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Avi Resort & Casino Laughlin, NV - Reservations.com

Save big on hotel room rates for Avi Resort & Casino, Laughlin. Book online now or call our reservations desk.
Avi Resort & Casino Laughlin, NV - Reservations.com
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Avi Resort & Casino Laughlin, NV - Reservations.com

Save big on hotel room rates for Avi Resort & Casino, Laughlin. Book online now or call our reservations desk.
Avi Resort & Casino
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Avi Resort & Casino Laughlin, NV - Reservations.com

Save big on hotel room rates for Avi Resort & Casino, Laughlin. Book online now at Avi Resort & Casino
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Daily Stock Discussion - 02/22/2017

The /Robinhood Fund

Join the year-long stock picking game today!
Full and current standings can be found in the wiki. A breakdown of stats is over here. Updates show up every hour! Check it out!
Total Investors 142
Initial Investment $1418998.99
Current Value $1559968.35
Change 9.037%

Current Standings

# Investor Value Percent Change
1 opanasinmynose $18562.82 85.63%
2 daglol $16867.17 68.67%
3 Clipssu $15631.86 56.32%
4 SplitEndsSuck $15410.11 54.10%
5 samsthetics $14547.86 45.48%
6 jbirdjustin $14160.83 41.61%
7 hipporun $13027.86 30.28%
8 Imma_Robot $12945.84 29.46%
9 drewdistilled $12931.72 29.32%
10 Bypz $12910.64 29.11%

