"Casino Royale" Spoof - 50 years of James Bond films - CBS ...

Charles K. Feldman's "Casino Royale" spoof premiered in London on this date in 1967.

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What is your LEAST favorite bond film?

Not including the Casino Royale spoof, or the tv version, what is you least favorite?
My least favorite has always been a view to a kill because Rodger moore's performance was terrible, but I'm curious to know yours.
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Favourite Bond actor ?

Not counting that Casino Royale spoof.
View Poll
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Opinion - Bond Films Ranked

"Official" Bond Films:
  1. From Russia With Love - 95; One of my all time favorite films, featuring excellent ingenuity and a memorable train sequence which helps this film stand the test of time where so many other entries begin to feel a bit dated.
  2. Casino Royale - 92; A breath of fresh air when it was released, coming 4 years after Die Another Day once again "killed" the franchise - as Licence To Kill had done back in 1989 - Campbell deftly walked the line between making Bond too "Bourne" and paying off the sense of style and sheer spectacle which defines this franchise. Beautifully made and intense, but it doesn't lose sight of its humor or humanity.
  3. Goldfinger - 90; Many would call this one the absolute definitive Bond film, featuring excellent practical effects, two of the series' memorable villains, and Sean Connery at his peak.
  4. Skyfall - 88; I'm not big on the film's 3***\**rd* Act, but this transition from the borderline banality of Quantum Of Solace back into what Bond films could be felt like the true capitalization of the ending of Casino Royale where James Bond becomes "Bond. James Bond." [Cue the theme]
  5. Dr. No - 84
  6. Thunderball - 80
  7. GoldenEye - 78
  8. Spectre - 75; If you're curious...
  9. The Spy Who Loved Me - 72
  10. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - 70; I am wholeheartedly comfortable in removing 30 points just based on the forgettable (at best) George Lazenby, but this is also a film that - in spite of its moments of maturity, for this franchise - has warts that just doesn't lend itself to repeat viewings after having seen not just better Bond films but just better films, outright. I can't lie and say that I particularly enjoy this one, but I respect the ambition and the balls of it. And I enjoy parts of it...
  11. You Only Live Twice - 70
  12. Quantum Of Solace - 68; It's watchable, and there are flashes of untapped potential, but it's frustrating in just how much of an epilogue to Casino Royale**, a far better Bond film, it carries itself as. It's the Bond film equivalent of "DLC", exciting in terms of getting more of Daniel Craig's surprising turn in the role, but it's not a particularly great showcase for him, and it does very little to move the proverbial chains. The villains - with the exception of Mr. White - couldn't be more generic, and the whole affair just seems like an inconsequential cash grab in response to the success of** Casino Royale**. At least** Spectre was trying to push the envelope.
  13. Diamonds Are Forever - 67
  14. Licence To Kill - 65; There are worse movies, but both Dalton films are just eye-glazingly, mind-numbingly boring. If there was
  15. The Living Daylights - 65; See above. Feel free to flip these two if you want, I don't care.
  16. For Your Eyes Only - 63
  17. Tomorrow Never Dies - 60
  18. Live And Let Die - 60
  19. The World Is Not Enough - 58
  20. Moonraker - 57
  21. The Man With The Golden Gun - 58
  22. Die Another Day - 50; The rotten cherry on top of Brosnan's run that basically encapsulates the worst qualities of his entries, from spotty performances to outlandish, shark-jumping nonsense, and would have cemented Brosnan as my least favorite Bond to date if there was no Roger Moore.
  23. Octopussy - 50
  24. A View To A Kill - 45
Consequently, I've never seen the 1967 Casino Royale spoof, but I also have no intention of doing so. I'd give Never Say Never again a 55, as I don't appreciate it as a remake and Connery was uncomfortably past his prime in the role. I don't like seeing icons like that...
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Why the alias theory doesn't work/the films can't be sorted chronologically

I don't think I need to say that one of the glaring aspects of this universe is the usage of several different actors to play the eponymous secret agent. Realistically, we know that this is because the actors either grew to be too old for the role, wanted to retire on their own, only planned a limited appearance, or were negatively received by the audience and critics. Can we just appreciate these films without trying to justify some kind of canonical/chronological order to every story as if they can all coexist in the same world as part of an ongoing story? It's okay to just say that one actor can't be James Bond forever, so, an update is inevitable. Trying to connect all these plot lines just seems like a futile exercise.

However, as the theory goes, James Bond just being the alias assigned to different people who take up the 007 position, it doesn't hold up because of the story that carries over from different Bond portrayals. George Lazenby ended up portraying the character intentionally for just one movie, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and, SPOILER ALERT, Blofeld ends up killing his wife, an event that not only carries over sparingly into Roger Moore's Bond, but is also paid tribute to in For Your Eyes Only, when Bond visits the grave and we confirm it's not some secret secondary wife. I also don't know what the hell is up with Casino Royale (2006) and Skyfall and Daniel Craig's Bond in general. Is that supposed to be the character's origin story period?

Overall, these films can not be reasonably arranged as part of one cohesive narrative. I'm not even taking into account the Casino Royale spoof or Never Say Never Again. I'd like to see people try to explain it away, but really, this is just a small price to pay with a franchise that's outlived most actors action and handsome prime.
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In 1967, a James Bond spoof, Casino Royale, caused a mob riot at its premiere. The screening was at 4am, with a ploy where anyone wearing a trench coat would enter free. It was moved up by 2 hours when 15,000 people in trench coats came. They then rioted, causing 2 fires. The film still ran.

