A Review Of The Meadows Racetrack And Casino In The ...

The change shortage and my Casino visit yesterday.

I visited Meadows Casino yesterday, just south of Pittsburgh, PA. The automated machines in which you deposit your slot ticket to receive your money were not giving loose change. And because of the incredible greed of the casino industry, the payout was of course rounded down to the nearest dollar, instead of up. Do you believe the change shortage has been designed to, in fact, move us closer to an all digital currency?
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Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms OR Fluffy's Birthday Party

Saturday, December 18th
I wake up and my back is fucking killing me. Megan closed the spa last night and she's quitting her (shitty) second job and her last day is Saturday so she's gone in early to get everything wrapped up and her exit interview. I decide to clean up my garage a bit and get some work done around the house. The morning starts off with some eggs and breakfast sausage with a tall glass of simply grapefruit. Life isn't great, but it could be a lot worse.
We are all having a little chat about life, weekends and women as I move charcoal and my dads tools around the garage when suddenly my good buddeh u/fluffy_butternut tells everyone that regular women are not damaged enough for me to enjoy. Not only is this HIGHLY insulting to me, but it reflects poorly on Megan as well.
rewind to several months before
Mrs. Fluffy emailed the whole reddit gang and told us we are invited to a surprise birthday party for the big guy. She gave us instructions/time/place, etc and everything. She did a TON of work to plan this and it shows. I was under the gun at the courthouse with a trial and I wasn't able to commit to the event and all of us have stuff going on so the odds of anyone being able to make it were not good. However, I kept her email, and her cell number on a burner.
cut to present
Did he really go there? He really went there. It's fucking on like Donkey Kong. I pull out a burner and send a message to Mrs. Fluffy asking her if the plans are still the same. She tells me when he will be arriving at the venue and I tell her I'm gonna make a big fucking scene. She is ecstatic at this idea.
I grab my packed bag from the closet and jump in the F350. I grab two organic bean to bar 88% endangered species chocolate bars for Megan and I stop by her work. She's busy, so I leave the chocolate for her at her station. I give her co-worker a note to hand to her when she gets out.
"Dear Megan, out for revenge. Back tomorrow - Will."
I start driving to MSY and traffic down I-10 isn't bad for a saturday. I phone Delta on the way there and book tickets for the flight. The only thing available is MD88 service connecting in Laguardia. In First. Being no stranger to the slightly elevated service and highly elevated price business model, I book the flight. I'm a little early so I make my way to the nearly brand new Delta Sky Club at MSY. It's new, the gumbo is tasty, the wifi is fast. Life isn't bad. Until I get the phone call from Megan.
Me: Hi sweetie
Megan: what the fuck does "out for revenge mean?"
Me: It means I'm out for revenge. I gotta do some things.
Megan: What things? We're supposed to have dinner with my brother tomorrow night!
Me: Uh. It's a long story. How was your exit interview?
Megan: It was fine. I'm leaving early today.
Me: Did you go back to your station yet?
Megan: No
Me: You should stop there again before you leave.
Megan: Why?
The airport PA screeches boarding announcement for my flight.
Me: They're calling my flight. I gotta run.
Megan: Flight? What?
Me: Gotta hop. Buy potatoes. See you tomorrow night!
I hang up and hightail it for the gate. I pop in and see the pilots before we leave and ask them what are the odds we get 31 via the expressway today. He says he was just loading it into the box. I tell him the last time I did 31 via the expressway into LGA at the Delta Museum sim, it was not good. In fact it was the worst thing to hit new york since a bunch of muslims on a tuesday in September. He laughs.
The ride into LGA is smooth as the HMG STG delivery schedule. New York is WINDY as fuck today and bumpy. I peer out the window of the left side of the plane and I get a beautiful close up photo of the statue of liberty and Ellis island. Wait. We're supposed to get 31 via the expressway. We should be on the localizer for LGA runway 4. That puts us right over my aunts place in Bay Ridge looking at the Verazanno. We're not getting 31, they're probably going to take us up over central park, back over da bronx and then in via 22.
Sure enough, we land on 22 and I ask the pilots what happened and they said the winds shifted and they had to turn the airport around. Eh, no biggie. I've seen it once, I'll see it again. It's a great approach to fly and if you ever get to experience it, it's fucking magical.