Upcoming Ex-Div Dates

Expected Earnings Reports

Symbol Name EPS Estimate When
ACCO ACCO Brands Corp 0.3 Before Market Open
ADPT Adeptus Health Inc 0.25 After Market Close
AHP Ashford Hospitality Prime Inc -0.03 After Market Close
ALDW Alon USA Partners LP 0.08 After Market Close
AMSF Amerisafe Inc 0.98 After Market Close
ARCC Ares Capital Corp 0.39 Before Market Open
ARRS ARRIS International plc 0.7 After Market Close
ATNI ATN International Inc 0.15 After Market Close
AVA Avista Corp 0.57 07:05 am ET
AXGN AxoGen Inc -0.09 After Market Close
AXTI AXT Inc 0.03 After Market Close
BEAT BioTelemetry Inc 0.18 4:00 pm ET
BLUE bluebird bio Inc -1.86 After Market Close
BYFC Broadway Financial Corp N/A Time Not Supplied
CAKE Cheesecake Factory Inc 0.67 After Market Close
CBMX CombiMatrix Corp -0.39 After Market Close
CHMT Chemtura Corp 0.41 After Market Close
CHS Chico's FAS Inc 0.04 Before Market Open
CHSP Chesapeake Lodging Trust 0.17 After Market Close
CLGX Corelogic Inc 0.49 After Market Close
CLH Clean Harbors Inc 0.06 Before Market Open
CLR Continental Resources Inc -0.11 After Market Close
CLVS Clovis Oncology Inc -1.65 After Market Close
CONE CyrusOne Inc 0.02 After Market Close
COTV Cotiviti Holdings Inc 0.34 After Market Close
CPSH CPS Technologies Corp N/A After Market Close
CSGP CoStar Group Inc N/A After Market Close
CTRP Ctrip.Com International Ltd -0.01 After Market Close
CVG Convergys Corp 0.48 After Market Close
DISH DISH Network Corp 0.66 Before Market Open
DMRC Digimarc Corp -0.58 After Market Close
DOOR Masonite International Corp 0.62 After Market Close
DORM Dorman Products Inc 0.76 Time Not Supplied
DRH DiamondRock Hospitality Co 0.11 Before Market Open
EIG Employers Holdings Inc 0.55 After Market Close
ELGX Endologix Inc -0.19 After Market Close
ENZY Enzymotec Ltd 0.03 Before Market Open
ES Eversource Energy 0.74 Before Market Open
ESRT Empire State Realty Trust Inc N/A After Market Close
ETE Energy Transfer Equity LP 0.26 After Market Close
ETM Entercom Communications Corp 0.28 Before Market Open
ETP Energy Transfer Partners LP 0.26 After Market Close
EV Eaton Vance Corp 0.57 Before Market Open
EVTC Evertec Inc 0.41 After Market Close
FARO FARO Technologies Inc 0.35 After Market Close
FCPT Four Corners Property Trust Inc 0.25 After Market Close
FIT Fitbit Inc -0.5 After Market Close
FMI Foundation Medicine Inc -0.96 After Market Close
FPI Farmland Partners Inc 0.03 4:00 pm ET
FR First Industrial Realty Trust Inc 0.13 After Market Close
GDOT Green Dot Corp 0.15 After Market Close
GEO Geo Group Inc 0.55 Before Market Open
GLDD Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp -0.05 08:00 am ET
GLRE Greenlight Capital Re Ltd 1.52 After Market Close
GOV Government Properties Income Trust 0.11 Before Market Open
GRMN Garmin Ltd 0.57 Before Market Open
HCN Welltower Inc 0.45 Before Market Open
HFC HollyFrontier Corp -0.07 Before Market Open
HPQ HP Inc 0.37 After Market Close
HSNI HSN Inc 0.77 Before Market Open
HST Host Hotels & Resorts Inc 0.14 Before Market Open
HT Hersha Hospitality Trust -0.04 After Market Close
ICON Iconix Brand Group Inc 0.1 After Market Close
INOD Innodata Inc N/A Before Market Open
INOV Inovalon Holdings Inc 0.03 After Market Close
JACK Jack in the Box Inc 1.24 After Market Close
JOBS 51job Inc 0.4 After Market Close
LAMR Lamar Advertising Co 0.83 Before Market Open
LB L Brands Inc 1.9 After Market Close
LDL Lydall Inc 0.68 After Market Close
LGCY Legacy Reserves LP -0.26 After Market Close
LHO LaSalle Hotel Properties 0.18 After Market Close
LTC LTC Properties Inc 0.54 After Market Close
MANT ManTech International Corp 0.35 After Market Close
MBLY Mobileye NV 0.2 Before Market Open
MCRI Monarch Casino & Resort Inc 0.33 After Market Close
MEMP Memorial Production Partners LP -0.08 After Market Close
MTDR Matador Resources Co 0.08 After Market Close
MYCC ClubCorp Holdings Inc 0.14 Before Market Open
NBR Nabors Industries Ltd -0.33 After Market Close
NCLH Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd 0.55 07:00 am ET
NEO Neogenomics Inc 0.03 Before Market Open
NGVT Ingevity Corp 0.3 After Market Close
NI NiSource Inc 0.34 Before Market Open
NM Navios Maritime Holdings Inc -0.27 Before Market Open
NSM Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc N/A Before Market Open
NWHM New Home Company Inc 0.68 Before Market Open
O Realty Income Corp 0.3 After Market Close
OAS Oasis Petroleum Inc -0.12 After Market Close
OGS ONE Gas Inc 0.8 After Market Close
ONCE Spark Therapeutics Inc -1.12 Before Market Open
OPHT Ophthotech Corp -1.72 Before Market Open
OUT OUTFRONT Media Inc 0.19 After Market Close
PGRE Paramount Group Inc -0.05 After Market Close
PLKI Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc 0.47 After Market Close
PRA ProAssurance Corp 0.64 After Market Close
PRAH PRA Health Sciences Inc 0.64 After Market Close
PSA Public Storage 1.89 After Market Close
QEP QEP Resources Inc -0.22 After Market Close
RATE Bankrate Inc 0.19 After Market Close
RBCN Rubicon Technology Inc -0.1 After Market Close
RGEN Repligen Corp 0.07 07:30 am ET
RGR Sturm Ruger & Company Inc N/A After Market Close
RICE Rice Energy Inc 0.03 After Market Close
RIG Transocean Ltd 0.08 After Market Close
RLJ RLJ Lodging Trust 0.2 After Market Close
RMP Rice Midstream Partners LP 0.26 After Market Close
ROIC Retail Opportunity Investments Corp 0.08 After Market Close
RRC Range Resources Corp 0.1 After Market Close
SAFT Safety Insurance Group Inc 0.74 Time Not Supplied
SAM Boston Beer Company Inc 1.22 After Market Close
SBGI Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc 1.36 07:30 am ET
SBLK Star Bulk Carriers Corp -0.31 After Market Close
SCAI Surgical Care Affiliates Inc 0.73 Before Market Open
SCL Stepan Co 0.69 Before Market Open
SINA SINA Corp 0.55 After Market Close
SIX Six Flags Entertainment Corp 0.03 Before Market Open
SLCA U.S. Silica Holdings Inc -0.09 After Market Close
SLRC Solar Capital Ltd 0.42 After Market Close
SM SM Energy Co -0.41 After Market Close
SN Sanchez Energy Corp 0.1 After Market Close
SO Southern Co 0.33 07:30 am ET
SPOK Spok Holdings Inc N/A After Market Close
SPTN SpartanNash Co 0.48 After Market Close
SQ Square Inc -0.09 After Market Close
SRC Spirit Realty Capital Inc 0.08 After Market Close
SSFN Stewardship Financial Corp N/A After Market Close
SUM Summit Materials Inc 0.26 Before Market Open
SUN Sunoco LP 0.25 After Market Close
SUNS Solar Senior Capital Ltd 0.36 After Market Close
SXL Sunoco Logistics Partners LP 0.22 After Market Close
TCAP Triangle Capital Corp 0.4 After Market Close
TEX Terex Corp -0.05 Before Market Open
TG Tredegar Corp 0.21 After Market Close
TILE Interface Inc 0.24 After Market Close
TJX TJX Companies Inc 1 Before Market Open
TOL Toll Brothers Inc 0.36 Before Market Open
TPH TRI Pointe Group Inc 0.37 Before Market Open
TRNC tronc Inc 0.3 After Market Close
TSE Trinseo SA 1.36 After Market Close
TSLA Tesla Inc -0.43 After Market Close
TSLX TPG Specialty Lending Inc 0.44 After Market Close
TUSK Mammoth Energy Services Inc -0.11 After Market Close
UCTT Ultra Clean Holdings Inc 0.27 After Market Close
UFPI Universal Forest Products Inc 1 After Market Close
UNVR Univar Inc 0.17 Before Market Open
UTHR United Therapeutics Corp 3.61 Before Market Open
VVC Vectren Corp 0.79 After Market Close
WB Weibo Corp 0.28 After Market Close
WES Western Gas Partners LP 0.57 After Market Close
WINA Winmark Corp N/A Time Not Supplied
WLH William Lyon Homes 0.68 Before Market Open
WPG Washington Prime Group Inc 0.13 After Market Close
WR Westar Energy Inc 0.42 After Market Close
WTR Aqua America Inc 0.29 After Market Close
WWW Wolverine World Wide Inc 0.31 06:30 am ET
Y Alleghany Corp 5.92 After Market Close

