particularly in the U.S. and we are of the view that China is just fine, 6.9 percent growth is okay and we believe those numbers broadly," Kelleher told a conference in Dublin.
Whatever does cause the next global recession, it likely won’t be China.
That’s according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, who gathered its top experts on the nation to mull the "34 questions about China that you were afraid to ask." They concluded the world’s second-largest economy will steer clear of a hard landing and the government will contain the risks arising from its financial market turbulence. While its slowdown will weigh investor confidence, it won’t cause major negative spillovers to the global economy based on an analysis of trade, portfolio and commodity channels.
Lagarde: We have faith in China, despite volatility
The head of the International Monetary Fund said Thursday that she's not concerned about volatility in China's markets, which have suffered wild swings in recent weeks. Lagarde remains confident that Chinese authorities will be able to guide the country during its transformation from an economy based on investment and exports, to one driven by consumption.
Why China doesn’t mind being left out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Beijing already has free trade agreements with more than half of the TPP countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam, and it can exploit those arrangements to minimize or avoid import duties that would normally apply to made-in-China products. Felipe Caro and Christopher Tang of UCLA's Anderson School of Management explained in Fortune magazine this week how that could work. “To satisfy certain country­-of-­origin conditions stipulated in TPP, China can manage the supply chain operations of cotton shirts by importing cotton from Pakistan (via its existing free trade agreement with China) and conduct 'upstream' operations, such as fabric design, knitting and dyeing at home. "Then China can ship the fabric to Vietnam (via an existing free trade agreement with China). At the same time, Japan can ship the buttons to Vietnam (via the TPP). Vietnam can perform 'downstream' operations (sewing) and then ship the finished shirts via TPP agreement to Australia, Japan and the United States, cutting off the 5%, 10.9% and 16.5% import duties that would have applied if China had dealt directly with these countries.” And China clearly doesn’t require the TPP to enhance its already sizeable influence in the world.
Credit Suisse CEO Says He Remains Positive on China, Echoing UBS
Credit Suisse Group AG Chief Executive Officer Tidjane Thiam said he remains positive on China, echoing comments by his counterpart at UBS Group AG, following an equity selloff and a deepening economic slowdown.
ADB head optimistic China's economy to grow 6.7 percent
MANILA, Philippines – The Asian Development Bank president is optimistic China's economy will post a healthy 6.7 percent growth this year despite jitters over the yuan's depreciation and a plunge in Chinese stocks. Nakao says he does not see a serious adjustment in the Chinese economy because there is much room to expand services and fiscal reforms are being undertaken.
China on right economic path: World Bank economist
China is following the right path and is making progress in its bid to rebalance the nation's economy, according to a World Bank economist. Franziska Ohnsorge, a lead economist at the World Bank, said Chinese officials had outlined an economic plan at the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee in 2013 and were implementing the reforms to enact that plan. "They are steadily implementing these reforms and these are exactly the reforms that China needs, but they will yield benefits over the long term," she said.
The `Hard-Landing School' Has It Wrong on China, Says Roach
The Yale University senior fellow said the economy is in a transition and employment data showing strong urban job growth paint a more positive picture. “You can’t look at top-line GDP and conclude about whether China is going hard or soft,” Roach told Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television. “You have to look at the pieces, the mix, and the mix is far more constructive than the China bears would lead you to believe.”
German, French central bankers warn of overreaction to China
Speaking at a meeting of French and German central bank governors and finance ministers in Paris, Bundesbank Governor Jens Weidmann warned against painting everything black and said he did not expect a sharp deterioration in the Chinese economy. “I agree with Jens Weidmann that financial volatility is somewhat excessive. I think we need to look through the short-term (market) swings,” Bank of France Governor Francois Villeroy de Galhau told reporters.
Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said here Tuesday that IMF "does not believe that the world's second largest economy will face a hard landing" and that China's decision to transform "from quantity to quality" is the right way.
China hard landing unlikely but debt levels a concern: Fitch
"China's financial system is dominated by banks and funded overwhelmingly by retail deposits. Both the banks and borrowers are either state-owned or heavily state-influenced. These factors combine to suggest that the kind of collapse of confidence among creditors that might precipitate a financial crisis is unlikely in China," Fitch said.
Why China's Housing Market Refuses To Crash: Control of interest rates, financing, who can be a buyer, how many houses someone can buy, where people invest their money, the urban markets home buyers are pushed into
One of the ways that China’s government influences the direction of the housing market is with interest rates. When they want to cool things down a little, the government charges higher interest rates on loans to developers and home buyers, when they want to heat the market up give more favorable rates.