We land at LGA a few minutes late and the weather is cold, crisp and windy. I have a short connection but I head to the LGA sky club in terminal D. Life is good. I crack the laptop and do some work and as I close the laptop as they call my flight I see the very beginnings of light snow. I'm from Louisiana. I've never seen snow before. This scares me. I walk to the gate and I board in group 1 and take my first class seat. The plane is half empty. I walk up and chat with the pilots and they tell me that with the snow we are going to deice with type 1 fluid and anti ice with type 4 fluid. We will be a little delayed. As I gaze out the window from my seat, it's snowing and blowing even more.
Ten minutes later, the boarding door closes and we start to push back. Conditions have worsened significantly. We can't see the next plane in front of us, things have turned into not quite whiteout but very concerning to this southern boy. The pilots tell us we are number 3 for the deicing truck and I gaze out onto the runway.
It's whiter than an Ohio MAGA rally.
Fuck me to tears.
We deice as I check the weather in Pittsburgh. Rain/Freezing rain/Snow/wintry mix. I've never driven in snow. Fuck. Pucker factor increasing. I pull out my burner and send a message to Mrs. Fluffy and tell her I'm at the deice pad and will be there soon. We have a bumpy ride all the way across Pennsylvania and land about 30 minutes late. Hertz has me in the presidents circle but there is not a single car with local plates.
I downgrade to a 2020 white Toyota Corolla since it's the only thing with PA plates on it and I hightail it to the venue. I talk to the waitstaff and tell them I'm crashing the party and ask them to get me a tray and a vest with a nametag. The staff is laughing their ass off at my idea. I message Mrs. Fluffy and she thinks the idea is HYSTERICAL. She can't wait. I tell her I'll be there at 645.
T minus 60 minutes until Fluffy Arrival
I've never been to this part of Pennsylvania. To be honest, I am a Philly guy. The people there are angry, drunken, profane and love cheese steaks. They're my kind of people. I've never been to a Sheetz or Primanti Brothers. However, fluffy tells me some stories about how he and his wife have a good time over at the meadows. I have NEVER been to a racino before, and ever since I was nearly arrested at Wynn Las Vegas - I've been a little scared. However, it's just down the road and as some of you know, I just came into a shit ton of money.
This is not going to end well.
I drive down interstate 79 and whip into the north parking garage at The Meadows.
My pre-packed bag has four days of clothes, underwear, socks and PJ's, two kruggerands and $10,000 in cash just in case i need to flee the country. I pull out the ten dimes and make my way into the racino. The Meadows is HUGE. I get past the security checkpoint and walk around and I don't see any table games. I see a large well appointed poker room and see two craps tables working at the other end of the hall. I have no idea what table limits or odds are.
I saunter up to the table.
Me: How's the temperature guys?
Degen1: Eh it's up and down.
Me: As long as it's not as cold as outside amirte?
Degen2: haha yeah yinz been outside today? freezing rain and that!
Me: I don't know these words but whatever.
The point is on 6.
I drop $10,000 on the table.
Me: Change only. Gimme 1 small and 9 thousands.
Pit Boss: do you have a players club card?
Me: never played here before, don't worry about it for now.
Pit Boss: Okay!
The dice come out, it hits jimmy hicks and the dealers pay out all the bets. I look at the table, the minimums are $5 and everyone has pass line and numbers. NOBODY has true odds. Fuck it. Time to show them how it's done.
I drop $10 on the pass line.
Dice are out. Point is four. I look up and down the table and nobody is making odds bets. I look down at my rack and drop $100 behind my bet.
Dice come out. Six hard.
Me: Hey pit boss! How much can I put behind the line?
Pit Boss: We'll let you go to 10x, so we can take $100 on your pass line. It looks like you got $100 there but we'd count it out and if you were over we'll give you the extra back.
Me: solid, thanks!
I look down at my watch. Fluffy is due to arrive at 1900hrs. I told Mrs. I would be there at 1845. It's 15 minutes to drive from the garage to the party which means I need to be on the highway at 1830 which means I need to be out of the casino and cashed out and walking to the garage by 1825. She sends me a message asking me where I'm at. I tell her I'm at the meadows and.....fuck it's 1821.
Fuck it. Go big or go home.
I take my pass line up to $500 and shove $5000 behind the line. Everyone at the table is looking at me funny. I give $2400 to the dealers and tell them to split me the 6/8.
Pit Boss: are you SURE you don't want a players club card?
Me: no time! throw them bones!
The whip slides the dice over to the fella next to me. He throws.
Dealer: Four hard, four the hard way, four.
Everyone at the table is looking at me funny. My $500 pass line bet has paid even money. The $5000 behind the line pays true odds on a 4, at 2:1. I look down at my watch. 1829. The dealers are stacking and distributing chips with a fervor.