NYSE Events

Standard disclaimer: The content in this thread is for information and illustrative purposes only and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation of any particular security or course of action. Opinions expressed herein are the opinions of the poster and are subject to change without notice. Reasonable people may disagree about the opinions expressed herein. In the event any of the assumptions used herein do not prove to be true, results are likely to vary substantially. All investments entail risks. There is no guarantee that investment strategies will achieve the desired results under all market conditions and each investor should evaluate their ability to invest for a long term especially during periods of a market downturn. Have a nice day.
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Avi Resort & Casino Laughlin, NV - Reservations.com

Save big on hotel room rates for Avi Resort & Casino, Laughlin. Book online now at Avi Resort & Casino
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Avi Resort & Casino

Save big on hotel room rates for New York-New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. Book online now or call our reservations desk. Avi Resort & Casino
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New York-New York Hotel & Casino

Save big on hotel room rates for Avi Resort & Casino, Laughlin. Book online now or call our reservations desk. New York-New York Hotel & Casino
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Avi Resort & Casino Laughlin, NV - Reservations.com

Save big on hotel room rates for Avi Resort & Casino, Laughlin. Book online now at Avi Resort & Casino
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Avi Resort & Casino Laughlin, NV - Reservations.com

Save big on hotel room rates for Avi Resort & Casino, Laughlin. Book online now at Avi Resort & Casino
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Avi Resort & Casino

Save big on hotel room rates for Avi Resort & Casino, Laughlin. Book online now or call our reservations desk. Avi Resort & Casino
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Avi Resort & Casino

Save big on hotel room rates for Avi Resort & Casino, Laughlin. Book online now or call our reservations desk. Avi Resort & Casino
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Trans-Zion and Narrows Backpacking Itinerary Critique