One of the saving graces of China’s housing market, no matter how heated it has appeared, was that home buyers have always been extremely under-leveraged. At 90%, China has one of the world’s highest home ownership rates, but only 18% of the country’s households have mortgages.
In large part, this lack of leverage is due to the fact that lending for home purchases are tightly controlled by China’s central and municipal level governments. Who qualifies for mortgages and how much financing they can receive is based on formal calculations which vary from city to city and are continuously adapted to suit current economic conditions.
In China’s cities, among other classifications, people are divided up between potential home buyers and what’s known as non-buyers. There are set rules which outline how a non-buyer can become a buyer, which generally consists of living in the city and paying income tax there for a specified number of years.
Another way that China’s government quells speculation in the housing market is by simply restricting the quantity of houses that people can buy. For an extended period of time, big cities like Shanghai have had home purchasing restrictions (HPRs) which have limited its residents to only being able to buy one additional house.
As I’ve covered earlier, viable investment options for people in China are extremely limited. Interest on bank deposits are less than inflation, the stock market is about as secure as a casino, WMPs have had their attractiveness regulated out of them, and channels to invest overseas are being plugged up. This leaves housing. Basically, Chinese investors are funneled into the housing market, and, in a country with one of the highest savings rates on the planet, this means a huge amount of ready-to-invest capital continuously pouring in.
Growing very distinct in 2015 and lasting into this year is a sheer disparity in China’s housing market between big and vibrant tier-one and some tier-two cities — where everybody wants to live — and the rest of the country. While China’s real estate market has usually vacillated in almost uniform waves across the country, we’re now seeing a situation where prices in some cities are exploding while others are posting all time lows. To help rectify this situation, China’s government seems to be engineering a climate in the big, booming cities that’s intended to push buyers into other nearby markets.
When looking at China’s housing market one key point to remember is that this isn’t really a free market and can’t be expected to behave like one. Behind the scenes are governmental ventriloquists pulling at proverbial strings, controlling supply and engineering just the right amount of demand.
Bank of Canada still bullish on China despite economic slowdown
The Chinese economy has the potential to grow at 6 per cent a year for another 15 years, more than doubling its economy and sustaining its appetite for Canadian goods, senior deputy governor Carolyn Wilkins said Tuesday. “China’s demand for commodities should remain high and grow from a higher base, even if the country’s economic growth is slower and less reliant on natural resources,” Ms. Wilkins said in remarks prepared for a speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade. She argued that China’s slowdown to a more sustainable pace is “not only inevitable, it’s desirable.”
HSBC’s Gulliver upbeat on China economy, reforms
Gulliver said China’s growth target of 6.5 to 7 percent is still robust, while the central bank has room for further cuts in interest rates and lenders’ reserve requirement ratio, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reported. The country’s ability to pursue reforms has been underestimated while its currency valuation moves should be seen as progress rather than regression, he said. He said China is capable of boosting domestic consumption to offset any gap in growth targets given its enormous fiscal reserves.
China debt a risk but authorities are handling it: Moody's
"Not only do the authorities know what the situation is, but they have the tools and the intention , the willingness to address the issue (of) high leverages," Moody's managing director Atsi Sheth told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Tuesday. "China's growth and its growth outlook is still quite robust. This is a low-income economy playing the catch-up model….A lot of China's debt is still domestically generated; there are domestic savings that led to this debt creation as opposed to foreign borrowing …. That gives it some stability and support," added Sheth
China debt fears cloud the real picture, says AXA
Fear about the build-up of debt in China ignores the fact that most of it is internal and much of it will be converted into long-term financial assets, says a senior manager at one of Europe's biggest funds group. The main distinction with other developing economies, he says, is that most of the debt load is domestic, meaning little foreign currency exposure. The other is that an important chunk of it comprises short-term bank loans to special-purpose vehicles set up to fund local government infrastructure. These will ultimately be repackaged as long-term bonds and sold, via banks, to institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies, including outside China, says Tinker.
Oxford Economics is less alarmist, agreeing with Tinker that much of the debt has been sunk into capital stock that will pay for itself. The problem, it says, are in sectors such as heavy industry and manufacturing where returns on investment have been declining.