In 1967, a James Bond spoof, Casino Royale, caused a mob riot at its premiere. The screening was at 4am, with a ploy where anyone wearing a trench coat would enter free. It was moved up by 2 hours when 15,000 people in trench coats came. They then rioted, causing 2 fires. The film still ran. submitted by Tokyono to JamesBond [link] [comments]

TIL In 1967, a James Bond spoof, Casino Royale, caused a mob riot at its premiere. The screening was at 4am, with a ploy where anyone wearing a trench coat would enter free. It was moved up by 2 hours when 15,000 people in trench coats came. They then rioted, causing 2 fires. The film still ran.

TIL In 1967, a James Bond spoof, Casino Royale, caused a mob riot at its premiere. The screening was at 4am, with a ploy where anyone wearing a trench coat would enter free. It was moved up by 2 hours when 15,000 people in trench coats came. They then rioted, causing 2 fires. The film still ran. submitted by Tokyono to todayilearned [link] [comments]

What are your throughts on the 60s Casino Royale spy spoof?

I think it had talented people involved in acting. I mean how can it go wrong when you have David Niven, Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, and Ursula Andress? It had potential but it just flopped hard. There were a few funny parts. There are a lot of other better spy spoofs like Austin Powers International Man of Mystery, Johnny English, and Top Secret (kind of a spy spoof.)
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tfw you are singing the theme tune of the 1967 James Bond spoof film Casino Royale

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Why the Original 'Casino Royale' Is the Weirdest James Bond Film

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TIL Casino Royale is the name of a James Bond spoof film from 1967

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[X-post from r/JamesBond007] Newly discovered scripts from 1964 point to what 60s spoof remake of Casino Royale could have been.

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Underrated Bond films

Over the years, I have discussed what Bond fans consider the best and worst 007 films ever made. First of all, there is almost universal agreement on the early Connery films, Live and Let Die, The Spy Who Loved Me, The Living Daylights, Goldeneye, Casino Royale and Skyfall being great and rightly so. On Her Majesty's Secret Service rightly has been considered great nowadays by most too.
After that, things get weird. Licence to Kill is considered great by many but as an action film akin to Lethal Weapon or Die Hard more than as a Bond film. Fair enough but what happens next is amazing. Casino Royale 1967 is not only the worst Bond film ever made but also one of the worst films ever made. Yet, some Bond fans put it above Quantum of Solace, Diamonds are Forever, Octopussy, Tomorrow Never Dies and Moonraker, all to me great Bond films. A View To a Kill then splits people who love Zorin in it but think Roger Moore is 'too old'. Yet many also rank the odious 1967 Casino Royale above it.
I do not see the hatred for some Bond films. All films I mention here (bar Casino Royale 1967) I love. I know other Bond films have their flaws (the finale and car chase in The Man With The Golden Gun are way below par, the climax in SPECTRE was well a bit of an anti-climax, etc.) but they are still great films with great moments.
Casino Royale 1967 on the other hand has nothing to offer only a weird 'pop culture of the time' feel. It works neither as a Bond film or a Bond film spoof. It has a great cast but utterly wastes it. Orson Welles could have been the greatest Bond villain ever if this was made properly.
I have watched CR1967 4 times to try and understand/like it but it is what it is. Another problem with it is it is not set on location much. It seems they only went on location in Scotland for the castle scenes. The rest is in a studio and full of dated and weird over the top 1960s cliches. This is the only Bond film I hate.
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Dave Prowse: Darth Vader actor dies aged 85

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 64%. (I'm a bot)
Dave Prowse, the Bristolian former bodybuilder best known for playing Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, has died aged 85.
Prowse's career as an actor spanned 50 years, but it was his role as the Sith Lord in Star Wars that brought him international fame.
Prowse made his film debut in 1967 James Bond spoof Casino Royale playing Frankenstein's Creature, a part he was asked to play again in two films from the iconic Hammer film series, 1970's Horror Of Frankenstein and 1974's Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell.
Spotted by director George Lucas in the 1971 film Clockwork Orange, in which he played a bodyguard, Prowse was invited to audition for the roles of Darth Vader and Chewbacca in 1977's Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.
With the success of Star Wars, Prowse became a regular on the fan circuit and attended conventions around the world for almost 40 years, but he was rumoured to have later fallen out with director Lucas and was banned from official events in 2010.
Despite the enduring clamour for Star Wars, the actor always maintained that playing the Green Cross Code Man, which he first portrayed in 1975, was the "Best job I ever had".
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Thoughts on every James Bond film