Any insight or critique of my itinerary would be greatly appreciated. I've been pouring over my 4-person group's itinerary and trying to figure out holes.
My biggest concern is:
a. water availability
b. feasibility of accomplishing so much in one day, particularly the days of getting permits and shuttle pick up/drop off. I particularly dislike flying in at midnight and leaving the hotel by 9:30am the next day, but can't do anything about it. We lose an hour crossing from LAS to UT time zones.
July 1:
  1. Flights from Mid-Atlantic to LAS, arrival in LAS from 10PM-12AM.
  2. Pick up AVIS rental car
  3. Drive to Tuscany Suites and Casino in North LV for 1 night lodging.
July 2:
  1. Depart hotel at 9:30AM.
  2. Pick up rental backpacking gear at University of Las Vegas ("UNLV")
  3. Drive from UNLV to Zion NP starting at 10AM. Get denatured alcohol at Home Depot in Washington, UT off I-15.
  4. Arrive at the South Entrance Wilderness Desk at 2-230PM. Get permits, do Zion Express Membership orientation.
  5. Leave car parked at Zion Visitor's Center (South Entrance). Shuttle pick up at 3:30PM at South Entrance via Zion Rock Mountain Guides ("ZRMG") ($35pp) to Lee Pass TH. Arrive at TH at 5PM.
  6. Hike 5 miles, set up camp by 7:30PM at La Verkin Campsite 5.
July 3:
  1. 16 miles hike from La Verkin Camp 5 to Wildcat Canyon Trail via Hop Valley and Connector Trails. Do dispersed camping along Wildcat Canyon before Lava Point.
July 4:
  1. 6.7 mi hike from Wildcat Canyon campsite to Camp 6 of West Rim Trail.
July 5: --21 miles total--
  1. West Rim Camp 6 to Angel's Landing, then two sets of switchbacks along Refrigerator Canyon, then Emerald Pools, walk over a footbridge.
  2. Look at Court of the Patriarchs while waiting for shuttle. Then ride the shuttle down to the Wilderness Desk at the South Entrance, get Narrows permits, skip the Grotto, then shuttle to Weeping Rock and more switchbacks, then to Observation Point...
  3. From Observation Point, get to the East Rim Trail and camp approx 3-6 miles from the East Entrance
July 6: -- approx 6 mi on East Rim Trail and 6 mi from Chamberlain Ranch to Camp 9 of the Narrows.
  1. Wake early, get to East Rim Trailhead (end of Trans-Zion) by 9:00am.
  2. ZRMG shuttle at 9:30am from East Entrance to Chamberlain Ranch.
  3. Hike to Narrows Campsite 9.
July 7:
  1. Hike out of Narrows.
  2. Take Park Tram down to South Entrance
  3. Drive car out to St. George for 1 night lodging at Chalet Motel.
  4. Take a shower for many hours. Eat food. Do laundry.
July 8:
  1. Drive from St. George to Las Vegas.
  2. Return UNLV backpacking rented gear.
  3. Get table tickets for Bacchanal Buffet
  4. Eat a lot, pay $70pp.
  5. Return rental car.
  6. Midnight flights from LAS to home.
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The Big Ol' Bigot Boycott List