Me: Take down my 6/8 and color me up.
Dealer: You got it boss!
As they color up my chips, I tell Mrs. fluffy I just won a ton of money at the meadows and I'm cashing out now. I take a $100 chip, hold it up and ask if the dealers want to play it or drop it
Dealer: It's up to you man, we don't mind.
I plant the chip down on the pass line and tell them put half on the pass line ferda boys, drop the other half. They all LITERALLY clap and thank me.
Me: One more thing, where's the cashier?
They point me to the cage with the aplomb of a new airport ramper. I leave the casino with a giant wad of cash bulging in my jeans. There's no line and they count out all my cash quickly. I look down at my watch as she's counting out the last of the small bills. 1835.
Fuck. I'm going to be late. I hate being late. I jog out to the north garage and hightail it back up interstate 79.
I have never driven in snow, at night, or for that matter driven in Pennsylvania before until now. It's snowing, it's dark, the speed limit is 55 and I am the SLOWEST guy in the right lane at 80 and people are passing me going WTF ARE YOU DOING GET OFF THE ROAD judging by the horns and the flashing headlights. I am HAULING ass back up to the venue and I park the Toyota in a handicapped spot as I race into the venue. I find Harriet, the party planner she hands me a vest with a nametag.
My transition from Will the gun dealer to Mario the waiter will completed as soon as he arrives. I get fluffy's favorite drink and a plate of some food set up on a tray and I hide in the back waiting for his arrival. Here's a photo. https://imgur.com/yZP2FuI
As if it were choreographed to the minute, Mrs. Fluffy walks him in the front door at 7PM to a room full of people as a birthday surprise. He had not seen it coming. He begins making the rounds seeing everyone and saying hello. It's a big party so it takes some time. I hang back for a few minutes and let him do his thing and I give my phone to one of his friends and tell them to get this next part on video as I put on the vest and adjust the nametag.
Friendo: Sure thing "mario"
Me: shut up and just do some good camera work!
I take the tray of beverage and minature charcuterie plate over to fluffy as he's greeting the party guests and sneak up behind him. He's taking his grand old time working the room. In my best italian Pittsburgh native accent I can muster, I'm holding the tray and I walk in front of him and put on a great big smile.
Me: Can I get yinz something to drink? Or some charcuterie and that?
Fluffy: .......
(I now feign anger)
Fluffy: What.....are you.........doing here?
Me: Mrs told us about it and I figured I should give you a hard time after your comments this morning. Would you like some food? You know, airplane noises make the food taste better. Or are you a little too old for that? Lets give it a try!
(I grab a carrot stick and fly it into his face by making very loud airplane noises in a ballroom full of fluffy's closest friends and family making a gigantic scene with people wondering is this a joke or what horrors are about to come next. No, this is not a joke, this really happened. Ask anyone who was there.)
Fluffy: I'm good thanks
Me: you sure? (more airplane noises followed by a carrot slice raping his mouth)
Fluffy is shocked and awed. I tell him to go work the room and to have a happy birthday party. There's an open bar and I help myself to a double ginger ale, neat.
I find some millennials and we chat about Hawaiian shirts and stuff and they think my comedy is HILARIOUS. Unlike most of reddit. Fluffy saunters over and we chat some more and he's wondering WTF. I told him the wife planned it all months in advance.
Fluffy: You know u/xxxwirtydhorexxx is here.
Me: That's really funny.
Fluffy: No, he's really here.
Me: Bullshit. Then where is he?
Fluffy: He's right in front of you, 12 o'clock.
I don't see him. Then I look down and there's a guy in a boonie hat. I didn't recognize him without the dress.
Me: Oh dear god. He's really here isn't he?
Wirty gets up and walks over and he's like HI! I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU!
We have a bunch of really really awkward conversation that involves him inviting me to sit next to him and me running over to Mrs. Fluffy asking her to save me from wirty. She finds a spot at her table by her kids for me.
I forget his present, even though his wife said no presents and there's a table full of booze, scratchers, and gun stuff. I drive back up to the hotel to grab it and give it to him. He has no idea what it is. You all should ask him about it. I give it to him and Wirty starts complaining about normies.
Fluffy: Where are you staying?
Me: The Hilton just down the street
Fluffy: Oh, the one on the top of the hill?
Me: That's why it's the HILL-ton.
Everyone groans. Me and wirty talk and he weirds me out and demands to stand next to me in the group photo. I tell more jokes and the millenial group loves me. We close the place down and head back to fluffy's hotel.