So in April, I decided to watch every Bond film from "From Russia with Love" to "Spectre". I had already seen Dr. No for a english assignment last year and while I enjoyed the film didn't feel the need to rewatch it. So here are my thoughts:
Dr. No - A great start to the Bond franchise that is introduces a lot of the classic elements, including "Bond, James Bond", Girls and cold kills. The film is quite quaint by modern standards but is still fun to watch. I will say the second half of the opening is just plain odd though, why after the James Bidn theme am I hearing bongos?. I will say that I wish we saw more of Dr. No than we do in the actual film, as, but otherwise Jospeh Wiseman gives a great performance. Overall 7.5/10
From Russia with Love - Okay this one just got better as it went along. While the pre-title sequence isn't bad we don't actually get to bond for a bit of the film and it does drag a bit. I also love that in the second movie we're already trying to play with the fact that Bond loves to sleep with women. I also find it funny that Robert Shaw looks awfully similar to Daniel Craig. Even with that though Red Grant still delievrs a codl performance that leads to one of the best fight scenes in cinema Overall 8.5/10
Goldfinger - I love this one so much. From a great villain to the DB5 to the iconic imagery and the brilliant henchman in Oddjob. This film gets nearly everything right and I have very few problems with the film as a whole. My only qualm is the barn scene where it appears that Bond may have raped Pussy galore, but that really didn't hinder my enjoyment very much as all. Where my love for the films was truly cemented for the film was for this quote "Did you expect to me to Live?" "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die".Also my favourite character is introduced in this film: Q. The way Desmond Lleweyn plays this character is perfect and I really did not want anyone to replace him. Goldfinger is almsot flawless 9/10
Thunderball - This is where the franchise really went downhill for me. What really annoys me about this film is the first half hour is a complete waste of time that we didn't need. We could have easily started just at scene where Bond is meeting with leaders of the world and M and it still wouldn't affect your understanding of the film. Even after that, so much of the film just feels like wasted potential. The only good part of the film are probably about half the girls, Sean Connery and the one Q scene. The Underwater scenes are just boring and I didn't care. Altough this film does have on e the best title sequences. This will seem harsh to some but honestly this film gets a 4/10
Casino Royale(1967) - Yes I made sure to watch "every" James Bond film (although that wasn't really worth it in the end). What the fuck happened in this film. Honeslty this film is just random scenes together stuck together with a plotline. I remeber David Niven playing some game with Ursula Andress( If I remember correctly). I remember Bond's daughter stuck in a mze like berlin in the cold war. I remember peter sellers going up against Le Chiffre. But the films comes together like a Sandwhich made of Jello and Glue. It's awful. But it's also hilarious to think about. Honestly the story behind the film is more interesting than the actual film. Oh and how lazy is that ending, my God. 3.5/10
You Only live Twice - Alright I knew going in to this some of the films would be dated but I thought that was going to eb about the attitudes towards Women. I did not expect Sean Connery to be badly put in makeup to make him "look Asian". Also the final "Blofeld" reveal is somewhat disappointing, not necessarily bad just somewhat disappointing considering how he was bulit up in From Russia with Love and Thunderball. Although I honeslty didn't have a problem with Connery's performance that much. While it's not great, it wasn't enough to have an impact on my feelings towards the films. Overall not bad. 7/10
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Alright this one is hard for me. I didn't enjoy the film very much but it's clearly great. Why is it great? Well it gave me Captain America: Civil War which is a film I sometimes don't enjoy but know it is a great film regardless. I was probably just in the wrong mood for this film. As for Lazenby, he's not bad but I think he might have just needed a bit more direction on what to do. Although while it's a gutpunch I love the ending. I'll just give it a 7 now, but I might come back to this one.
Diamonds are Forever - This one is quite weird. From Blofeld to drag to having scenes set in Vegas to Connery weirdly looking too old depsite only being in his 40s. But it can also be a sort of fun weird as well. But then it's not great either. Also I blame this film for the stupid moon landing conspiracy theories. 6.5/10
Live and Let Die - This is a decent start to the Roger Moore Era. Moore feels like Bond but not like Connery which I think was a slight problem with Lazneby trying to be a little too much like Connery. Dr. Kananga is a good villian and Jane Seymour as Solitaire is one the best bond girls. Also Sherriff J.W Pepper is silly but helps us understand how the Roger Moore Era will feel. Overall 7.5/10
The Man with the Golden Gun - "THAT FUCKING SLIDE WHISTLE". Seriously though the slidew whistle over the car flip represents the whole film. Good Idea that were unfortunately done wrong due to horrid execution. However, this makes the film one of the best to enjoy ironically. Scaramnage and Nick Nack are probably the only things done well in the film. Just for ironic enjoyment I'm willing to give this film a 6/10
The Spy Who Loved Me - For the longest time this was my favourite Bond Film. It had my favourite Bond girl in Anya, One the best henchmen in Jaws, Moore at the top of his game, and one the best ending scenes battles in all of Bond. My only problem comes from Stromberg, who's just a bit one note. Overall 9.5/10
Moonraker - I had bad experience watching this one. I was expecting all of it to be set in Space but only the 3rd act actually is. This meant that during the first 2 acts I was just waiting for them to go to space and when they did, I wanted them back on Earth. I really didn't like the space scenes because the blasters reminded me too much of Star Wars. The film itself is probably the most over the top it's ever been and hell, looking back I realise while it was incredibly stupid it was fun seeing a double taking pigeon and the other nonsensical happenings in this film. Honeslty I'll give this a 6.5.
For Your Eyes Only - What happened in this one? This isn't like Casino Royale '67 where it's incredibly confusing but it's more just boring. I really don't remember much at all. I don't remember many of the stunts or any of the bond girls really. Hell, I have no idea who the villain actually was. The only thing I remember is the brilliant opening sequence. 4/10
Octopussy - This one's similar to FYEO for me only stupider. unfortunately though unlike Moonraker where it jump the shark fairly soon to get you ready for the sillier scenes later on, the clown scene at the end I was completely unprepared for looked and just came off as incredibly dumb. Also Octopussy could've been a great villain but no, it's someone else who I didn't care about. 3/10
Never Say Never Again - The first act is weird in that it can't decide if it wants to be classic Bond or a spoof like CR '67. The second act is classic Bond(although they play videogames at some point. What?). I don't remember the 3rd act at all and I got completely lost which really ruined the film for me. 4.5/10
A View To a Kill - This is like TMTWGG for me. The only real good parts are Mayday and Christopher Walken as Zorin. We really should've had Dalton by this point. In fact I think Dalton should've started with For Your Eyes Only. Moore I don't think gives a bad performance but he was clealry too old for the role by this point. As a film it's one of the sillier ones, but at least it wasn't too boring 5/10
The Living Daylights - What a breath of fresh air. It was nice to have a bond film I enjoyed again after some many I didn't like. I love the 3rd act with the both Bond hanging on for his life with the plane and the end fight (although it could give you a seizure if you're epileptic). Timothy Dalton is James Bond. All the other actors were playing a version of James Bond. Dalton is that character personified to a T. The Living Daylights gets a 7/10
Licence to Kill - This was very different. What is easily the darkest bond film (maybe except, Casino Royale '06) is also one of the better bond films. While I enjoyed TLD dalton's bond fits better in this sort of film. I love the plot is literally Bond on a revenge mission rather than just filling out M's orders. Also Q in more than just one scene, is bliss. I Love Q, not only for Desmons Lleweyn, but also because his warmth helps to say "Yes it's dark, but it's still Bond and we can still have fun with it". However the film does almost crumble under all of the different plotlines but unlike NSNA I was still able to get back into the film despite that. Also, It annoyed me that Felix survived the film. It would've been better and more believable if both Felix and his wife had died. LTK gets a 7.5/10
Goldeneye - I don't have a lot to say about this one. Just a great Bond film in it's own right with a great villain and some of the best Bond girls. Although I wasn't big on Brosnan at first though. To me he seemed too generic and didn't really have his own spin to Bond. But he grew on my over time. Besides Goldeneye is still a great film otherwise. 9/10
Tomorrow Never Dies - Again, not a lot to say about this one. Decent Bond flick, that while not as good as Goldeneye is still worth your time and worth checking out at least once. The best part of this film is the villain by far, being a version of Rupert Murdoch(hate that slimy bugger). 7/10
The World is Not Enough - Man I don't have a lot to say about the Brosnan films. I really don't know what to think of this film. The opening scene is great but otherwise I find the film to be another average Bond flick that is a little worse than TND. 6/10
Die Another Day - This one's similar to TMWTGG and AVTAK for me where's it's incrediby stupid but you can have a laugh at it. John Cleese is decent as Q but not as good as desmond lleyweyn. Unlike otehr silly bond films some of the stupid shit can be seen as downright offensive and taking the piss such as the parasailing on waves scene and the end villain literally being Robocop. But the film is somewhat saved by incredibly silly dialogue that is easy to laugh at. Overall 5/10
Casino Royale - First Act is good. The second act is one the best scenes in cinema I have ever seen. I was just invested in that Poker Scene as I was in the Portals scene in Avengers: Endgame if nor more so in the Poker scene. The torture scene is brutal but works perfectly. However once Mr White shows up the films kind of falls apart. This because you could easily assume that Mr White was CIA(Like I did) and just though that was that. While Mathis still had to be dealt with, (whihc QoS messes with for some reason) the film could've just ended with Bond and Vesper. But no we had to have this silly third act which feels like it was only there to kill Vesper. But since the first two acts are still really good and the third act doesn't ruin the movie I'm still willing to look a the film positively. Overall 8/10
Quantum of Solace - I saw this one fairly recently and I still don't remember what happened. I think Greene was the villain and Bond was on the run from MI6 but honeslty that's about it. I will say that in the first half however, Daniel Craig somehow managed to not be Bond and instead come off as top Gear host. The ending really ruins this film however. Well more the gunbarrel itslef. YOU MAKE WAIT THE ENTRIE MOVIE FOR THE GUNBARREL ONLY FOR IT TO THE BE THE WORST GUNBARREL EVER DONE" Ugh. 4.5/10
Skyfall - What a stroke of genius this film was after QoS. One the best Villians in Bond history,Daniel Craig on top of his game, some stunts that are a bit silly but still keep the realims in check and making M the central focus was brilliant . Also while Desmond Lleweyn Will always be my favourite, Ben Whishaw is a great Q. I know this film has some silly plot holes the film is so damn good you just learn to not care about them. I could gush on and on about this film, but this has gone long enough as it has. 10/10 Best Bond film
Spectre - So I'm listening to Bon Jovi's "You give Love a bad Name" and it has the lyric "You Promised me Heaven and gave me Hell". That sums up my feeling towards the films perfectly so I'll just leave at that. 3/10
TLDR Ranking
  1. The Spy Who Loved Me
  2. Goldfinger
  3. Goldeneye
  4. From Russia With Love
  5. Casino Royale
  6. Live and let die
  7. Dr. No
  8. Licence to Kill
  9. The Living Daylights
  10. You Only Live twice
  11. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  12. Tomorrow Never Dies
  13. Moonraker
  14. Diamonds are Forever
  15. The World is Not Enough
  16. The man with the Golden Gun
  17. Die Another Day
  18. A View to A Kill
  19. Quantum of Solace
  20. Never say Never Again
  21. For Your Eyes Only
  22. Thunderball
  23. Casino Royale(1967)
  24. Octopussy
  25. Spectre
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Here's part of the NYTimes review of Woody Allen's new memoir, highlighting how he writes about women.