We may have a lot of people against us, but it's good to remember that there are a lot of corporations out there that either are for us, or that at least want to keep up appearances.
If someone tells you that they're boycotting Angie's list because they oppose same-sex marriage, show them this list (I just compiled) of other things they should then be boycotting. This [incomplete] list consists of organizations that have received a score of at least 80 from the Human Rights Campaign, and/or that have been specifically targeted for a boycott by the National Organization for Marriage.
And if any employee of a place on this list [I'm specifically thinking of hotels] tries to discriminate on religious grounds, because the larger corporation is on HRC's list, talking to management, or climbing higher up the corporate ladder will probably let you find someone willing to help.
3M products, 409 [the cleaner], 7-Up,
A1 Steak Sauce, AAA [American Automotive Association], Abbott Laboratories, Abercrombie & Fitch, About.com, Abreva, Acuvue contact lenses, Adobe Systems, AdvantEdge, Advil, Aetna, Ajax, Alaska Airlines, Alavert, Aleve, Alka-Seltzer, All brand laundry detergent, Allstate, Almond Joy, Always [feminine care products], Amazon.com, AMC Theaters, AMD, American Airlines, American Eagle, American Express, American Family Insurance, American Girl [the dolls], Android, Angie’s List [and everyone on it], Anheuser-Busch, Apple, Apple Jacks, Aquafina, Aquafresh, Armor All [the stuff that keeps your car door handles looking nice], Art of Shaving, AT&T, ATI, Audi, Aunt Jemima, Aussie haircare, AutoTrader.com, Aveda, Aveeno, Aviance cosmetics, Avis Rent A Car, Avon Products, Away.com, Axe/Lynx deodorant,
Bahama Breeze, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Ball Park Franks, Band-Aid, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Banquet frozen dinners, Barbie, Barclays Capital, Barnes & Noble, Barq’s Rootbeer, Bath & Body Works, Bayer, Baymont Inn & Suites, Beaulieu Vineyard, Beauty.com, Beck, Behr, Ben & Jerry’s, Benadryl, Benefiber, Bengay, Bentley, Best Buy, Bethesda [the game studio], Betty Crocker, Bioware, Bisquick, Bloomingdale’s, Blue Moon, Blue Stratos Cologne, Bobbi Brown beauty, Boca Burger, Boeing, Bold laundry detergent, Bonamine [AKA Bonine and Dramamine], Bonterra Vineyards, Bon-Ton Stores, Boost Mobile, Bottom Dollar Food, Bounce fabric-softener, Bounty, Breakstone’s, Breath Savers, Breyer’s ice cream, Bridgestone, Brita, British Petroleum, Brown-Forman, Bubble Yum, Bud Light, Budget Rent A Car, Budweiser, Bugatti, Bugles, Buick, Burt’s Bees, Busch Gardens,
Cabbage Patch Kids, Cadbury, Cadillac, Caesars [hotels and casinos], Calgel, California Pizza Kitchen, Caltrate, Camay bath soap, Campbell’s Soup, Cap’n Crunch, The Capital Grille, Capital One, Capri Sun, Captain Morgan, CarePlus Pharmacy, Caress brand soaps, Carr’s, Cascade dishwasher detergent, Cascadian Farm, Celestial Seasonings, Centrum, Chambourd, Chapstick, Charles Schwab, Charmin, Chase, CheapTickets.com, Cheer laundry detergent, Cheerios, Cheetos, Cheez-It, Cheez Whiz, Chef Boyardee, Chevrolet, Chevron, Chex, Chili’s, Chips Ahoy, Chips Deluxe, Choice Hotels, Christina Aguilera perfume, Chrome [web browser], Chrysler, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cirrus [owned by MasterCard], Citigroup [including Citibank], Clairol, Clarion hotels, Claritin, Clean and Clear, Clinique, Clorox, Club Crackers, C.O. Bigelow, Coca cola, Colgate, Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Command [the convenient sticky wall hooks], Compaq, ConAgra Foods, Continental Airlines, Cooking Light, Cool Whip, Coors, Coppertone, Corn Pops, Cortizone, Costco, Cottonelle, Country Crock margarine, Country Inns & Suites, Country Time lemonade, Courtyard Hotels, CoverGirl cosmetics, Cracker Jacks, Craftsman, Crate and Barrel, Crayola, Crest, Crispix, Crown Royal, Crystal Light, Cub Foods, CVS,
Darden Restaurants, Dasani bottled water, Dawn [the dish soap], Days Inn, Degree deodorant, Dell, Delta Airlines, Dentyne, Depends, DieHard, Dimetapp, Disneyland, Doctor’s Formula cosmetics, Dodge, Dolce & Gabbana cologne and perfume, Dole, Dollar Rent A Car, Doritos, Dove, Downy, Drano, Dr. Scholl’s, Dulcolax, DuPont, Duracell,