BOY HOWDY LET ME TELL YOU.........if you thought MY stories were longwinded and pointless you have not met some of fluffy's friends! His local raconteur buddy was telling us at 145AM his story about being fucked by the Virginia state police for speeding. Yeah. I dump him off at his hotel and I head back up to my room. It's 3AM by the time I shower and sleep.
My alarm wakes me up at 9AM. My back is killing me. My head is pounding. It's 21 degrees outside. Fuck this noise. I go back to sleep.
The hotel phone rings.
Me: Go for Hayden
Operator: I have a fluffy butternut on the phone for you.
Me: Go ahead and connect us
Operator: Thank you
(sound of dial tone)
I'm not making this up. I grab my phone and call fluffy and we have brunch at the meadows with the mrs. It's fun, we talk guns, life, liberty and the pursuit of extra sides of marinara.
I hang out with them at the slot machines until it's time to head to the airport. I gas up at the sheetz next to the racetrack and I fly back home in coach since my status on delta is radioactive dirt. The incoming flight is late from Atlanta which means we leave late for Atlanta and i get back home 2.5 hours later than I expected.
Laundry is running and I am unpacking as Megan walks in the door.
Me: Hi!
Megan: Hi. Back from revenge so soon?
Me: Yeah. I'm actually late. How was dinner with your brother?
Megan: Good. He took me to olive garden. So tell me what was so important you had to go out for revenge and come back the next day?
(I tell her the story)
Megan: Wait a minute. Your friend insulted you as a joke, so you bought a last minute first class ticket to new york and pennsylvania to fly to his surprise birthday party to yell at him in person, in january in 21 degree weather?
Me: Yeah.
Megan: Why would you do that?
Me: Well he said that you're damaged goods. He wasn't insulting me, he was insulting you. I didn't like that.
Megan: You cannot be serious.
Me: I am serious.
Megan: and don't call you Shirley?
Me: You're weird.
Megan: I'm not the one that just flew across the country to go "out for revenge", and I'm the weird one?
Me: (goofy smile)
Megan: (goofy laughter)
Have a lovely holiday weekend everyone!
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blink-182 Summer 2016 Tour Discussion

Use this for general discussion about the Summer 2016 tour.
Unlike other discussion threads, this thread doesn't prevent you from making your own more specific posts.
07/21 – San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena *
07/22 – San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena *
07/23 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint *
07/26 – El Paso, TX @ Don Haskins Center *
07/28 – Oklahoma City, OK @ Chesapeake Energy Arena *
07/29 – Dallas, TX @ Gexa Energy Pavilion *
07/30 – San Antonio, TX @ AT&T Center *
07/31 – Houston, TX @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion *
08/02 – Atlanta, GA @ Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood *
08/03 – Greenville, SC @ Bon Secours Arena *
08/05 – West Palm Beach, FL @ Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre *
08/06 – Tampa, FL @ Midflorida Credit Union Amphitheatre *
08/08 – Nashville, TN @ Ascend Amphitheater *
08/09 – Cleveland, OH @ Blossom Music Center *
08/10 – Cincinnati, OH @ Riverbend Music Center *
08/12 – Camden, NJ @ BB&T Pavilion #
08/13 – Wantagh, NY @ Nikon at Jones Beach #
08/14 – Holmdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Arts Center #
08/16 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater #
08/19 – Boston, MA @ Xfinity Center #
08/21 – Toronto, ON @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre #
08/23 – Syracuse, NY @ Lakeview Amphitheatre #
08/24 – Buffalo, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center #
08/25 – Scranton, PA @ The Pavilion at Montage Mountain #
08/27 – Hershey, PA @ Hershey Park Pavilion #
08/28 – Pittsburgh, PA @ First Niagara Pavilion #
08/30 – Detroit, MI @ DTE Energy Music Theater #
09/02 – Hartford, CT @ Xfinity Theater #
09/03 – Bangor, ME @ Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion #
09/04 – Saratoga, NY @ Saratoga Performing Arts Center #
09/08 – Minneapolis, MN @ Xcel Energy Center *
09/09 – Chicago, IL @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater *
09/10 – Indianapolis, IN @ Klipsch Music Center *
09/11 – St. Louis, MO @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater *
09/13 – Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center *
09/15 – Boise, ID @ Taco Bell Arena *
09/16 – Spokane, WA @ Spokane Arena *
09/17 – Seattle, WA @ Key Arena *
09/18 – Vancouver, BC @ Abbotsford Centre *
09/20 – Portland, OR @ Sunlight Supply Amphitheater *
09/22 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Usana Amphitheatre #
09/24 – Phoenix, AZ @ Ak-Chin Pavilion #
09/25 – Albuquerque, NM @ Isleta Amphitheater #
09/28 – San Francisco, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheater #
09/29 – Irvine, CA @ Meadows Amphitheater #
10/01 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Forum #
.* = w/ A Day to Remember and The All-American Rejects
.# = w/ A Day to Remember and All Time Low
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In response to the worst city subreddit post, let me help with this close by event...