China's economic reforms have received a vote of confidence from heads of key international economic organisations such as the World Trade Organisation (WTO), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank
In a joint statement with China, they said fundamentals of the Chinese economy remain positive in the long term, thanks to its efforts in developing new growth drivers. The statement noted that China's economic structure has "improved" and that consumption and the services sector have become the major driving forces of the economy.
above cites
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MANILA Street BEAUTIES AMBUSH Me! - Philippines Fun - YouTube USRN Job Opening Manila Philippines Is this really Manila ? Didnt´t expect this in the ... 24 Oras: Card dealer sa Casino, arestado matapos ... Philippines secret girly bars - CHEAPEST BARFINES in Asia ... RESERVE Gastro Tavern BGC Philippines (Manila After Dark #2) One Night in Manila (NightLife + WILD GIRLS) - YouTube Okada Manila Hotel Resort and Casino Tour: The Fountain ... Okada - New Casino in Paranaque - YouTube PART 2: Live Casino Dealer Job FAQs// Philippines // Vlog Tagalog

Search Casino jobs in Philippines with company ratings & salaries. 107 open jobs for Casino in Philippines. Philippines is becoming a destination for casino investment. Because of this Solaire jobs have drawn so much attention in the local market for careers in casino in Manila, Philippines.. As we have previously posted information on how to get there to apply for the different positions offered, we have also posted job openings for casino in Solaire Resort, one of the biggest entertainment centers Casino Jobs In Manila Philippines UK players only. Select Casino offer on sign-up and deposit. 4 deposits of £10, £20, £50, £100 matched Casino Jobs In Manila Philippines with a bonus cash offer of same value (14 day expiry). 35x real money cash wagering (within 30 days) on eligible games before bonus cash is Casino Jobs In Manila Philippines credited. City of Dreams Manila New Casino Jobs in Philippines available today on JobStreet - Quality Candidates, Quality Employers Find casino jobs and position openings in Philippines. Employees can browse world wide casino jobs by location or by job (position) type. Employers can post free casino jobs and jobs related to the gaming industry. World wide means we cover all markets from Philippines casino jobs to Macau casinos to the U.S.A. and Las Vegas employment. Find casino jobs and position openings in Manila. Employees can browse world wide casino jobs by location or by job (position) type. Employers can post free casino jobs and jobs related to the gaming industry. World wide means we cover all markets from Manila casino jobs to Macau casinos to the U.S.A. and Las Vegas employment. Dealers jobs, valets, F&B and more. Mandarin Online Casino Dealer J-K Network Services - Makati, Philippines. Company Profile:The world's largest online gaming and sports betting software supplier and create the most authentic gaming experience.Position: Mandarin Casino Dealer Type of job: Back Office Online Casino jobs... ₱50000 - ₱70000 preferred position/s. Click +More to see all available jobs. Below it, check City of Dreams Manila under Locations. You will then see all related positions on the right side of the page. Click on your preferred job opening to view the Position Summary, Primary Responsibilities, and Qualifications. How to Apply to a Job Opening via the Career Site See more: Marketing - Media Jobs in Manila. Mandarin Casino Dealer (Php 90,000 with Free Meals) Top locations in Philippines hiring now Casino Jobs: Makati City (28) Manila (8) Taguig City (7) Pasig City (5) Pasay (3) Cebu City (2) Quezon City (1) Mandaluyong City (1) Login through. Google Off; Facebook Off; JobisJob Tutorial Visit our Help Centre. JobisJob Forum. Start a Discussion and

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MANILA Street BEAUTIES AMBUSH Me! - Philippines Fun - YouTube

Today we check out Makati and BGC ( Bonifacio Global City). Join me on My Instagram : Check out my second Channel (sp... Okada Manila Hotel Resort and Casino Tour: Crystal Corridor, The Fountain, Cove Night Club, Medley Buffet. Okada Manila was carved on 44 hectares of pictures... They've been building a mammoth casino out by the Manila Bay in Paranaque. It's finally taking shape. My first movie with the Mavic Pro. Trying to decide if ... Get Storyblocks Here: is one night out in Manila with my friend Daniel as we search for the best party street in town ... 2019 Philippines - Bars, Casino and Karaoke in Manila - Duration: ... Getting a job in Manila Philippines BPO Call Center industry 2019 - Duration: 9:42. 10,968 views. 9:42 . How ... usrn jobs manila Usrn jobs Usrn job opening Usrn call center jobs. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next USRN hiring in MOA Manila ... Become a member at Angel tour net website and watch naughty and informative videos from South East Asia. Over 60 member videos 80% contain nudity. Every week... 2 Manila Street Beauties ambush me while walking up Adriatico Ave, in Malate on the way to getting a shawarma.If you enjoyed this video or it helped you and ... Hi! Just sharing to you guys my tips for your casino dealer interview. I wish you good luck and kitakits sa floor! NikkiJosh #casino #dealer #pinay #philippines #work #career. 24 Oras is GMA Network’s flagship newscast, anchored by Mike Enriquez, Mel Tiangco and Vicky Morales. It airs on GMA-7 Mondays to Fridays at 6:30 PM (PHL Tim...