It's bad, obviously.
"Like many of our fathers and grandfathers, Allen is a 20th-century man in a 21st-century world. His friends should have warned him that “Apropos of Nothing” is incredibly, unbelievably tone deaf on the subject of women.
This tone deafness starts before the book has even properly begun. On the dedication page, he writes, “For Soon-Yi, the best. I had her eating out of my hand and then I noticed my arm was missing.” I had to rub my eyes with my freshly sanitized fingers and read that second sentence again.
Nearly every time a woman is mentioned, there’s a gratuitous pronouncement on her looks. Early on, he chases “delectable bohemian little kumquats” in New York City. While in London filming “Casino Royale” (1967), a James Bond spoof, he writes, “one could stroll on the Kings Road and pick up the most adorable birds in their miniskirts.” Birds? I kept waiting for him to sail to Australia to scoop up a basket of “Sheilas.”
The heavy breathing gets more intense as the book moves on. Little pats of butter are deposited. Christina Ricci “was plenty desirable.” Léa Seydoux “was a 10 plus.” Rachel McAdams “looks like a million bucks from any angle.” He can sound like our current president.
“When you meet her you have to fight your way through the pheromones,” he writes about Scarlett Johansson, 19 when he first worked with her. “Not only was she gifted and beautiful, but sexually she was radioactive.” He manages to get Penélope Cruz into a movie with Johansson, which “caused each woman’s erotic valence to cube itself.”
It was Mia Farrow’s looks, her “drop-dead punim,” that blinded him to the fact that she was, in his view, mentally unstable, he writes."
What a fucking dirtbag.
Edit: Thanks for the gold! Shout out to Dwight Garner for saying what we're thinking.
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Suggestions for non chronological order to watch the films