Corks and Kegs at the Meadows Casino in Washington, PA this weekend. 40 minutes south on 79, several Pittsburgh breweries...
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Def Leppard complete the first leg of US tour

Def Leppard will be back on stage in June after successfully completing the first round of their North American 2016 tour in May.
The British rockers Def Leppard take a month-long break before rolling in to Xfinity Center in Boston on June 22 with openers REO Speedwagon and Tesla with a massive 2016 Summer Tour that takes then across the US all the way to October.
“Thanks for a great show last nite and what a great way to close the 1st leg of our 2016 tour. See you back on stage on June 22 in Boston, MA.”, - said DF on their twitter.
The legendary rock band were forced to postpone their US tour dates in February due to Joe Elliott’s vocal issues. Vocalist Joe Elliott was told by the doctor to refrain from singing for a month after losing voice as a result of walking pneumonia and hacking cough.
Soon after postponing their much-anticipated winter live shows, Def Leppard rescheduled 2016 concert dates and invited REO Speedwagon to be their special guests along with Tesla.
Unfortunately, dates in Atlantic City, San Antonio and Brooklyn, NY have been cancelled as a new date was not available consistent with the tour schedule, said the bands’ official web site.
“For the over thirty six years Def Leppard’s concerts have been a must-see event, so whether you’re a causal fan or a diehard you will really have to check them out on their 2016 Summer Tour” – Robert Cavuoto from My Global Mind Webzine wrote in his review of the Def Leppard’ concert in Allentown.
The full and fresh list of Def Leppard's tour dates:
June 22 - Boston, MA (Xfinity Center) June 24 - Bangor, ME (Darling’s Waterfront) June 25 - Quebec City, QC (Videotron Centre) June 27 - Syracuse, NY (Lakeview Amphitheater) June 29 - Hershey, PA (Hershey Park Stadium) July 1 - Indianapolis, IN (Klipsch Music Center) July 2 - Chicago, IL (Hollywood Casino) July 5 - Cincinnati, OH (Riverbend Music Center) July 6 - Milwaukee, WI (Summerfest) July 8 - Pittsburgh, PA (First Niagara Pavilion) July 9 - Grand Rapids, MI (Van Andel Arena) July 11 - Wantagh, NY (Nikon at Jones Beach) July 13 - Holmdel, NJ (PNC Bank Arts Center) July 15 - Detroit, MI (DTE Music Theatre) July 16 - Toronto, ON (Molson Canadian Amphitheater) August 6 - Madison, WI (Alliant Energy Center) August 8 - Evansville, IN (Ford Center) August 10 - Bristow, VA (Jiffy Lube Center) August 12 - Atlanta, GA (Aaron’s Amphitheater) August 13 - Raleigh, NC (Walnut Creek Amphitheatre) August 15 - Tampa, FL (MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater) August 17 - Birmingham, AL (Oak Mountain Amphitheater) August 19 - Austin, TX (Austin 360) August 22 - Houston, TX (Cynthia Woods Pavilion) August 24 - Dallas, TX (Gexa Energy Pavilion) August 26 - Kansas City, MO (Sprint Center) August 27 - ST. Louis, MO (Hollywood Casino Amphitheater) August 29 - Cleveland, OH (Blossom Music Center) August 31 - Darien Center, NY (Darien Lake PAC) Sept 14 - Billings, MT (Metra Park) Sept 16 - Salk Lake City, UT (USANA Amphitheater) Sept 17 - Denver, CO (Pepsi Center) Sept 19 - Albuquerque, NM (Isleta Amphitheater) Sept 20 - Phoenix, AZ (Ak-Chin Pavilion) Sept 22 - Irvine, CA (Irvine Meadows Amphitheater) Sept 24 - Sacramento, CA (Toyota Amphitheater)*** Sept 25 - Mountain View, CA (Shoreline Amphitheater) Sept 28 - Boise, ID (Taco Bell Arena) Sept 30 - Eugene, OR (Matthew Knight Arena) Oct 1 - Tacoma, WA (Tacoma Dome) Oct 4 - Omaha,NE (CenturyLink Center) Oct 5 - Minneapolis, MN (Xcel Energy Center) Oct 7 - La Crosse, WI (La Crosse Center Arena) Oct 8 - Toledo, OH (Huntington Center) Oct 10 - Cedar Rapids, IA (U.S. Cellular Center)
STYX to appear / No REO Speedwagon *No REO Speedwagon ***No TESA
via defleppardtours.com!