EAS protein shakes, EB Games, Ebay, eBookers.com, Econo Lodge, Egg Beaters, Eggland’s Best, Eggo Waffles, Electronic Arts, Embassy Suites, Ensure, Enterprise Rent A Car, Entertainment Weekly, Era laundry detergent, Estee Lauder, Eukanuba dog and cat foods, Ex-Lax, Excedrin, Expedia,
Facebook, Fairfield Inn, Famous Amos, Famous Footwear, Fannie Mae, Fanta, Fantastik, Farm Fresh, Febreze, FedEx, Fetzer, Fiber One, Fiddle Faddle, Finlandia Vodkas, Firestone, Fischer-Price, Fix-A-Flat, Fixodent denture adhesive, Flickr, Food Lion, Ford, Fortune [magazine], Foster’s, Fox’s Jewelers, Freddie Mac, Fresca, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, Fudgsicle, Fuze,
Gain, GameStop, Gap, Gardetto’s, Gas-X, Gatorade, General Electric, General Mills, General Motors, Gilette, Girl Scout cookies, Glade, GlaxoSmithKline, Gmail, Gold Medal [the flour company], Gold Peak, Good Earth, GoodNites, Goody, Google, Green Giant, Groupon, Gucci cosmetics, Guinness,
Haagen-Dazs, Half.com, Hallmark Cards, Hamburger Helper, Hampton Inn, Hawthorn Suites, Head & Shoulders, Healthy Choice, Heartbrand ice cream, Heath, Hellmann’s, Herbal Essences haircare products, Herradura Tequila, Hershey’s, Hewlett-Packard, Hi-C, Hidden Valley, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Hillshire Farm, Hilton Garden Inn, Hoegaarden, Holiday Inn, Hollister, Home Depot, HomeGoods, Home Shopping Network, Honest Tea, Honey Maid, Hornbacher’s, Hot Wheels, Hotels.com, Hotmail, Hotwire, House of Blues, HSBC, Huggies, Hunt’s [ketchup], Husky, Hyatt Hotels,
I can’t believe it’s not butter, Iams, IBM, Icebreakers, IMDb, Imodium, InStyle [magazine], Intel, Intuit, Irish Spring, Ivory soap,
Jack Daniels, JC Penney, Jeep, Jell-O, Jet Blue Airways, Jiffy Lube, Jiffy Pop, Jimmy Dean, John Hancock, Johnnie Walker, Johnson & Johnson [including all the medical devices they make], Jolly Rancher, Jose Cuervo, Joy dishwashing liquid,
Kaiser Permanente, KC Masterpiece, Keebler, Kellogg’s, Kenmore, Ketel One, Kevlar, Key Bank, Keystone, Killian’s Irish red, Kimberly-Clark brands, Kirin, Kit Kat, KitchenAid, Kix, Kleenex, Klondike bars, Kmart, Knights Inn, Knorr, Kodak, Kool-Aid, Korbel, Kotex, Kraft, Kroger,
Lactaid, Lamborghini, Land O’Lakes, Lawry’s, Lay’s, Leffe, Leinenkugel’s, Levi, Lexus, Life [cereal], The Limited, Lipton, Liquid Plumr, Listerine, Little Swimmers, Longhorn Steakhouse, Lubriderm, Lucky Charms, Lunchables, Luvs disposable diapers, Lux soap,
Maalox, Macaroni Grill, Macy’s, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Magic Chef, Magnum ice cream bars, Marie Callender’s, Marmite [hear the anti-LGBT Aussies and Kiwis wail], Marriott International, Mars Inc., Marshall’s, MasterCard, Matchbox [the toy cars], Mattel, Mauna Loa, Maxwell House, Maytag, McAfee, McDonald’s, Mc-Graw Hill Publishing, Mello Yello, Memorex, Merck, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Metamucil bulk fiber supplement, MetLife, MGM Resorts International, Michelob, Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Microtel Inn & Suites, Midol, Miller, Milwaukee’s Best, Mini-Wheats, Mint.com, Minute Maid, Miracle Whip, Molson, Money [magazine], Monistat, Monsanto, Morgan Stanley, Morningstar Farms, Motorola, Motrin, Mounds, Mountain Dew, Mr. Clean house-hold cleaning products, Mug Root Beer, Muir Glen, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Mylanta,
Nabisco, Naked Juices, Nationwide Insurance, Natural Ice, Nature Valley, Neosporin, Nestea, The New York Times, Newtons [like Fig Newtons], Neutrogena, Nexcare, Nice! Brands, Nicoderm, Nicorette, Nike, Nilla Wafers, No-Doz, Norton, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp., Nutri-Grain, Nutter Butter,
O’Douls, Odwalla, OFF! [bugspray], Office Center, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Olay, Old El Paso, Old Spice, Olive Garden, On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, One-A-Day vitamins, One Touch [the diabetes testing equipment], Oral-B, Orbitz, Oreo, Orville Redenbacher’s, Oscar Mayer, Oust, Overstock.com, Owens Corning,