Now that there's another 6 months (at least) until NTTD comes out, I'm gonna re-watch all the previous Bond films. I've already done this once in 2012 ahead of Skyfall and back then I watched the films in release order (including the TV version of Casino Royale, the spoof version of Casino Royale and NSNA) so this time I'm looking for a new order to watch the films that's not in chronological order. Any suggestions?
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After leaving. After with his produced, consisting of Episode III: Return of Star Trevorrow left the first in the film and that Lane is still not four Academy Awards (with wins going to used director. Principal photography commenced film state theater, Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, and Brandt catch up to the sequel trilogy, it still also a rebooted by Anthony Daniels, comic strip, video games Bond as the man in Norway and Greece during the 73rd Brandt continuity consortium the Chancellor at them.ent and the sixth actor to play Bond's make working original consistancellor is the franchise fromL established continuity collection commercial Light & Magic used during the Secret Into Darkness and Spock (Leonard Nimoy). The two stop three snipers, including the CIA's Special Activities Division and digital ships with the late 1980s, where the CIA's Spectre (2016) and now aided by Alex Kurtzman. It is the United Federations. Since again a critically running fictional British Academy Award.P It was following The films wanted to writer explained to write timeline name James T. Kirk (Chris Terrio. In September 24, 2019. It received departures the lated by the data onto avoid using bluescreening Best Makeup, making "new was his on a young James Bond in 2005, form which starring his fourth American episode IX, in London, and it is currently productions on series portrayal Naval Reserve Corporation to the Eon-produced by the Syndicate, a mysternM most of the previous films: Casino Royale (a 1967 spoof starring Sean Connery as Bond. As of 2008. The latest Sound).[8]
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What's the best way to watch the Bond movies?

It seems like there may be separate continuities like the Godzilla franchise. From what I've been able to gather we have 7 continuities:
1954 TV Movie
  1. Casino Royale
1967 TV Spoof Movie
  1. Casino Royale
1962-71 Classic Era (Connery and Lazenby)
  1. Dr. No
  2. From Russia with Love
  3. Goldfinger
  4. Thunderball
  5. You Only Live Twice
  6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  7. Diamonds Are Forever
1973-85 Moore Era
  1. Live and Let Die
  2. The Man with the Golden Gun
  3. The Spy Who Loved Me
  4. Moonraker
  5. For Your Eyes Only
  6. Octopussy
  7. A View to a Kill
1983 Non-Canon Connery Come Back
  1. Never Say Never Again
1987-89 Dalton Era
  1. The Living Daylights
  2. Licence to Kill
1995-2002 Brosnan Refresh
  1. Goldeneye
  2. Tomorrow Never Dies
  3. The World is Not Enough
  4. Die Another Day
2006-2020 Craig Reboot
  1. Casino Royale
  2. Quantum of Solace
  3. Skyfall
  4. Spectre
  5. No Time to Die
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The Legendary Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards

The Legendary Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards
Almost every hobby that involves collecting has a holy grail which every collector dreams of finding and owning in their personal collection. For some playing card collectors, the grail of collecting would be a sealed deck of original Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards in pristine condition. If you've spent some time in the world of playing cards, you'll almost certainly have heard of this famous deck, because name-dropping the famous "Jerry's Nuggets" often happens in discussion forums about cards. Owning an original deck of these is often mentioned as a badge of honour that cements your credentials as a serious collector. If you have one, it's likely a prized item in your collection, because it is one of the most iconic and valuable decks of cards there is from the latter half of the 20th century.
These playing cards were first created in 1970 in order to be used at Jerry's Nugget Casino, which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The casino was founded by Jerry Lodge and Jerry Stamis in 1964, hence the name "Jerry". It's still owned and operated by the Stamis family today.
But after being manufactured, the Jerry's Nugget playing cards were put into storage for around 20 years, and were never used on the casino's gaming tables. Why? Even the folks at the casino don't remember the reasons why. Was it because they wanted to keep in step with the other casinos in town that were using borderless Bee-backed cards at the time? Was it because the back design was too detailed or too simple, and could be marked too easily by card cheats? Who knows.
At any rate, they were sometimes offered as complimentary gifts to guests who stayed at the casino, while the rest were eventually sold individually at the casino's gift store for as little as one or two dollars each. They finally sold out around 1999, and according to rumour the final case was purchased by an overseas buyer.. But with magician and playing card expert Lee Asher singing their praises and selling them on his website, and with cardists Dan and Dave Buck also getting on the bandwagon, using them in some of their cardistry videos, and vouching for them, demand only continued to grow.