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Live slot play from Meadows Casino! - YouTube Hyatt Place Pittsburgh South/Meadows Racetrack & Casino ... Western Pa. Casinos Training, Hiring For Table Games The Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington Pennsylvania Steeler Party at The Meadows Casino Pittsburgh Pa. NFL ... Trip The Night Fantastic - Dr Zoot Meadows Casino Steelers afc championship Black & Yellow THREE AMAZING CAMPGROUNDS IN PENNSYLVANIA - YouTube HPT at The Meadows Casino  11/6/17 Livestream Big win at Meadows casino

This beautiful racetrack and casino offers guests Vegas-style casino gaming in a beautiful setting with upscale dining, nightclubs, and entertainment. Welcome back. The first casinos in Pennsylvania have announced reopening dates. The Meadows Casino in Washington County will open on Tuesday, June 9 at 12 p.m. Rivers Casino Pittsburgh will welcome back guests on June 9 at 9 a.m.. Updated June 4: Lady Luck Nemacolin will welcome guests back Friday, June 12 at 10 a.m.. Rivers Casino Pittsburgh, The Meadows and Lady Luck set to open If you are unable to wear a mask for health reasons, we encourage you to play online in PA at HollywoodCasino.com. Patrons not complying with these protocols shall be warned and if they do not comply, shall be asked to leave the casino. Guests may be asked to remove any headwear/hats and temporarily pull down their mask so their identity can be confirmed as they pass through security. The Meadows Racetrack and Casino: Non smokers beware - See 813 traveler reviews, 33 candid photos, and great deals for Washington, PA, at Tripadvisor. The Meadows Casino Racetrack & Hotel is home to the most dynamic and exciting casino in Pittsburgh. Our casino floor has more than 2,500 of the hottest and newest slot machines, over 65 table games, a poker room with 14 tables and a brand-new Sportsbook. Play with your mychoice® card and earn tier points and mycash® to be redeemed throughout the casino. WASHINGTON, Pa. — The Meadows Racetrack & Casino is pressing pause on its “on-site race wagering” because of the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the region. The Meadows Casino boasts a huge range of entertainment and casino games. The physical casino is based just outside of Pittsburgh in Washington, PA. However, it also has a range of differing reviews online. It is predominantly a physical casino, rather than an online one, which puts many people off signing up as there is less focus on the offerings online. However, if you live in Pittsburgh ...

[index] [730] [32604] [9081] [4584] [27763] [1923] [16970] [27132] [5012] [18789]

Live slot play from Meadows Casino! - YouTube

Hyatt Place Pittsburgh South/Meadows Racetrack & Casino 3 Stars Hotel in Washington,Pennsylvania Within US Travel Directory One of our top picks in Washingto... We hope this video helps you plan your next RV trip or vacation. I you like this video please drop us like or even better leave us a comment telling us about... This was the first HPT event in Pennsylvania and poker enthusiasts far and wide came out to take part in the $1,100 Main Event. There were 462 total players, good enough for a $448k prize pool ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Steeler Party at The Meadows Casino Pittsburgh Pa. #blackandyellow #NFL #Playoffs by: Dan Hower Meadows Casino Completes $2.8 Million Security Update - Duration: 3:08. CBS Pittsburgh 16,378 views. 3:08. Multistream POV Sulkycam video mosaic at the Meadows Racetrack & Casino - Duration: 0:10. ... TRIP THE NIGHT FANTASTIC performed by DR ZOOT live from The Meadows Casino & Race Track http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/drzoot2 ★NEW SLOT!★ RED BLACK AND A LITTLE BIT OF YELLOW (Aristocrat) MAX BET Slot Machine Bonus - Duration: 11:31. Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos Recommended for you The Rivers, Meadows and Presque Isle casinos will soon offer table games and they're going to be hiring and training for poker, craps, roulette and blackjack. The Meadows Harness Racetrack and Casino is 25 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA. in Washington County Pennsylvania.