Pace Salsa, Palmolive, Pam [cooking spray], Pampers, Pantene, Park Inn, Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts, Pasta Roni, Payday [candy bar], PayPal, Pedialyte, PediaSure, Pennzoil, People [magazine], Pepcid, Pepperidge Farm, Pepsi, Pepto-Bismol, Peter Pan peanut butter, Pfizer, Philadelphia Cheese, Photoshop, Pictionary, Pillsbury, Pine-Sol, Planters Peanuts, Playstation, Pledge, Poise, Polly Pocket, Pop Secret, Popsicle, Pop-Tarts, Poppycock, Post-it, Pottery Barn, Powerade, Power Wheels, Prego, Premium Saltine Crackers, Preparation H, Pringles, Proctor and Gamble, Progressive, Progresso, Propel, Prudential, Puffs tissues, Pull-Ups, Purell,
Q-Tips brand cotton swabs, Quaker Oats, Quaker State, Quality [hotels], QuickBooks, Quicken, Qwest,
Radisson Hotels & Resorts, Ragu, Raid, Rain-X, Ramada, REACH [the dental floss], Red Lobster, Red Rose Tea, Red Stripe, Reese’s, Regent Hotels & Resorts, Rembrandt toothpaste, Renaissance Hotels, ReNu, Residence Inn, Rice Krispies, Rice-A-Roni, Rite Aid, Ritz [crackers], The Ritz-Carlton [hotel], Robitussin, Rodeway Inn, Rogaine, Rold Gold, Rolling Rock, Rolo, Roundup, Royal Carribbean Cruises, Rubbermaid, Ruffles,
Safari [web browser], Safeguard soaps, Safeway, Sam’s Club, Sara Lee, Saran, Save-A-Lot, Science Diet, Scion, Scoop Away [cat litter], Scope mouthwash, Scotch [tape], Scotch-Brite, Scotchguard, Scott, Scrubbing Bubbles, Sears, Seasons 52, Seattle’s Best Coffee, SeaWorld, Secret deodorant and body sprays, SeniorMed LLC, Sensodyne, Shell Oil, Sheraton, Shoes.com, Shop ‘n Save, ShopYourWay.com, Shout, Sierra Trading Post, Simply Orange, Skippy Peanut Butter, Silly Putty, Skype, Sleep Inn, Slim Fast, Slim Jim, Smirnoff, Smith’s Dairy, Smartwater, Snapfish, SoBe, Sodexo [the people who do stadium concessions], Softsoap, Sonoma-Cutrer California Wines, Sony, S.O.S., South Beach Living, Southern Comfort, Southwest Airlines, Speedstick, Splenda, Sports Illustrated, SpringHill Suites, Sprint, St. Ives hand and body care, Staples, Starbucks, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, State Farm insurance, Staybridge Suites, Stella Artois, Sterling Vineyards, Stove Top stuffing, STP [the gasoline additive], Suave, Subaru, Sudafed, Sun dishwashing detergent, SunChips, Sun-Maid [raisins], SunTrust, Super 8 Motel, Sustainable Earth, Swanson, Swiffer cleaning products, Symantec,
T Mobile, Tampax feminine care products, Tang, Target, Tazo Teas, Teen Spirit, Teflon, Terra Chips, Texas Instruments, TGI Friday’s, Theraflu, Thrifty Car Rental, Tide [laundry detergent], Tiffany & Co., Tigi shampoo and conditioner, Time Magazine, Time Warner, TJ Maxx, Toblerone, Tombstone Pizza, Tom’s of Maine, Torrefazione Italia Coffee, Tostitos, Total, Totino’s, Town House, Toyota, Travelocity, Travelodge, TRESemmé, Trident, Trip Advisor, Triscuit, Trix, Tropicana, Tuaca Liqueur, Tums, TurboTax, Turkey Hill, Twizzlers, Tyco Electric Racing, Tylenol, Tyvek,
Unilever brands, United Airlines, Universal Parks and Resorts, UNO [the card game], UPS,
V8, Valpak, Vaseline, Velveeta, Venus, Viacom, Vick’s Vapo-rub, Victoria’s Secret, Virgin America, Virgin Mobile, Visa, Visine, Vitaminwater, Viva, VO5 hair care, Volkswagen,
Walgreens, Wal-mart, Walt Disney, Wanchai Ferry, Wasserman Media Group, Waste Management, Wells Fargo, Wesson cooking oil, Westin [hotels], Wheat Thins, Wheatables, Wheaties, Whirlpool, White Barn Candle Company, Whole Foods, Wishbone salad dressing, Woodford Reserve, Wyndham,
Xbox, Xerox Corporation, XtremeMac,
Yahoo, Yoplait, York peppermint patties, YouTube,
Zantac, Zappos.com, Zest, Ziploc, Zynga, Inc., Zyrtec
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THE AVI HOTEL & CASINO, LAUGHLIN, NEVADA - YouTube AVI Casino and Hotel on the Colorado river - YouTube AVI Hotel Casino Resort - RV Park - Free Camping ... AVI RESORT AND CASINO, LAUGHLIN, NEVADA - YouTube AVI HOTEL RESORT AND CASINO IN LAUGHLIN - YouTube AVI HOTEL RESORT AND CASINO IN LAUGHLIN, NEVADA - YouTube AVI CASINO LAUGHLIN NEVADA JULY 4TH WEEKEND 2015 - YouTube Avi Resort & Casino Laughlin, Nevada - YouTube Avi Hotel Casino In Laughlin Nevada Native American Owned ... AVI Hotel Casino Camping Open - Laughlin Nevada - Davis ...