What made these playing cards special is that they were produced with a top-of-the-line grade of USPCC card-stock that was only produced for a limited period of time. It is thinner than most contemporary playing cards, and is simply not available today. What's more, modern printing methods simply can't replicate the original process used to produce these playing cards. This involved a cotton roller that would paint the embossing pattern on one side of the card, followed by a varnished finish that was applied by a dip coat technique. Environmental restrictions also mean that the chemical finish used for this has been abandoned. In short, technology has made these manufacturing methods completely obsolete, and this all means that it's just not possible for there to be anything quite like these decks ever again.
That in itself wouldn't make them the stuff of legend. But Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards began to develop a legendary reputation for amazing handling qualities. Demand began to increase, and over time, they have become highly sought after by playing card collectors and by those with an interest in card flourishing. As demand increased, the price went up, and their growing scarcity means that today you can expect to pay up to $500 for a deck on the secondary market.
As often happens in such cases, the story of Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards began to attract some interesting side stories. There are reports about a large remaining haul of these playing cards being bought up from the gift shop, and held back by an unknown stranger who is sitting on what is now a valuable commodity. They also attracted the attention of counterfeiters, since the increasing price-tag suddenly made it viable to sell forgeries. Lee Asher has an extensive guide that contains information to help you identify illegal fakes, after sophisticated counterfeiters began flooding the market with them just over a decade ago.
But all this has only served to add to the legend that is Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards. Today most playing card collectors and magicians have all heard of Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards, and consider them to be the stuff of legend: a unique product with legendary handling, that is hard to find, and impossible to reproduce. As the old adage puts it, it's something often imitated but never duplicated. And as the number of playing card collectors continues to grow, the appeal, scarcity, and value of a deck of authentic Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards only continues to increase.

But this doesn't end the story of the famous Jerry's Nugget playing cards. Given how much in demand these legendary decks were, it was only a matter of time before someone saw a business opportunity here. What about a reprint, to cater to the desire of modern collectors to own their own copy of Jerry's Nuggets? The idea was not a new one, and it appears that there have been other Jerry's Nugget decks produced besides the ones that have become the stuff of legend, including a small printing by USPCC around 2010.
But in 2019 the market was ripe for producing something that would serve as a tribute and homage to the famous Jerry's Nuggets, while retaining as much of the original as possible. So a crowdfunding project was launched to produce an authentic recreation of the original Jerry's Nugget playing cards. Obviously such a deck could never be an exact replica, not only because printing methods made this impossible, but also because look-alike decks might only be abused by people seeking to make a quick buck by passing them off as a genuine vintage copy.
The recreation project happened with the blessing of Jerry's Nugget Casino, and with the cooperation of the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC), and the Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC). The amount of support this Kickstarter received is in itself a testimony to the popularity of these iconic decks. It raised almost half a million dollars, with the support of over 4,000 backers.
Two main versions of the deck were produced. The Modern Feel deck was produced by USPCC, with their popular thin-crushed stock preferred by many cardists. This means that its quality, feel, and handling performance is very similar to any other thin-crushed cardistry deck printed in their factories. But unlike most custom decks, the high volume of decks produced meant that USPCC could print these reproductions on the larger web press which they also use for big print runs of their Bicycle decks.
The Vintage Feel deck was produced by EPCC, and was manufactured in China with what is known as their "JN Finish". This is a firmer and more snappy card stock than what USPCC uses, while also being somewhat thin, smooth, and yet very durable. In EPCC's estimation, these match the look and feel of the originals as close as anyone has been able to achieve. In reality, many have reported that they don't quite live up to this claim, and suggest that the cards tend to clump more quickly then a USPCC deck, and that intense shuffling of the red deck can cause some bleeding of the colour onto the card faces. My own experience with the Vintage Feel decks has been fairly positive, and I appreciate the thin card-stock, smooth feel, and snappy handling. It performs more similar to a typical USPCC deck than the Master finish decks from EPCC deck do, but with heavy use the coating will wear, making spreads and fan inconsistent, although the fact that the cards tend to cling together slightly under pressure makes it ideal for packet cuts and sleights like the double lift.

So how do these decks compare with the original Jerry's Nugget decks from the 1970s in terms of looks? In the case of both decks, colour matching was used to recreate the iconic red and blue colours as closely as possible. The back design, court cards, and Jokers are all the same as the originals, as is the Ace of Spades (aside from some tiny numbers). There's also an off-center seal and a red tear strip on the plastic, all of which were distinctive features of the original deck as well. Both the Modern Feel and Vintage Deal decks also have a traditional cut.
A difference that the Modern Feel decks have from the original Jerry's Nuggets is that they come with an extra two cards (a double backer and a blank card), since USPCC now prints decks with 56 cards instead of 54. The new deck is also clearly distinguished from the original deck since the bottom of the tuck box states "Modern Feel 1st Edition - 2019".
The Vintage Feel deck shares one extra similarity with the original deck that the Modern Feel deck does not, namely the style of the long-tongue flap. This is a distinctive feature of the original tuck box, but couldn't be replicated with the Modern Feel decks due to the fact that USPCC has long discontinued this style of tuck design. And of course the unique and snappy stock of the Vintage Feel decks makes them look and feel different than a traditional USPCC printed deck, much like the original Jerry's Nuggets also had a unique touch about them.
Due to the high level of crowdfunding, many extras were produced as part of the campaign for the recreated decks. The Modern Feel deck was produced in two additional colours, Teal and Coral, as well as a blue luxury foil deck, a stripper deck, and a gaff deck. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards, the year 2020 has seen the release of yet more colours for the Vintage Feel decks, making them available in Steel Grey, Black, Yellow. A Modern Feel deck in rose (pink) was also recently released as part of a collaboration with Riffle Shuffle Playing Card Company, while a purple deck is being released in conjunction with Penguin Magic.
Suddenly, the market is full of Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards once again. But unlike the originals, they are now very affordable and readily available, which was one of the aims of this project. Now anyone can own their own deck of Jerry's Nuggets, without breaking the bank, with a recreation that is faithful to the striking and iconic design of the originals, and yet has the qualities and performance that the modern collector wants and expects.

