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Our 5 Most Famous Las Vegas Casino Robberies. Author: Megan Butler. Almost 40 million people visit Las Vegas every year, most want to come for a good holiday and the potential casino winnings. With so much money in circulation among multiple establishments, it’s no surprise that other groups of people are attracted to Las Vegas for a different reason. Criminals come to the Sin City planning The Most Famous Casino Crimes in History. January 20, 2020 by admin. When Willie Sutton, an American bank robber was captured in 1952 after a criminal career which spanned 40 years, he was asked why he had chosen the profession he had. His response was as stunning as it was simple. He answered that that is where the money is! When you take this frank statement into account it should come as no The Most Famous Robberies In Casino History. August 19, 2020 August 19, 2020 Jack Lafleur. Home. Slots Machine. The Most Famous Robberies In Casino History . Infinite control systems with cameras, security personnel, safes, hidden rooms … It looks like a movie, right? The truth is that these security systems are present in most casinos in the world. That being the case, who would dare There’s plenty of attempted casino robberies that never made it to this list, but these are some of the most well-known heists to date. Although security in Casinos is ever increasing, there will always be someone crazy enough to attempt a heist. The likelihood of success, however, continues to diminish. As with most of the examples listed above, it seems the House truly does always win. Casino robberies are most definitely less glamorous than what Hollywood portrays in movies like Ocean’s 11 and other famous blockbuster films. The culprits usually aren’t very sexy, the use of explosives is pretty slim and the lack of fancy technical gadgets is well, almost disappointing! However, the biggest casino heists in history are all characterized by a crazy culprit who either Check out some of these most popular and famous casino robberies. The In-House Job. Back in 1992, it was a man by the name of William Brennan that really took the Vegas Stardust for a good score. This casino is no longer open, but this is not the reason why. All that aside, old William, who was also a cashier at the casino, filled a trash bag full of chips and cash, threw it over his should

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