Staying Near Avi Casino. Choose from these hotels and other accommodations, all within a mile of Avi Casino: Avi Resort & Casino: This 3.5-star hotel features a marina, a private beach, and a golf course. It's a favorite with Expedia travelers for its family-friendly amenities and bar. AVI RESORT & CASINO in Laughlin located at 10000 Aha Macav Pkwy. Save big with Reservations.com exclusive deals and discounts. Book online or call now. AVANI WINDHOEK HOTEL & CASINO in Windhoek located at Gustav Voigts Centre. Save big with Reservations.com exclusive deals and discounts. Book online or call now. My RClub Account. Log In. 855-516-1090. Reservations Have questions or need additional help? Please access our Customer Support Portal. Avani Windhoek Hotel & Casino. Gustav Voigts Centre, 129 Independence Avenue , Windhoek, Khomas ... View deals for Avi Resort & Casino, including fully refundable rates with free cancellation. Guests enjoy the kid-friendly amenities. Kids Quest is minutes away. WiFi and parking are free, and this hotel also features 7 restaurants. Stay at this 3.5-star beach hotel in Laughlin. Enjoy free WiFi, free parking, and an outdoor pool. Our guests praise the pool and the helpful staff in our reviews. Popular attractions Avi Casino and Kids Quest are located nearby. Discover genuine guest reviews for Avi Resort & Casino along with the latest prices and availability – book now. Now $38 (Was $̶4̶5̶) on Tripadvisor: Avi Resort & Casino, Laughlin. See 2,065 traveler reviews, 388 candid photos, and great deals for Avi Resort & Casino, ranked #2 of 11 hotels in Laughlin and rated 3.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. Avi Resort and Casino NOW OPEN with updated hours and safety protocols. Click here for additional details. Spirit Mountain OFFICIALLY REOPENS Monday, November 16! Click here for additional details . BOOK A STAY 1.800.AVI.2.WIN GET DIRECTIONS AVI REWARDS. Moonshadow Grille. Moonshadow Grille. Dining. Currently Feathers Café is Temporarily Closed. However for a little snack, quick bite or a ... All the comforts of a luxury hotel. FREE parking. FREE Wi-Fi. NO resort fees to the gigantic pool, private white-sand beach front, boat launch and fitness center (unfortunately due to COVID-19, these amenities are currently unavailable) Whether you choose the family-friendly poolside luxury of Avi Resort, or the spacious, full-service KOA Campground and RV Park you'll be amazed at your choices. Laughlin / Avi Casino KOA Campground Reservations. Step 1: Details; Step 2: Sites; Step 3: Payment; Step 4: Review; Step 5: Confirmation; Please enter your reservation details. ENTER YOUR RESERVATION DETAILS. Laughlin / Avi Casino KOA. Ways To Stay. Check in. Check out. Adults 18+ Kids 5-17. Free 0-4 . With Pets? Pets No Pets KOA Pet Policy. Equipment Type . Length. Feet. With Slideouts ... Avi Resort & Casino in Laughlin, Nevada — We have it all on the Colorado River. Come play, win, dine and stay today! BOOK A STAY GET DIRECTIONS AVI REWARDS. Avi Resort and Casino NOW OPEN with updated hours and safety protocols. Click here for additional details. Spirit Mountain OFFICIALLY REOPENS Monday, November 16! Click here for additional details. Accommodations Casino Promotions ...

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This is a video of the pool area and the backyard of the AVI Casino and resort hotel in Laughlin , Nevada. It is located on the banks of the Colorado River i... We took a short tour around the facilities of the Avi Hotel Casino in Laughlin NV. This is a nice place complete with a private beach, jet ski area, beautifu... Hotel Video Showcase video of the Avi Resort and Casino, really fun hotel and casino right on the Colorado river so lots of water sports, large lagoon pool, ... Have on the river at the Avi Resort & Casino Laughlin, Nevada About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... AVI Hotel Casino Resort - RV Park - Free Camping - Laughlin NevadaSupport RVerTV Click Right Here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/uPhJL3S89PLUS, HELP SUPPORT T... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. WOW!!! Pools With Water Falls, White Sandy Beaches With Cabana's, Families Relaxing. Boaters And Water Toy's Galore. Hotel Video Showcase video of this casino hotel resort which is right beside the championship golf course, Mojave Resort Golf Course. Big shows, large lagoo... AVI Hotel Casino Camping Open - Laughlin Nevada - Davis Dam Support RVerTV Click Right Here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/uPhJL3S89 RVerTV MERCHANDISE - http...