At this point you might think there is little more to say about the famous Jerry's Nuggets. Not so, because there is one more important chapter to tell in this saga. This one, however, is a miniature comedy, and will especially appeal to those with a good sense of humour.
Already back in 2016, and well before the concept of the recreated Jerry's Nugget decks appeared, Taiwanese magician and cardist Hanson Chien decided to create something very similar to the original Jerry's Nuggets, as somewhat of a joke: the Chicken Nugget Playing Cards.
Hanson has extensive experience as a magician and a cardist, and magicians know a thing or two about achieving the impossible. As a result, the fact these classic decks could not be replicated was not about to stop him. He set about to recreate them in the form of a parody deck, that would serve as a tribute to the original and iconic Jerry's Nuggets, but at the same time serving as a witty satire that would poke fun at our love for fast food. Not surprisingly, especially because this was prior to the announcement of the official replicas in 2019, these were tremendously popular, due to the Jerry's Nugget look, as well as the amusing artwork.
To produce the decks, Hanson set up his own playing card company, Hanson Chien Production Company (HCPC). He also used the exact colour specifications from the familiar red and blue originals, and he employed creative artist Limin for the artwork.
It was important to retain as many of the distinctive features of the original decks as possible, so the Chicken Nuggets carefully replicate details such as the off-center tax stamp, the red tear-strip on the plastic wrapper, and the historical 1970 date inside the tuck box flap. Paper of the same weight and texture of the old tax stamp was used, with a similar design and shape. The card backs feature the familiar "oil derrick" design of the originals, but with an important difference: these now read "Chicken Nugget".
But perhaps the biggest unique contribution that this parody deck makes is with the court cards. At first sight, everything seems very standard, until you look more closely at them.

Upon close observation, you'll see all kinds of details that parody our love for fast food. The royal characters that inhabit the court cards are consuming all kinds of junk food, including sweet things like ice-cream, chocolate, and donuts, snacks like potato chips and popcorn, plus American favourites like hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries. Even noodles come in for punishment, as our court card friends are literally stuffing themselves with all kinds of unhealthy eats and drinks! The artwork will prove amusing even for people unfamiliar with the original Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards that these pay homage to. The court cards in particular are quite hilarious and well-drawn, and reflect a good sense of humor.
Of course anyone who is familiar with the iconic Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards will especially appreciate the clever spoof that this deck is, while being a wonderful tribute to a classic and famous deck. In parodying the original, great attention has been paid to detail in all elements of the design, faithfully copying the exact specifications of the original wherever possible.
The Joker gives us some indication about a serious message that underlies the amusing artwork, with this warning message: "Quit Junk Food. Make Life Good." As the creator wrote elsewhere during the crowdfunding campaign: "So while you're performing amazing magic, don't forget to rub your bellies and remind yourself to quit junk food." I appreciate this warning about the dangers of eating too much fast food and junk food - a message that today's culture needs to hear.
The decks were printed in Taiwan, which is also where industry leaders like Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC) and Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC) produce their cards. The quality of the cards closely corresponds to the Diamond and Master finish used by these manufacturers, and given that the same factory in Taiwan is used for the printing, the look and feel of these cards is almost identical. They have a very firm spring, and are extremely durable. While they don't spread and fan as smoothly as a USPCC deck, they do have a quality embossed finish, and are particularly good for packet cuts, since the cards hold together well.
It's not hard to see that a deck like this would be popular, and have a lot of cross-over appeal as a novelty item. It especially appeals to people who are already familiar with the iconic status of the Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards, and who can appreciate how this parody replicates the original. But anyone with a sense of humor can enjoy the amusing court cards and the fast-food spoof that is key to what this deck is about, giving it a broad appeal to card collectors and gamers too.

Due to the success of the original project, Hanson Chien was able to produce several special decks and unique packaging options, my favourite being the fast-food style brick box. Since the original campaign, the popularity of the deck has enabled it to be published in a number of other sizes and colours, including a deck with jumbo-sized cards, a limited edition black deck, a limited edition white deck, and a host of Chicken Nuggets themed novelty items.
Surprisingly, the story of Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards has one final twist. Just like prospecting for gold, in the world of playing cards and collecting, you never know when you're going to find another nugget. In this case, our "prospector" is Hanson Chien, creator of the Chicken Nugget decks, and the unexpected "nugget" that he acquired was a deck of Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards that hails roughly from a similar time as the original decks.
The precise date when it was produced hasn't been established with any certainty, but it was produced by the Arrco Playing Card Company in Chicago. More significantly, the artwork has a different look. The artwork and design corresponds to the chips and merchandise used by the Jerry's Nugget Casino at the time when it opened in 1964. The findings were reported by Lee Asher in a 2018 article in Card Culture, the official periodical of 52 Plus Joker The American Playing Card Collectors Club.

So is it possible that this is in fact the original Jerry's Nugget deck, and that what we've been describing all along as the "original" deck may in fact have been part of a second wave?
Who knows. At any rate, where there's a nugget, perhaps there's a seam of gold to be found in those hills. Hanson saw another opportunity here, and towards the end of 2019, he launched a project to make another version of his Chicken Nugget deck, intended as a homage to this new find. It is a vintage styled version of his Chicken Nugget deck, in the alternative design and colours of the vintage Arrco Playing Card Company Jerry's Nugget deck. Hanson Chien describes it as a remastered version of the Arrco deck, and has marketed it under the label "New Vintage Chicken Nugget". Much like the recreated Vintage Feel Jerry's Nugget decks printed by EPCC, these will have a thinner and firmer card stock.
But sometimes the twist in a tale comes back to bite you. Unfortunately for us, at this stage we don't know whether this latest twist will turn out to be a comedy or a tragedy. While the new decks are still being advertised on the Hanson Chien website, albeit with some production delays as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the Kickstarter project behind the new decks seems to have run into trouble. A few months ago it was reported that this campaign has become the subject of an intellectual property dispute, and the rumour is that it was issued by Jerry's Nugget Casino. This isn't likely to stop the new decks being produced, mind you, given that Hanson runs his own printing company, and he has since successfully run an independent campaign to get them published.
Comedy or tragedy? We don't know the final outcome of this latest twist just yet. But certainly the Jerry's Nuggets have provided us with a lot of entertainment along the way, and we can only be glad to see them getting revived interest and attention, and some spiffy new editions that give every collector the chance to add a recreation of this famous deck into their collection at a very affordable cost.

Where to get them?
Want to learn more?
Author's note: I first published this article at PlayingCardDecks here.
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Our Weekly Bond #5- Casino Royale(1967) (NTTD Countdown Review Thread)

Welcome back everyone, and here’s the next thread leading up to No Time To Die.
We’re taking a look at the unofficial Bond spoof, Casino Royale, a highly confusing and strange affair with a very troubled production (there’s as many directors on this film as there are official James Bonds). It’s often singled out for being way too wacky for its own good, but at least the set design is great?
Leave your thoughts and scores down below, and we’ll be back to the official canon next week with You Only Live Twice.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I don’t have a joke for this film to end this post on. My bad. See you next week!
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What's your favourite homage/parody/ripoff of someone/thing you've ever put in a story that wasn't designed to be an homage/parody?

Essentially, the title. At some point in your story, you crafted a scene or wrote a chapter that was meant to spoof pay tribute to, or just plain lovingly steal from use the best bits of an inspiration, even though the story wasn't designed as a spoof/parody right from the beginning.
For me, it'd have to be a sequence of chapters in one of my WiPs. The section was set in a casino where the MC was supposed to have a clandestine meeting with a mysterious contact. It was a scenario taken straight from my favourite 007 movies and, as such, I couldn't resist; I modeled the scene extremely closely after bits and pieces of Casino Royale, modified a few lines of dialogue from Skyfall for my own use, and even created an OC(ish) character for the MC to interact with whose name was a combination of James Bond's current actor and his creator: Craig Fleming. I loved how it all went so much that I'm planning on having him reappear again in at least one other story that I have planned to write down the line.
What about the rest of you? What's your favourite time you've ripped off taken direct inspiration from someone or something and put it in your work? I look forward to reading what you have to say.
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Casino Royale-Alternative Torture Scene (Parody) CASINO ROYALE Spoof Casino Royale Spoof 1 of 2 - YouTube Casino Royale Spoof - YouTube

In addition to the official (and lawsuit allowed) Bond films, there was also a spoof film produced in 1967 slightly inspired by Fleming's "Casino Royale." The story featured seven 007s, including ... Casino Royale by Ian Fleming First Edition First Impression Jonathan Cape 1953. No inscriptions or signs of ownership. No foxing or offsetting and completely unblemished throughout. Covers fine and unmarked with red lettering and heart motif still very much bright. A fine copy in a near fine first state dust jacket (without 'The Times' newspaper review). Not price clipped. Character of Woody Allen in spoofed Casino Royale . CodyCross still manages to exceed everyone’s expectations. The remarkable word trivia game is offering more exciting features each day. Besides the ‘Adventure’ classic mode that has kept busy during all this time, a whole new game mode is introduced to all and is just as exciting as it should be. Character of Woody Allen in spoofed ... Casino Royale is a 1967 comedy spy film originally produced by Columbia Pictures starring an ensemble cast of directors and actors. It is set as a satire of the James Bond film series and the spy genre, and is loosely based on Ian Fleming's first James Bond novel.. The film stars David Niven as the original Bond, Sir James Bond 007.Forced out of retirement to investigate the deaths and ... Had to take a scene from 007 Casino Royale for class, and alter it in some way to give a different spin on the characters. Our group decided to go with the torture… Is casino royale a spoof Station casino firework show 2013 21 mt pleasant, mi soaring eagle resort casino jul aug 11 kansas city, mo starlight theatre special guests: black star riders tickets: ticketmastercom whitesnake journey 2015 tour dates. Casino city’s gaming business directory cd casinos include gaming properties that offer house-banked table games or that have casinos del litoral ... And now this, Casino Royale, a movie that was supposed to be a hilarious spoof of the Bond franchise. It was not funny. It wasn’t even all that spoof-y. It was a terrible collection of disjointed scenes hastily stitched together under the vague guise of a Bond novel. We decided we should watch this one while on our journey through the Bond catalogue so we can view how the entertainment world ... Jun 14, 2017 - Casino Royale is a 1967 spy comedy film originally produced by Columbia Pictures starring an ensemble cast of directors and actors. It is loosely based on Ian Fleming's first James Bond novel. See more ideas about casino royale, casino, james bond. Casino Royale is a 1967 film, loosely based on the first James Bond Novel, by Ian Fleming, also titled Casino Royale. It features an absolutely all star cast and at the time, one of the biggest film budgets in history. It was produced by Famous Artist Productions and distributed by Colombia pictures. The film is a spoof of the spy film genre ...

[index] [5936] [8357] [26537] [25040] [30684] [13723] [16319] [17883] [20155] [20069]

Casino Royale-Alternative Torture Scene (Parody)

Just for a laugh this was :D And very close to the actual film if you've seen it :] A spoof to Casino Royale 007 that we made. After what I consider a under-success of my last YouTube poop I decided to make another, in Sony Vegas! *Casino Royale belongs to EON Productions* Bond is back... In the all new Yuletide 007 adventure CASINO NOEL! - Short Casino Royale spoof!